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Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan

Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan
Minister for population welfare
Born: 11 January 1970
Profession: Politician , Doctor
Affiliation(s): Paksitan Peoples Party
Citizenship: Pakistani
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Profile Profile
Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan wife of Mr. Malik Amjad Awan was born on January 11, 1970.


Diploma in Hospital Management (DHA), South Atlantic University, U.S.A.
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S), Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore.

Political Career
Awan was elected to a reserved seat for women in 2002 on a PMLQ ticket and was even made a parliamentary secretary. However, in 2007 she resigned from the post and joined the PPP. She was elected from NA-111, Sialkot –II, by defeating Chaudhry Ameer Hussain, former Speaker of national assembly.

She is serving as minister for population welfare.
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Submited By: mohammad asif naveed
06 November 2012

YOU are good leadre butt i dis like u
becouse u r awan family and i am GUJJAR

Submited By: 28IA H Raza
17 August 2012
آج آپ لوگوں کے سامنے اس شخص فیضل رضا آبدی حقیقت پیش کرنا چاھتا ھوں
۱۹۷۸کی بات ھے جب مجھے السٹرن فلم اسٹویو جو سائٹ کراچی میں ھے
جاب ملی إس ہی سلسے میں میرا آنا جا موڈرن اسٹوڈیو میں تھا
اداکاری کے شوقین مرد عورتوں کا آنا تھا
میں نے کئ لوگوں کو کامیاب اداکار بنتے دیکھاہے
جن میں بدر جاویدشیخ عمرشریف نیلما حسن خاض ہیں
اوربھی بہت سے لوگ ہیں لمبی لیسٹ ہے خیر
خیر تو ٹی وی اداکارا خالداہ ریاست کےساتھ اکسر اس کی
ایک رشتے دار آتی تھی
جسکا فرضی یا فلمی نام ادا دورانی لیا جاتا تھا
جو خوبصوت تو تھی مگر اداکاری میں نا کام تھی
خالدہ ریاست ٹی وی اداکارہ مرحوما اور موجوداہ صدرے پاکستان
آصیف علی زرداری ان کا معشوقا کون نہیں جانتا
اب ذکر کرتے ہیں خالداہ ریاست ٹی وی اداکارہ کی رشتے ادا دورانی کا
ادا دورانی کی جان پہچان زرداری سے خالداہ ریاست نے کرائ
ادا دورانی میں اداکاری کی صلاہیت نا تھی مگراسے فلموں
اور ڈراموں میں کام کرنے امیر بنے کا شوق تھا إس ہی
چکر میں وہ دن رات اسٹوڈیو گزارتی پیسوں کے بدلے لوگوں
کے ساتھ سوتی اسلامی جمہوری پاکستان کے موجودا صدر کو
بھی اس کے ساتھ سونے شرف حاصل ہوا ہے کئ بار
فیصل رضا آبدی اس ہی نام نیہاد ادا دورانی کا بیٹا ہے
Submited By: abid ali
30 July 2012

pppp is very bad
Submited By: Mohsin
13 June 2012
she is a elected membr?!?!?? oh! God... we should really stop crticsing our government. i blame the people who voted her...
Submited By: alamgir khan
29 February 2012
salam madam, kasi ho? i m Alamgir khan from Russia, i like ur profeesion and ham sab family wale ap ko buhut like karte ha, q k ap ek nidar and achi Politician ho, allah ap ko or be taraqi de.

Alamgir khan From Russia.
Submited By: patan
08 February 2012
she is single so good for zardari but be careful zardari sahib she could get pregnant and another bilawal ooh tauba
Submited By: Ammar Ahmed
27 January 2012
Dear Dr. Ferdos Darling,

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Submited By: *Ammar Ahmed
27 January 2012
Dear Dr. Ferdos Darling,

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my number is : 0321-7654321
Submited By: waheedislam
23 January 2012
my fav personality so lovely women i like cute anti.
Submited By: waheedislam
23 January 2012
waisy ap pakistan ky liya kuch bhi acha ni kar ri so plz apny acha hony ka saboot do na daikho ap ki persnality ko itna like karta hun laikin keh ni sakta q ky ap log pak ko ujar rahy ho plz kuch to soacho ya hamara pakistan hy isy yun 2sron ky rehmon karam py mat dalo plzzzzz.bht looot liya na ab bas karo or 1 bar acha kar ky daikho ap ki roh ko kitna sakoon mily ga.
Submited By: waheedislam
23 January 2012
my fav personality so lovely women i like cute anti.
Submited By: worldmughal
22 January 2012

watch this video and reply soon
Submited By: riaz awan
07 January 2012
call me +3449870995
Submited By: aishjaann
18 December 2011
Mar ja*** ki bachi .. ya Pakistan ko sambhalo warna mar jao .. 9KG sona qabar men le kar jana he ?? pata nahi kis ne bana diya he Dr. is dangar ko
Submited By: Rana Rasheed Ahmed
08 December 2011
I have also read about her accident in news paper and fracture at her knee. I pray to Almighty for early restoration of her health with SADKA JINAB-E- HUSSAIN AND AHL-E-BAIT

