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Maria Memon

Maria Memon
Anchor Person
Born: N/A
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation(s): Ary News
Citizenship: Pakistani
Views: 118,333 | Comments: 68 | Votes: 309
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Profile Profile
Lahore based journalist working for Ary News Pakistan,anchor on Mere Mutabiq. An old soul with a young spirit whose got her feet on the ground & head held high.
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Submited By: Nasir khan
23 April 2017

Kia hal hen ji apna number sand kro plizzzz
Submited By: Farhan Sarwar
05 August 2016
lOve yOu mY mAriA mEmOn
Submited By: Sy. Nisar Hussain
18 January 2015

Respected Maria Memon,
I am from J & K (INDIA).She is intelligent journalist, very best anchor, excellent and good job.
She assumes responsibility well and she is friendly and cooperative.
Submited By: kami
07 December 2014
I love you maria , I really love you , so beautiful,innocent,charming,attractive,pleasant,
cute, blonde.
Submited By: Shoaib
12 November 2014
Hi ! Maria *
I really like to listen the News Balaton of 9 P.M. when you come to read out the News.........Your style is really impressive , pronunciation is up to the mark and the best choice of words are uttered by you while conducting the interviews.May you live long !
With great regards !
Shoaib Raja *
Submited By: Mahmood Farooqi
23 June 2014
Maria Batee

Batee, because you are younger than my daughters even.
I saw your Program of June 22nd. I was realy touched by Nisar Bhai's thoughtful conversation.
Living here, in the US, we are always worried about Pakistan's situation. We can just pray for the stability and peace of our beloved nation. I am very happy for journalists like Nisar sahib, who feel the pain for Pakistan and are trying hard to bring up the nationalistic thoughts in Pakistanis. My prayers and best wishes for you and Nisar Sahib. Keep this wonderful mission alive.
19 May 2014
Could some one tell me how many journalists are holding government offices even worldwide?

Look at GEO TV / Jang :
1. Najm Sethi
2. Irfan Siddique
3. Ifthikhar Ahmad
4. Many more :

How can I say Jang/Geo is impartial?

I hope Geo knows about a term 'Conflict of Interests'. Many of the above are 'DOUBLE AGENTS'.

Secondly, why not Geo/Jang pays taxes? I understand Jang group is not the only one in this Mafia country but in order to preach other, start from home.

Hasan Nisar mentioned if some one has accusations, why not go to the courts. I am sorry to say 'Which Courts'? Pakistani courts? It is usually said: 'Contact with a judge directly rather than hiring a lawyer'. Still 100 % true even for the higher courts.Look Ifthikhar Ch. earned $$$ through his son and relative Dr. Amjad - EDEN group]. Pakistani courts are really BLIND but toward poor and not against influential people.
Submited By: usn
20 April 2014
Hi Maria!
maria you are very very beautiful girl
i like her face and voice.very very preety girl.The cutest anchor on Pakistani TV.I want chat with e-mail is not ignore me(ya allah koi too rook lai iss kooo)
Submited By: naveed
03 November 2013
maria you are very very beautiful girl
Submited By: Muhammad Imtiaz Ahmed
13 March 2013
he is very best anchor she is nice girl i like your face she very cut persoly i like your nose
Submited By: MADI
19 February 2013
Asalam o Alaikum Maria u r so impressive or gud host but i like ur personality ur personality is so well ur look is so smart I Believe INSHA'ALLAH IN THE FUTURE U WILL BE A BEST ANCHOR OF THE MEDIA
Submited By: raza
24 January 2013
you are very bold.i wwant merry maria i am 25 yers old plz
Submited By: raza
24 January 2013
you are very bold.i wwant merry maria i am 25 yers old plz
Submited By: Fauzan Saeed
14 January 2013
hi maam its always a pleasure to see your view which are quite neutral may Allah give you success the reason of writting this comment is to request you to kindly convey the message to your channel that they should have same policy for every party and event unfortunately a very massive rally is taking place as i speak to you we dont know what will be the outcomes but as Pakistani i sure want to see how things unfold it is therefore very respectfully requested that kindly do not discriminate between this rally and rest of the events i sure hope that GEO will cover the event like it covers PML N rallies and public gatherings

