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Shahzeb Khanzada

Shahzeb Khanzada
Tv Anchor
Born: N/A
Profession: Anchor Person
Affiliation(s): Geo News
Citizenship: Pakistani
Views: 184,225 | Comments: 84 | Votes: 215
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Shahzeb Khanzada hosts politcial and current affairs shows currently on Geo News.
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Submited By: Amir
03 August 2016

sir aaj kul lhr traffic police be gunah larko ko pakar k 1 Wheeling k prchy dy rahi ha .. !! Asa hi prcha muj pe b kr diea mera kasoor sirf itna tha k meri bike k ishary nhi thy .. !! Agur meri bike k ishary nhi thy to mera chalan krna chyea tha traffic police ko .. ma nay 1 wheeling jub k ki nhi to mujey 1 wheelig case my saza q di gei or prcha q kiya gyea plz sir is Issue ko highligth krey ya traffic police Maholti begar ka sabub bn rahy ha ... !! Najaez prchy dena kahi ki insaniyat nhi
Submited By: Jamil Adil
07 January 2015
Your analyses and view point seems extremely biased on 21st amendment part in 6 Jan show.

Just let me understand as common man. If somebody burns my house because I belong to another sect or religion, then s/he will be punished immediately with legal cover under constitution of my country. However if someone burns it because I speak a different language, then he will have conventional style treatment..... !!! Resulting, I may turn into another terrorist. By that time our elected representatives will be passing perhaps 121st amendment to punish people like me & analyst like you will also have prime time to defend or offend and so on.......

Is it what you're defending?
Submited By: farah wattoo
07 November 2014

u r very nice .i like u .nd ur programing style. ur attitude
26 August 2014
Dharny or mojoda sorat-e-hal ka pur Aman hal.
fori tor per United Nations ya kisi or international gher janibdar idary k teht pory Pakistan mein REFRANDOM karwaya jaay k
1: is hakomat ko 5 sal pory karny dye jaein , or us k baad agly intikhabat election mein mukammal islahat ( Article 62,63 ) nafiz karny k baad karway jaein.
2 : Hakomat mustafi ho jay or 3 maheeny k andar intikhabat election mein mukammal islahat ( Article 62,63 ) nafiz karny k baad karway jaein.
Awam jo faisla day us ka faisla HUKAMRAN ,Parliment, IMRAN KHAN OR TAHIR-UL-QADRI Sahib sab tasleem karein.
Submited By: Zahid Akhter
04 August 2014
Janab-e-alla Assalam u alleykum Mey apney baitey Noor Ashraf Key liye Guzishta 5 saal sey Government job Karachi University mey C.C.T ki post per application Registrar office mey jama karra raha hoon jiss ki receiving copys 4th reminder key saath meyrey paas mojood hey leykin Sir aaj tak merrey baitey ko job nahee mill sakee jab key in 5 saalon mey sainkron siyasee partee valey loog job hassil kar chukkey hain.

Janab mey aik Pakistani hoon or aik aam shahree hoon kiya merrey baitey ko Government job hassil karney ka haaq nahee hey.?

baraey maharbani iss silsiley mey mayree maddad farmain insaani hamdardi ki khatir Allah aap ko iss ka ajjar atta farmaey.