Rana rasheed Ahmed.,
0300 7161038
Submited By: Rana Rasheed Ahmed
08 December 2011

First of all I would like to request every one that lady is a very respectable gender because of (1) Mother (2) sister (3) wife (4) daughter. If our Holy Profit (PBUH)respect ladies of their animies then who we are to use some insulting /indecent language about any lady.

After that being a lady she is a brave and a good leader but some time she makes mistakes, like she ignores her old party colleagues who expended a lot of time and money for her compaign and go to the people who join every party only and only for their own advantage and when they get their advantage they moved to another party like lotas. She played the same game with Mr. Muhammad Ramzan of Dulchikey-Ugoki, the ex General Councler of Union Council Moman Kalan No. 27-Sialkot. Mr. Muhammad Ramzan is too depressed with her this attitude. I do not want to go in detail but if she read this message, she should contact to Ramzan.


Rana Rasheed Ahmed
Submited By: Dr. M. Yusuf Awan
06 December 2011
I am from Sialkot and know the whole family of Dr, Firdous Ashiq Awan. I am proud of her achievements.Whole of the family has always been***ociated with PPP. Her two brothers were awarded PPP provincial***embly ticket, Malik Khaliq in 1988 and Malik Ijaz in 1990 but were defeated with a very narrow margin. Dr. Firdous entered politics through her popular social works. No doubt she was awarded PML-Q ticket on women's seats in 2002 but she always remained***ociated with PPP, always worked against PM:L-Q leader Ch. Ameer Hussain and ultimately she left PML-Q much before 2008 elections and bravely joined PPP and also suffered various revenge from PML-Q Government. She contested against a very heavy weight of Musharraf Regime, Ch. Ameer Hussain and defeated him with a very huge margin. She is the only MNA of PPP from Sialkot. All other four MNAs of the District are from PML-N. But she is dominating the political scene of Sialkot due to her services for the people.
Submited By: Arslan
06 December 2011
Salam to all specially doctor sahiba , i am from gujrat and i like her for her welfare personality. i red many bad comments for her and i felt sad but I say that she has best character and lifestyle among all female politicians.i am from gujrat but i have talked with my friends who are from her region and i know that she is best in her job and best in her culture. I selute u madam and my prayers are always with you.keep going as a daughter of east and daughter of islam.Allah hafiz hai aapka thanks for reading
Submited By: Ayoub
02 December 2011
This women does not look like a cylized person. She needs more education and personality upliftment.
Submited By: Abdul Wahab Brohi
11 November 2011
I belongs to very poor i see the personality of Dr. sahiba and request her being a poor for any kind of job, on the ground of humaintarian.
Submited By: fuk u
04 November 2011
fuk you again
Submited By: hasan s dogu
01 October 2011
it is difficult for us to understand it.In Turkey we know that Pakistan clean and brilliant country and Pakistanis brothers and sisters has very strong character of life.
But now looking that Mr.20% President and a respecful lady minister involved in gangs.Very poorest , bad and shamful picture for us.Hope all not those true...
Submited By: Muhammad Masood
21 September 2011
(Ref: M.Sikander Khan Lodhi Owner National Development Center Sialkot.)

Dear Miss,

Ma Aj kal Mr. Sikander Khan Lodhi Ky Office Main Manager Ho Jaha Mr. Shafqat Ali Awan Sy Be Mulaqat Hoti Ha. Un se Or Khan Sb Se Or Dost Wagerah Se Pata Chalta Ha ky Ap Sialkot Side Ma Bohat Zayada Kam Karwa Rahi Hn.

Aj kal Ky Door Ma Gareebo Ka Khal Rakna WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,
WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Bohat Mushcal Ha leykin Miss Ki Ko To Daad Dyni Chahiye.

Taraqi Ap ky Qadam Choome....

