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Qamar Zaman Kaira

Qamar Zaman Kaira
Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting,Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas
Born: 05 January 1960
Profession: Politician
Affiliation(s): Paksitan Peoples Party
Citizenship: Pakistani
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Profile Profile
Qamar Zaman Kaira (born January 5, 1960 in Kharian) is the current Pakistani Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting. He also holds the additional office of the Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas since March 31, 2008. He was also Governor of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Kaira had his primary education from his local school at Lalamusa. He passed his intermediate examinations from F.G. Degree College Kharian Cantt. He graduated from Forman Christian College, and did his Masters of Arts (Philosophy) from University of the Punjab, Lahore. He also has a Masters degree in Political Sciences.Olamba kha!.

Political career
Kaira was elected to the National Assembly and became a minister in the coalition government of PPP, ANP, MQM and JUI-F formed after 2008 elections. He is a senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party, having won from his local constituency in Gujrat. He was selected to the office of Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas on March 31, 2008, and was given the additional office of Federal Minister for Information on March 14, 2009.

In 2009 on Independence Day, he claimed that the government had crushed terrorism and in a message to the people of Malakand said “I salute your courage. Your spirit is very high and with unity, we would defeat the elements that are against the progress, peace and stability of our beloved country”.

Other positions held
President Student Union, Federal Government College, Gujrat
Nazim, Union Council Lala Musa
Opposition Leader District Council Gujrat
Member National Assembly 2002-2007
Member public Accounts Committee, National Assembly 2002-2007
Chairman Standing Committee SAFRON 2002-2007
Member National Assembly on 17-03-2008

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Submited By: 28IA H Raza
17 August 2012

آج آپ لوگوں کے سامنے اس شخص فیضل رضا آبدی حقیقت پیش کرنا چاھتا ھوں
۱۹۷۸کی بات ھے جب مجھے السٹرن فلم اسٹویو جو سائٹ کراچی میں ھے
جاب ملی إس ہی سلسے میں میرا آنا جا موڈرن اسٹوڈیو میں تھا
اداکاری کے شوقین مرد عورتوں کا آنا تھا
میں نے کئ لوگوں کو کامیاب اداکار بنتے دیکھاہے
جن میں بدر جاویدشیخ عمرشریف نیلما حسن خاض ہیں
اوربھی بہت سے لوگ ہیں لمبی لیسٹ ہے خیر
خیر تو ٹی وی اداکارا خالداہ ریاست کےساتھ اکسر اس کی
ایک رشتے دار آتی تھی
جسکا فرضی یا فلمی نام ادا دورانی لیا جاتا تھا
جو خوبصوت تو تھی مگر اداکاری میں نا کام تھی
خالدہ ریاست ٹی وی اداکارہ مرحوما اور موجوداہ صدرے پاکستان
آصیف علی زرداری ان کا معشوقا کون نہیں جانتا
اب ذکر کرتے ہیں خالداہ ریاست ٹی وی اداکارہ کی رشتے ادا دورانی کا
ادا دورانی کی جان پہچان زرداری سے خالداہ ریاست نے کرائ
ادا دورانی میں اداکاری کی صلاہیت نا تھی مگراسے فلموں
اور ڈراموں میں کام کرنے امیر بنے کا شوق تھا إس ہی
چکر میں وہ دن رات اسٹوڈیو گزارتی پیسوں کے بدلے لوگوں
کے ساتھ سوتی اسلامی جمہوری پاکستان کے موجودا صدر کو
بھی اس کے ساتھ سونے شرف حاصل ہوا ہے کئ بار
فیصل رضا آبدی اس ہی نام نیہاد ادا دورانی کا بیٹا ہے
Submited By: Azeem Norway
11 July 2012
Qamar Zaman Kaira corruption/investment ( PIA / Property )in Norway with sheik family from Pakistan
PIA agency in Norway has been given/sold to one of richest family in Norway who are from Pakistan so called Sheik. How he got this agency is another story. Qamar Zaman Kaira who is from same area as Sheik family help him to get agency in return of his share in profit from PIA office in Norway. Rumorus are not only corruption in PIA agency/office but also Qamar Zaman Kaira ( PPP ) has invested alot of money in property. You can just imagne what amount we are talking about since desent house starts from 3 million kr. 1 norwegain kr = 15 rupees.