aap key jawab ka intizar rahey ga.
Submited By: Naqqash Ali
10 June 2014
Shahzeb Khanzada is one from my best Anchor Persons. Because He Have the Potential to observe the Real Matter. ♥
Submited By: mohammed Junaid
23 May 2014
I am around 70 of age. I want to give a suggestion about criticl issues. Is it possible to talk to me sometime. You might feel GOOD. really GOOD after giving few minutes to me.
Submited By: zubair waraich
07 April 2014
a great young,hard working,researcher and talented anchor.
Submited By: rizwan qureshi
10 September 2013
hahahah khuda kin qasam wohh thooooo kary ga
Submited By: rizwan qureshi
10 September 2013
yeh sab jhot boll rahy hn yar duneya ko pagal kar k ab pichy hat rahy hn subhanAllah
Submited By: rizwan qureshi
10 September 2013
bhai en se kahein k ap ka beta to mar geya lekin mustaqbil mein koi b wadera aysi harkat kary ga or koi b bhai apni behan ki ezat bachany k leay yun apni jan dega to us har insan ka khon ap dono meyan bivi par ho ga
Submited By: ali rana
12 July 2013
app ke program bout achey hoty he kia ap hum se friend ship keroge
Submited By: amjad khan
31 May 2013
a useless talker,do not know ethics.should lern realities n not chamchagiri
Submited By: razarahman
31 May 2013
chal bay Haramzada Raywind ur vasool kar lfafa.
Submited By: Khalid
24 March 2013
Time to Save Pakistan , Elections are very near , this time No or Never. We request to reject all old corrupt political parties as pakistani are suffering by their acts of their past. Share the awareness.
Submited By: Khalid
20 March 2013
Future of Pakistan looks every blink with illegal election commission, Chief Justice relation of Rana Sana hullah (PLM_N), Zaidari as president - member of PPP.
Who say it wouldn't be fair electon.
Submited By: Khalid
16 March 2013
Please read the Nomination paper issued by Election commission of Pakistan.
pakistani people are going to be cheated again. It allowing the currupt people to come via back door. Save Pakistan.(Down with the stay orders ).
Submited By: nOman Nomy
14 March 2013
salam shazaib br0 yar me ap k0 bht bht pasnd krta hun mere sb se pasandidah anch0r h0 ap qk ap ksi be siyasatdan k0 khatir me nhe late chahe w0 altaf he q na h0 0r ap 90 me q na bethe h0!!!! i like u plzz apni persn0l id de d0!!! and apne bare me bta d0 kha se h0?? married h0???? 0r plzz apne sh0w t0 the p0int me aese l0g0 k0 bulaenge jn k sth mazaa aye like faisal raza abdi,ansaar abbasi,0rya maqb0ol jan and zaid hameed wagera!!!!
Submited By: mehwish
11 February 2013
hi hw r u welldn plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz contact me
Submited By: Fauzan Saeed
14 January 2013
Shahzeb khanzada you are the bravest person in this field may others follow your lead. the way you coverd shahzeb's case was Phenomenal i must say great job. i sure hope you will deliver this message to the rest of your reporters community because it seems that media is not doing justice to the present rally that is in progress towards Islamabad these rae the events in a country's history that changes the entire path of the nation this might be the Revolution that every Pakistani nPolitical party use to talk about if you will not cover it than there is a change that in future no one will ever rise against lawlessness and discrimination i reqest you to raise voice and talk about this in your program wising you all the best may Allah be with you Ameen
Submited By: Khan Pakistan
05 January 2013
Shahzain khanzada is one of my favorite anchor... He is very intelligent and Brave man... good. keep ur work up...
Submited By: moiz sheikh
28 December 2012
assalam o alaikum my name is moiz sheikh and i am student of first year mere age 16 year hai or mujhe news caster benna hai to main kaise benno aap mujh say contect zaror karega ok
Submited By: Shahrukh
17 November 2012
Shahzeb Khanzada, You are a good anchor and brave anchor.
Submited By: rana s ahmad
03 November 2012
my best regards for you and express thanks and alla hafiz
Submited By: rana s ahmad
03 November 2012
thanks i know i already said sorry thats what in the streets of my city it was just the sittuation telling.....again say the sorry for that.........
Submited By: rana s ahmad
03 November 2012
i am proud of you young man,your efforts find truth and what a way you have to present great. i want to give an important link of the triangle of jamaeit e islami,muslim league and army. it was 1956 first constitution of Pakistan..why a group of phonetician called jagto front.. took over of sikandar mirza..martial law of ayyob khan..abdo enforcement..election of fatima jinah..general secretary of muslim league..lost election of fatima jinah..general secratary of muslim league turn jinah muslim league into awami league..riots in east action..agartala sazish case..mujib ur rehman hero of bengolies..than ghaddar...muukti bahni from india..surrender of pakistan army than slogans of ayyob kuta haey haey..yahya khans martial law..zulfiqar ali bhutto in power..hamood ur rehman commission..seperation of east pakistan..hamood ur rehman commision report dumped..again army take over..bhutto hanged..benazir in exile..nawaz sharif in exile..musharaf in power and..................................
the most dirty game played in pakistn from 1956 to 1970 is the plantation of criminals from all pakistani state pillers ...................
please work for much land of pakistan is occupied by army.
2.what is the attitude of pakist army poletician toward pakistani nation.
3.what are the living of retired army big guns and what they have there after.............
here i want to quote from a Bengaly few years back i was in dhaka" pakistan will not prosper ever because pakistan is linked with kashmir so army will remain have powerfull chractor to play even as political interference..major part of economy will be used to serve pakistan army " in the end he said we haven't kashmir problem so army can suck our resources we will become a respectable nation after some time, pakistan not.................i say sorry to you in advance if i have mention anything which heart you......your admirer rand
Submited By: pakistani
19 October 2012
dear khanazada sahab md zamarud khan nay pakistan bait ul mal ko apni publicity kay liye panch sal say istemal kiya inhoon nay sweet home kay nam say aik yateem khana kholo jis say in ki badi wah wah hui is yateem khanay maen un bachon ko bharti kiya gaya jo yateem hi naheen thay karoron rupay in yateem khanon par kharch huay medical kay case rokay gaye jis say kafi mareez intekal kargaye or abhi bhi kafi sary case rokay huay haen mali madad bhi *** kardi sirf un ko cheque bana kar diye jatay haen jis ka md kahay
Submited By: ARSALAN
11 October 2012
فیصل رزا عابدی نے کل شام اہم پریس کانفرنس کا اعلان کرتے ہی اسلام آباد ہائی کورٹ نے آڈر نکال دیا کے کوی بھی ٹیوی چینل عدلیہ کے خلف مواد نشر نہیں کر سکتا۔۔