Muhammad Masood
Submited By: Muteeb Ahmad
11 September 2011
i wamt tu talk tu u ??????
Submited By: Muteeb Ahmad
07 September 2011
Aslam o Alakum
mera name Muteeb Sialkot se hu.meri age 17 years hai muje politics me bohat intrest rakhta hu ap hamre idar bohat dafa ayi magar me ap se baat nahi kar sakha bohat dafa try ki plz
me ap se apne poltics carrier k baray me baat karna chahta hu.plz reply karay. my number is 03474043025
Submited By: Jamal Haider
01 September 2011
yar is ka back ground jaisa bhi hai lakin hai kaam ki
Submited By: imran butt
26 August 2011
firdous ashiq awan doctor k bajaye phelwan nazar ati ho
Submited By: habi
15 August 2011
Submited By: faisal bhatti
14 August 2011
dr firdous ashiq awan honourable and good lady she has done impossible work his region and i m also belong her region she is educated and experienceable she had defeat famous pakistan speaker chaudhary amir hussain this was winnig the election last 15 years but dr firdous ashiq has ability thats why she had defeated chaudhary amir hussain and dr firdous ashiq awan able to do something because she is educated mostly pakistani politician uneducated they want earn money only but dr firdous ashiq awan hadnt desire to earn money she had desire to improve own region that she has done i m with dr firdous ashiq awan and i hope inshallah dr firdous ashiq awan will win election next time
Submited By: bashir
18 July 2011
DOCTOR ? no way
Submited By: shahzad
14 June 2010
dr fardos ashiq awan is very nice polite efficient and brave women i like her and want to meet her if she like
Submited By: Adil
25 February 2010
She is the most ignorant woman present the pakistani parliament, . . .Clearly representing the feudal lord bckground she has, with no respect what so ever to the designation and the people she represents. She should have resigned from the cabinet and applogised on media at the very least on the comments she made on kashmaala tariq in that Tv show
Submited By: sana
14 January 2010
firdaus is something that i dont even find words to condemn her,as a pakistni im so embarresed and feel humilated that she is a woman from pakistan where ladies are cultured and polite,i m just amazed how a political party affords that bulk of nonsensities.i wish she goes off somewhere as she has got no right to represent our ladies because she is not one of them.
Submited By: sabbar ali
17 September 2009
well well well........ so folks we have A DOCTOR in the town who can be such "nice and cool minded" representative of the government , the govt which vows to reinstate the 1973 constitution for the "better" Pakistan. They have themselves violated the const . as they made a minister a governor and he is enjoying two executive posts. talking about Dr. Awan my words are much more prestigious and valuable the this lady who calls herself a doctor. o Ma'am jis tarah zardari ny apni BA ki degree k lye condition khtama karai hai na tum b khud ko doctor kehna chor do. your language proved that k tum kisi college k samny beans bechti degree ly ayi ho. If this is the official of Pak govt then for the cabinet I have got two words...... Bull Shit
Submited By: Syed Fahd Tirmizi
16 September 2009
Firdous Awaz is a disgrace to this country, and the language used by her in the program Kal Tak against Kashmala Tariq truly reflected Firdaus's family background and where does she belongs to. Illiterate is the word that pops in my mind whenever i look at her (though she doesnt deserves it). An utterly pathetic looser, that's who she is.
Submited By: imran
01 August 2009
I am from sialkot and let me give you a full history of this lady. yes she is a doctor from fatima jinnah medical college. she was popular there in her college as well ( for reasons i think you all must know). She entered politics because the CHEEMA Brothers ( the current zilla Nazim of sialkot) wanted to defeat ch amir hussain (the speaker) but failed in their attempts in 2002. then they forced the chaudrys of gujrat to make her a special seat MNA because the cheema's son is married in chudharys of gujrat. family. but now she, after taking all the protocol from PML Q , she moved to PPP and PPP gave her a seat because PPP never won that seat ever and never had a strong candidate with amir hussain winning all the time. she is so fond of protocol that she was not a minister in musharaf governemnt but had asked for police cars because she was a SHIA and needed security. BULL*** we have no sunni shia problems in sialkot. she has a brother called KHALLA with his real name as malik khalid who is a big kidnapper and terrorises everyone in her constiutncy. he finds rich people for her so that they spend money in her elections because this lady has no money.i saw her ek din GEO key saath and she said she has alot of property...again bull*** she only has 2 brick making places (in urdu we call them BHATTI) and thats it. her father was a resoanably rich man but not as rich as she says and all his property is didvided into about 5 or 6 sons and daughters. in last elections she had an invester called SAGHEER of sultan fort floor mill. he used to call her RANI and both were very close but now he is broke and she is finding a new party for investment in nest elections. she calls fatima jinnah girls to parties where other polticians are also invited. and young immature girls are made friends with generals and politicans. you get ministires so easily..right?now a lot of people will say that I might not be dencent or not respecting a woman but people..i swear to god this all is true and im just telling the truth.
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