as far as you are concerned i beleive people like you are the future of neutral and honest reporting i wish you best of luck :)
Submited By: M.AMIN
22 November 2012
Nice anchor and news caster.
Submited By: Ehsan Bugti
27 October 2012
She is so talentd and so beautiful i like her so much
Submited By: Imtiazkhan
27 October 2012
You are looking very good!how are you
Submited By: Imtiazkhan
27 October 2012
Wish you happy Eid!
God bless you
Submited By: Imtiazkhan
27 October 2012
You are good working on geo news
Submited By: Asim
17 October 2012
Assalam o Alakium Maria Memon
U R realy GREAT
MASHALLAH nazar na lagey aur DUA hai ke aap
bahot bahot TARQE karo ALLAH aap ko nazre bad se bachae ( Aameen )
Submited By: m.naqash
28 September 2012
happy birth day a gift accept my haerty pray that may allah bless you
Submited By: habib
27 September 2012
very very preety girl
Submited By: AbdulGhaffarKhan
22 September 2012
sEXY ***
Submited By: Abdul Ghaffar Khan
22 September 2012
Hi Maria!
Plz geo mein job kab a rhy hai.1S3
Submited By: Muhammad Imran Khan
07 September 2012
She is a good anchor, i like her new casting style.
Submited By: Hargosh jee
27 August 2012
Hello Ms. MARIA

You are extremely beautiful and smart i have never seen a girl before. You are a star of my heart and imagination. Could i talk to you for a while on phone? My phone number is 03008610101.
Submited By: ishfaque ahmed
20 August 2012
i love u so much iam engr
Submited By: ishfaque ahmed
20 August 2012
i want marrey with maria
Submited By: Fahad Khan
14 July 2012
i like her face and voice
Submited By: Nasir
13 July 2012
Good to see new face! But please don't copy Ms. Bucha. Ask your producer to be little selective in choosing guests. This ppp person may be a good labour leader but as a SANATOR ??????
Submited By: Arif
08 July 2012
your program Lekin is going best I watch it daily I love YOu
Submited By: Sohaili Abbas
08 July 2012
your program Lekin is going best I watch it daily
Submited By: Sohaili Abbas
08 July 2012
your program Lekin is going best I watch it daily
Submited By: yar mohammad pathan
06 July 2012
salam maria .
maria how r u dear.
first u tell me where is sana .
2nd dear what do u think about daul nationality
i think a kind of protection is there for altaf hussian and is qatil party and also for zardari and company ..
i m waiting for ur answer .
Submited By: mohammad riaz
02 July 2012
ilove you mariya memon kise ho aaptalme ok plz plz u call me Saudi Arabia phon numbr (00966561837398)
Submited By: Saleem akhtar Malik
28 June 2012
Maria Memon is a very inspiring person
Submited By: kashi awrah
24 June 2012
hi dear how are you plz tell me your facebook id i like you and your program and chat with you tc./.....
Submited By: Bakhtiar Ahmad
16 June 2012
Maria is new face and she needs more practice in her field coz this is a new game in the politics. Talkshows is a part of politics. Take care
Submited By: Mohammad Afzaal
31 May 2012
hasan nisar sahib you are favorite my journalist me ilteja kerta hu k aap kisi bi seasi jamat ki favour na kerea na hi pti ki salam
Submited By: syed masood ali
15 April 2012
your programme is very nice
Submited By: sattan
11 March 2012
Maria,I want to***you
Submited By: shahidnayeem
11 March 2012
Maria, carry on , excellent programme you are hosting really, the best without any fighting or without any bad atmosphare program end from the A to Z. I appreciate your efforts and all our viewrs in Jeddah,Riyadh,Dammam, Makkah,Madina munawrah and other parts of Saudi Arabia like this programee. Hope you will make it more informative.]
Shahid Nayeem
Geonews/Jang group Bearu
00966 505358277
Submited By: Aamer Aziz
04 March 2012
The cutest anchor on Pakistani TV
Submited By: Rajib Sharma
26 February 2012
Hasan Nisaar is a true patriot of pakistan. I am an Indian but I like him very much and always listen to him. His views apply to the entire human society. We need more Hasan Nisaars in this world then only there will be true empowerment of poor people. Some people don't like him because they understand his message or they do not want to hear that as it hurt their personal interest.
Submited By: saeed khan
21 February 2012
V good pakistani daughter
Submited By: Shahzad
05 February 2012
Aasalamu Aalikum
Hassan Sb ma ap ka bht ziada fan hon,
Ap sy pchna tha k Imran khan sb k bary ma Ap ki personal ray kia hai?k agr in ko moka mil jata hai to ya PAKISTAN ki awam k problems kis hed tak solve kar sakty hain,yan Ya sirf baaton ka samandar e sabit hon gy?
Submited By: Engg Asif Sarwar
31 January 2012
Madam kindly aik program is per bhi rakha jaye kay aik aam citizen jaloos aur ihtijaj kaise karey ihtijaj karney kay governament of pakistan kay mutabik kia rules hein.Mein Chata hoon kay hum log(aam shehri) jab jaloos nikalein to wo jaloos akhir tak jaye without breaking the law ta kay us ihtijaj ka maqsad pura ho sakay aur hum qanoon kay dairay mein rahein takay police hum per lathi charge na kar sakay,hum tyres na jalain,agein na lagaein aur humari awaz bahut achay magar PURZOOR andaz mein gov tak pahunch sakay aur agar jaloos kay log ghalti nahein karti aur police ghalti karti hai to police kay wo ahelkar adalat kay hukam say JAIL jain. And I salute Sir Hassan Nisar.Thanks
Submited By: mudasar
16 January 2012
she is very nice.i like
Submited By: muhammad
14 January 2012
she is very best anchor she is nice girl
Submited By: irfan ahmedkhan
14 January 2012
AOA Maria kia haal hai i m irfan khan from Azad kashmir mujhay aap bhoat achhi lagti hain pleas ap apni piyari c pis mujhay mare address par send kar dain hum aapke bhoat shukar guzar hon ge