Shame on Independent Judiciary
Shame on So-Called Free Media Anchors
Submited By: Masood Ahsan
14 September 2012
hi shahzeb its masood ahsan from karachi...i wanted t contact u as i just wanted to say that its hi time we should protest against SHAHID BELLA owner off ALI ENTERPRISES and hum sab koo an road per ana chahiye as bht hogya and 300 killed and SHAHID BELLA is responcible for that i wan u MEDIA especially to take serious steps as he has bailed himself from LARKANA police kindly check and do reply me
Submited By: Ammar Khan Afridi
25 August 2012
i like the style of Sir Shahzeb Khanzada... its my wish to meet and spend time with him....
Submited By: Ammar Khan Afridi
19 June 2012
Thats my man... i like this guy becoz respect to ethics of journalism....
Submited By: D awan
14 June 2012
جناب ایماندار ججز فخرالید ین جی ابراہیم ،،،، ناصر اسلم زاید اور جنہون نین آیین غداری ایل ایف او کا حلف نیین اٹھایا ۔۔۔ اور تمام ایماندار دوستون کے لیے
واہ جی واہ زیادہ وکلا اور ججز نیں تو خوبصورت فیصلہ دے دیہا
۱۔۔۔.اب تمام سرکاری ملازم بچوں کو کھلی اجازت دہ دیں اور خود ایمانداری سے نوکری کریں
خدا کا واسطہ یے اپنی برادری کو نان بچاو ایمان کو اور اللہ کے عزاب کو دیھکو
اصل حقیقت قانونی یہ یے----
۲..سرکاری ملازم جس نے ذرا سی تسکین حاصل کی ( شکریہ بی کبول کیا ) ڈائریکٹ یا ان ڈائریکٹ اس شخس سے جس کا معاملہ اس کے پاس یے تو کرپشن سابت ہو گیی
161 تعزیرات پاکستان
3--161 تعزیرات پاکستان تو لگے گی .سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب) کے خلاف بہصیحت لنک اس شخص کے ساتھ جو ان ڈاریکٹ( ارسلان ) ملوس ہے اس شخس (ریاض ملک) سے جس کا معاملہ سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب)کے کے پاس یے-
۴--162 --163 تعزیرات پاکستان لگے گی اس شخص کے. خلاف جسکا لنک سرکاری ملازم کے ساتھ یے- اور اس شخس (ریاض ملک) سے جس کا معاملہ سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب)کے کے پاس یے
۵-- ۱۰۹ بھی لگے گی ،،،، چیتنگ اور فراڈ کی سیکشنز بھی لگین گی
۶ .. 161 PPC کو سا بت کرنین کے لیے مندرجہ زیل سبوت کافی یین اور اگر چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف 161 PPC سا بت ہو ریی ہے تو ارسلان صاحب کے خلاف الزم اسانی سے سا بت ہو جا ہین گے ( مندرجہ زیل سبوت 161 PPC کے لیے ارسلان کو سپورٹ کے زرہیے چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کا لنک ،،اور ملک ریاض کے خلاف بلیک میلنگ اور دھمکی کو سا بت کرتا ہے)
۱........جس طرح کرکٹ کیس مین بکیز نین پیلے یہ سابت کرایا کہ عامر ،، اصف،،سلمان ان کے پینل پر یین ۔ اور انہون نیے ،، نو بال کرا کے،، کیچ چھو ڑ کر یہ سابت کیا ۔۔۔۔۔ بلکل اسی طرح چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے یہ سابت کیا۔۔ عید کے موقہ پر اپنے بیٹے کے ساتھ جا کر او شخس کے پاس جو ملک ریاض کا پارٹنر یے
،ب۔۔۔۔۔میڈیا مین آنے کے بعد بیٹے کے خلاف ایکشن
،پ۔۔۔ 6 ماہ پیلے اعتزاز صاحب نے بتایا اور کوی ایکشن نین لیا
،ت۔۔۔ پاکستان مین جس سے رشوت لو اس کو ریلکس نین دیا جاتا تا کی بعد مین سبوت کے طور پر دیکھا سکین کہ کو ی ریلکس نین دیا گیا۔ پر پھر بھی پاکستان مین دیوانی مقدمون کے فیصلے ۱۰۰ سال تک نین ہوتے تو ریاض ملک کے خلاف فیصلے ہفتون مین ہونان یہ سا بت کرتا ہے کہ یہ بلیک میلنگ اور دھمکی کے لیے یے۔۔
،ٹ ...اب بھی سب کچھ ہونے کے بعد ملک ریاض کا ریکارڈ منگوانا اور ارسلان کے خلاف نان منگوانا یہ دھمکی نین تو کیا ہے۔
،ژ ،،،،۔۔تمام وکلا برادری اور ایمان والے یہ بتایین کہ ملک ریاض کے ان الزامات کے بعد چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کوی بھی مقدمہ ملک ریاض یا اس کی فیملی کے خلاف سن سکتے یین ۔۔۔ لیکن جس دن ملک ریاض عدالت مین پیش ہوا اس دن چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے ملک ریاض کے خلاف مقدمہ سنا تو یہ ارسلان کے ساتھ دینان اور ملک ریاض کو دھمکانان نیین یے۔
،ج...فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یے
،چ-- یہ کیس کسی بھی صورت مین ججز نین سن سکتے کیون کی سب ججز کی سیاسی مومنٹ کی وجہ سے وہ باحص یین اس لیے نیب یا ایف ای اے سے کرای جاے پھر بی یہ ججز سن رہین ہین