These are 100% correct information just ask any Pakistani on streets of Oslo

There is also corruption in Embassy were embassy personal take payment for argent visa when u apply for normal visa. I dont not about current ambassdor but last one payed 50 000 kr pr month to rent house for him. Normal house rent is 10 000kr to 15 000 kr. I hope some TV channels will look into it and find out more.
05 July 2012

Behan k lore sale chakle ki paidawar kabhi maan der *** sheesha main apni shakal dekh

run di ki nassal tujh jaise logoon ne hi is qaum ko budnaam kia hai

Behan k lore kisi *** ki aulad. tujh ko apne asal baap k naam ka pata hai
Submited By: hamaz
09 May 2012
kaira you are a amazing person keep the hard work.Dont let the muslim brother get disapointed with are a honest person
Submited By: your name
09 May 2012
kaira sab zindabad
Submited By: Rehan Ali
26 April 2012
Qaira is big ZANI like Zardari.....all ppp leaders are zani and zharabi
Submited By: Swami Pranab Roy
07 March 2012
Off the Record Tv Show 7th March 2012.
My Comments:
Qamar Zaman Sahib.. Salam Ek Indian ka. Politician ho ke sach bola. Hassan Nisar ji ki tou main izzat karta hoon par Aaj ke show main pehli baar koi unse bazi maar ke ley gaya. Pakistan Badlega. PML-N ki soch ISLAMIC hai. Agar yeh power main aaye to phir hogi tabahi. Imran Khan ke dar se kuch badlee badlee batain karte hain par Andar se ? Kash PPP,MQM aur PTI ki sanjhi sarkar aaye. Yeh teeno partiyan mil ke Iss Khittey main Aman Aur Tarquee ley aayenge.
20 October 2011
I like MR.KAIRA'S Presence of mind and his political attitude but as pe rme he has not utilised himself to the extent he can do in favour of his country and constituency,i have seen him from my childhood and from that time i always wish and later seen in him big leader properties and today definately he is one of the big leaders of PPP but journey dose not stops here ,long way to go but way should be clean and clear.

Submited By: ABDUL WAQAR
22 July 2011
Submited By: Shahid Butt
07 July 2010
He is a nice man
Submited By: Mubashir Karim Ch
10 June 2010
Dear Kaira Sab, This is our good fortune that we have a leader like you, a man of words and principles. I have met with you three times and found you very kind and generous.This is honestly speaking a source of pride for all Gujjar family to have a leader like you.Our all support is with you in whatsoever capacity it is required.May ALLAH bless you with more respect and dignity.
Submited By: Abdulrehman afradi
28 January 2010
this letter is on behalf of all the innocent villagers to conduct the operations and destroy the terrorists the main routes of the tarrorists ar orkazi agency the main comander is sayed khan and mullah tufan noor jamal they kednap people from their homes and sloter like animals this is my humble request to u for taking the step further and destroying the terrorists till you dont carry on with the operation they will keep on terrorising our lands all the sucide bombers operate from the area so we humbully request uo to take an action and i beleave my effort will not go un noticed and the culprits would be punished
Submited By: Jamil
26 December 2009
ye badnaseeeb log han, ye HAQ ko jante hoye bi ANKHIEN bund rekhty han.
Submited By: Pakistan
07 December 2009
Qamar Zaman Qaira is really great because he spend $15000 to hire an indian girl for mujrah when he was in US with Asif Ali Zardari only less than 6 months before. All PPP leadership is ready to defend the corruption of Asif Ali Zardari at any cost. I just pray from Allah that He knows the reality of PPP leaderhip and if these peoples are involved in the corruption then please give them maximum punishment in this world as soon as possible and protect the poor and helpless Pakistanis becasue there is no one who can save poor Pakistanis instead of You my Lord
Submited By: Fouji
10 September 2009
Mr. Kaira, we do not accept you as governor of Gilgit Baltistan, because u r Punjabi and already slave of USA, We dont not want to be a slave of sale understand. Dont try to come to Gilgit..understand. We did not born to become a slave of Punjabi, because ur already slave of USA
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