Irfan ahmed khan 0092 3217227558
Submited By: kamran
08 January 2012
I am from canada i just want to ask about the book which i was studying name LONDON PLAN written by SATTAR CHHOUUDRY. CAN U ASK HASSAN NISAR ABOUT THE BOOK IS THERE ANY TRUTH OR ALL BOOK IS TURE.
Submited By: zaheer khan
11 December 2011
asalamualaikum maria how r u? hope u fine , when i saw u on geo programe i always thought that we meet before but i like ur shai face when u smile and quesioning i love it . good luck maria ,
Submited By: ali
11 December 2011
salam kiya hall he aap ka..bohat pyari lugti hu aap...
Submited By: ali
11 December 2011
Dukh Fasaana Nahi Ke Tujh Se Kahen
Dil Bhi Maana Nahin Ke Tujh Se Kahen

Aaj Tak Apani Bekali Ka Sabab
Khud Bhi Jaana Nahin Ke Tujh Se Kahen

Ek Tu Harf Aashna Tha Magar
Ab Zamana Nahin Ke Tujh Se Kahen

Be-Tarah Dil Hai Aur Tujh Se
Dostana Nahin Ke Tujh Se Kahen
Submited By: Sardar Muhammad Abbas
14 November 2011
u r decent looking n intelligent journalist but I have a common complain against all the journalists n especially T V journalists that they never ever invite common men n women in their shows to know their problems, sufferings n viewpoints.
Submited By: Zaheer Saghir Qurashi
12 November 2011
i like you progam
Submited By: ali ghuman
07 November 2011
awaz tv par app atti raha karo
hum saab ap ka proguram dekhta hai
me live in italy
Submited By: Sahzia uk
31 October 2011
wow, amazing innocent pretty face, and very good confidence !!!
well done, keep it up....
Submited By: nasir
15 October 2011
maria g how lovely u r . and ur analysis with hasan nisar realy i like that . if all of our leaders become like hasan nisar , i think inshallah pakistan will be good .
Submited By: hasnan malik
12 October 2011
ap ka acha programme hy... boht acha lagta hy .. ap ki appearance boht achi hy.. ap ko dekhna acha lagta hy ... kabhi hamarey old.. pensioners k problems.. and low pension pr b programme kren.. thanks.
Submited By: rizwan
21 September 2011
تمام سیاست دانوں کو سر عام گولی مار دی جاے تو پاکستان ٹھک ہو سکتا ہے ورنہ نہیں
Submited By: MUHAMMAD
19 September 2011


Submited By: MUHAMMAD
19 September 2011
Submited By: MUHAMMAD
19 September 2011
Submited By: Chaudhary
18 September 2011
hi how r u ... i saw ur program of 18 sep 11... but it did not attract reason being biased ... or it seemed to be.....
Submited By: Rana Shahid From Birmingham
29 August 2011
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Submited By: Atiq Sahi From Melbourne
21 August 2011
Submited By: Atiq Sahi From Melbourne
21 August 2011
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