،ح۔۔۔۔۔۔ پہلے ہی دن کورٹ مین دھمکی دے کر ڈرانان کہ میرے بس مین ہوتا تہو دونون یعنی ریاض ملک کو جیل بھج دون ریاض ملک کو دھمکی نین یے
،خ۔ 161/109PPC کو چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف خلاف اگر سابت ہوتا یے تو کیا یہ آیین سے غداری نہن یے...................................................................................۔اپ اللہ تعالی کے لیے حال دیکھین اور سا تھ ماضی دیکھ لین جو اس وقت حال تھا
۱...جب بی امریکا کے خلاف اور اب ۳ ماھ سے ناٹو کے خلاف ایکشن لیا یے عدالت کے زور گورنمنت کے خلاف زیادہ ہو گیا تو قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے .
.۲۔۔ پہلے ہی دن کورٹ مین دھمکی دے کر ڈرانان کہ میرے بس مین ہوتا تہو دونون یعنی ریاض ملک کو جیل بھج دون سی جے صاحب کی اس دھمکی کے پیچھے بی قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۳ ۔۔۔۔۔۔ میمو گیٹ مین کچھ بی نیین لیکن اب ارسلان کو بچانے کے لیے گورنمنٹ کے خلاف ہو گا یہ قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۴ -- ایک پا رٹی کے خلاف جب کیس عمران اور اصغر خان نین کیس کھلوایا تو چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف بھی مقدمین کھل گیے اور اسکے بعد ایک جلسے مین شہباز شریف صاحب نیے ایک جلسے مین دل کھول کر ملک ریا ض صاحب کی خوب تعریف کی،، یہ قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
انصاف کی بات منہ سے نکالو
۵ ۔۔۔ 32سال کادودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان اگر۳ کروڈ ملک ریاض سے لے لیتا یے تو وہ بچا یے قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۲ فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یے اگر وہ تو سارے بچےیین قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۷۔۔ ریاض صاحب اگر ایک سال سے اپنے مقدمات کی وجہ سے بلیک میل ہو رہے ہہن اور ان سے بجے ارسلان نین کروڑون روپے لے لیے ہہن اگر وہ تو بچا یے قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۸۔ چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کہتے ہہن کہ وہ غریب ہہن ،جب ان کی فیملی کو دودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان باہر لیکر جاتا یے اور وہ پو چھتے نہہن ہین اگر تو قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۵۔۔ کل دنیا کو پتہ ہے کہ ملک ریاض کے بہت سے مقدمات سپرہم کورٹ مین چل رہے ہہن اور اگر ۳۲ سال کادودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان ۳ کروڈ ملک ریاض سے لے لیتا یے فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یےایک سال سے ملک ریاض کےداماد کے ساتھ گوم رہین ہین اور اگر چچیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب کو پتا نہین چلتا تو قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۶۔۔ چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب جب پیلی دفہ بحال ہوے اور ۷۰ فی صد الزمات ان کے خلاف ، مشرف صاحب نے واپس لیے اور وہ بھری ہوے اور اس کے بد لے مین چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف سب کی مخالفت کے باوجود وردی مہن الیکشن لڑنہن کی اجازت دی تا کی مزید ۵ سال حکموت کرے تو یہ قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا
۷۔۔مشرف کی دوستی مہن چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے اہل اہف ہو حلف لیا کہون کے ارسلان کے ما میلے کی طرح وہ نا سمجھ تھے تو یہ قصور بھی سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۸۔۔چیف جٹس ا فتہخارصاحب نے ایک پارٹی کے حق مینن فیصلے دیے اور اب میران کیس بھی ان کے حق مین ہونا یے ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۹۔۔اب ارسلان بھر ی ہو جاہین گے ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا ہو گا
۱۰۔۔ایک وفاقی وزیر الزام مین ایک سال سے اندر ہے اس کی ضما نت نین ہو رہی ہےاس نا انصافی کا قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۱۔۔ اگر کسی نین بھی و ڈیو اور سب کچھ ریکارڈ کیا اس نین عوام کے سامنین لایا اس نین سب کچھ حق بتا کر غلط کیا تو یہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے

۱۲۔۔عتیقہ اوڈو کے خلار سو موٹو ہتا ہے ٹھیک یے لیکن اب تک یمنڈ ڈیوس کے خلاف نین ہتا یےیہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۳۔۔جنگ اخبارکراچی ۱۰ فر وری صفحہ نمبر ۱۰ کالم نمبر ۴۴ کے مطابق ۔چیف جٹس ا فتہخارصاحب نے ایک کیس کے دوران ریمارکس پاس کیے کا ریمنڈ ڈیوس کیس ایک سیاسی معملہ یے ان کا یہ کینا بھی قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
.۱۴۔۔ .چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے مشرف صاحب کو ۳ سال کے لیے ایک شخس کو ایین مین ترمیمم کرنین کی اجازت دی ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے.....
۱۵۔۔اب ۳۲ سال عمر مین کوی جرم کرے تو کوی جرم نین
۱۶۔۔آیین کا حلف اٹھا کر چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے مشرف صاحب کو ۳ سال کے لیے ایک شخس کو ایین مین ترمیمم کرنین کی اجازت دی ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۷۔۔۔۔۔۔ ملک ریاض کا وکیل بہت اچھا یےمگر وہ بھی وکلا برادری ساتھ دے گا
انصاف کی بات منہ سے نکالو...تا کہ اپ کےاور اپ کےخاندان کے ساتھ انصاف ہو
Submited By: Hammad Shahid
31 May 2012
Awseome Anchor :)
Submited By: Tufail Malik
21 May 2012
Good grooming and brave anchor
Submited By: Kanwar Naeem
16 May 2012
Sir i want to ask that is Mass communication worthful in Pakistan? i heve currently passed my 12th exam and want to do BS mass com.
Can you plz guide me? and sir from where i should do this?
Submited By: Abdul Jabbar
29 April 2012
Election make the nation Perfect
like Practice make the man Perfect

In general In third world specially in The Muslim World a lot of people don’t understand what actually democracy is. It’s a common understanding that Democracy mean people rule meaning that people will send their elected member to the parliament and those elected member will rule
the country in their behalf. But question is elected parliamentarian are representing 100% voters of the country NO, in general voters turn out around the world regardless first,second or third world are less than 40% and in Pakistan may be 30% if this is the case it’s mean that ruling party representing only 16% people of the country and they are not there for 1,2 or 3 years they are there full 5 years term and it’s even look very long especially when country going backward instead of forward and this very long dull parliamentary term make opposition frustrated and their 20% voters out 30% got frustrated and those 70% voters who did not participate at all got frustrated as well cause deadlock, then there is no choice left for nation only discipline organization to interfere into the indiscipline nation affairs and put the country forward, no doubt where this action breaks the deadlock but also breaks the democracy movement as well, if this action is wrong than what possible option for this very discipline organization and frustrated indiscipline nation has left.

Out of 65 years half go to very discipline organization to put country forward and half go to indiscipline nation(including every one citizen of the indiscipline nation) to put country backward.

Allah (swt) is saying in Holly Quran “I put leaders over nations as those nations are” .
Meaning good or discipline people their leaders would be good and discipline or otherwise.

What actually democracy is to know about it A Nation called an election where people choose their MP for 3 years term to run the Government in their behalf. After completion of 3 years term people called an election and put Government on test again to make sure their MP are running government well and they will win again if their performance were good in previous term.

And if we continue election process every 3 years term it will make the nation perfect means matured democracy and we will catch Inia who is going to hold 14 election in 65 years and Bangladesh has less than half time and they hold more election than us and showing matured democracy.

Elections are sole of the democracy, if you kill the election you will kill the democracy.

Why Pakistan should have election term for 3 years, while many country around the world running 5 years term. For example India and England, India more than billion people if their election term consist on 10 years doesn’t matter and England too stable politically and too
rich 5 years term is fine.

Pakistan left far behind as a mature democracy. To get democratic maturity faster, we have to apply more and frequent election means election term should be 3 years and 4th year should be election year and election campaign not more than six week. 3 years term will give calm to opposition and energy as well to put pressure on Government and same time 3 years term will put Government on front foot as well means our MP more alert and competitive.

No doubt it’s cost nation millions but in result efficient Government will earn billions for the nation.
Submited By: ABDUL RAZZQ paris
27 April 2012
gilani shaib ho rezine kr daena chhaiyae..ab wo hakomat mae reh nhi sakty wo kis haq se hakomat mae reh rhy a..
Submited By: Bashir Ahmed
21 April 2012
sir you should invite Asif Zardari & Nawaz sharif in your program like you are inviting IMRAN KHAN sb, sheikh Rashid sb and others please....
People of Pakistan wants to know........
Submited By: ARSALAN
09 March 2012
Submited By: ARSALAN
09 March 2012
nice show
Submited By: Daniyal
08 March 2012
Kabhi kabhi kse aur ki sun lya kren.Ap question krty ho tu dosre ko answer dene ka time tu dya kro na?
Submited By: shahzad
11 February 2012
aslam o alicom to the point team ko un k bohat achay progam k liya mobarik deta hoon or app say umeed karta hoon k app humray pakistan k blochistan ki b awazs bany gay, do well for only pakistan
Submited By: Javed Niazi
02 February 2012
Shahzeb bhai
Allah apko lambi zindagi atta kare ameen
ap mere favourit ho bhai mujhey apka style bohat pasand hai.
Submited By: imran ansaree
28 January 2012
you are very good, energatic with positive attitude,i appreciate your work all the time because you asked the peoples truly questions with great confidence,you are on right path ALLAH Bless you brother.keep it up and good luck ahead.
Submited By: hassan
27 January 2012
bhai salam kash ky aap hyderabad mahtyri ky health department ky bary main kuch prog ya action lyen kise tharn sy mahtyri main health department ko lota ja rha ha koi na dakny wala ha na kise ko koi hosh ha latifabad unit no 10 ka ak shaks shujat ali kise tharn ratun rat health department matyri ko lot rha allah ka us ko koi kof nhi aap koi to action len plz..
Submited By: hassan
27 January 2012
To The Point 7th January 2012 ky ly aap ko main salam pash karta hon zaberdast program kya aap ny..
Submited By: muhammad jamil naik
22 January 2012
khanzada sahab aap plz isi tara lage rahoo saab jo is mulak ko loot rahe hain naga kardo in ko shabas khanzada shabas jiteeeeee rahoo
Submited By: Adnan Ahmed Khan
16 January 2012
The Shahzeb Khanzada is the really awsome man and very bravest anchor person thumb up for SHAHZEB KHANZADA. His man honesty and talking style very well and he look like WALI KHAN BABAR .... Allah Bless Him :)
Submited By: jamil
07 January 2012
your talk show is very nice
Submited By: diya naz
27 December 2011
hi.. i like ur program..very nice person
Submited By: Pakistani
24 December 2011
very very very 3rd class anchor person.
Submited By: safi khan
22 December 2011
Shazeb bhai app ka ajj ka show dekha Afaq Ahmed wala mujhe dukh hova k ap MQM ko suport ker rhe the jab k apko b peta hai k is pakistan main koi saff nh hai...
Submited By: aishjaann
18 December 2011
Submited By: shahzeb amjad
15 December 2011
tv se zada real me ache lagte ho ap.
Submited By: zaheer abbas
14 December 2011
sir am your big fan.i want to know about yourself kindly tell me something about yourself...
Submited By: Saleha Jaweid
05 December 2011
Mr. Khanzada,

Assalam-u-alaikum ... I really admire you and your remarkable work firstly ... I am far away from my country and get scared with the news about it but then when I see young ppl like yourself that fear subsides a little :)

My reason for contacting you today is a personal plea. Recently I had my Pakistani passport renewed and on that I had to take an oath testifying to the non-muslimness of ahmedis, and I was puzzled to see how that was relevant to me being a muslim? Especially since I was not asked to testify to the oneness of God. Utterly bizarre. Then I read an article on how Prof Abdus Salam was robbed of the honor he deserves as the ONLY nobel laureate from our country. As a student of Physics that really seems like such an injustice. If anything Pakistan should make him a source of inspiration for other budding scientists because no nation can prosper without science, invention and technology. This is especially strange given that Adbus Salam could have chosen to be buried with great pomp anywhere but loyally asked for Pakistan his motherland as his burial ground. He also was a man of great faith in God and the Quran acknowledges even those from other faiths who love God as being worthy of reward in God's eyes so who are we to judge? Most importantly he dedicated all his reward money to the benefit of muslim and pakistani students and does not deserve this inhumane treatment solely on the grounds of compassion if not spirituality itself.

I think this issue should be brought to light and justice be served in however small or piecemeal a manner as possible.


Saleha Jaweid
Submited By: Sohail Khan
04 December 2011
Great and lively anchor and always asks homework by doing a thorough homework. Would love for him to grill the so called "big leaders" like Nawaz and Zardari.
Submited By: amin
03 December 2011
han neklenge
lekin shazeb bai ap imran khan se moshkil sawal na kare abe to waqath nahe aya hai
Submited By: Hafsa
21 November 2011
Shahzeb bhai ap ka program bohat acha hy ap to nakon chane Channa dete ho very well
Submited By: wasim gill
19 November 2011
he is master in his bussiness
Submited By: azhar fareedi
16 November 2011
i like your program!
specially zulfiqar mirza's interview
Submited By: kabeer
14 November 2011
hi Shahzeb ur such a good human-being bohot hi jurat mandana kam kia os darindy insan ka interview le kr wo sirf mout ka haqdar ha osy ibrat naq saza milni chahye ta k koi bhi aisa ghaleez kam na karsaky ap ka sat hr ma behan or lakho bhaion ki dua ha khada ap ka hamesha khayal rakhy ameen.and billions thanks to ur express news platform for steping such a courageous attempt.
Submited By: Swati
10 November 2011
Assalamu Alaikum !

Bhai !
Ap se guzarish hai k es tarah k siyasi dangal na lagaya karen , koi ek dusri ki bat sunne ko tayar nahi aur na dusro ko sunana chahte hain .
Aur ALLAH ke waste thore manjhe hoe logo ko bulaya karen prgrm mein ta ke akhir mein hum kisi nateje pe pohunche .
Shukriya !
Submited By: moon
27 October 2011
i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Submited By: sadaqat ali
22 October 2011
shazaab bahi your programme is excellent.
u r very compatient and decent anchor person
hafiz sadaqat ali
oslo norway
Submited By: '*'.shabnam manzoor
02 October 2011
we (Pakistani ) are proud of you.
please do interview to Altaf Hussain
Allah hafiz
Submited By: MUHAMMAD
25 September 2011



Submited By: yamna badar
23 September 2011
Submited By: yamna badar
23 September 2011
shazeb i like u style and ap ke questions reality based hoty maine bi internship ki hai geo tv se mera interst hai reporting crim reporting mai. mai apko join krna chati hon agr ap kuch time de sken mujhe.
Submited By: Azam Rathore
18 September 2011
Dabbang hai bhai Dabbang Anchor .
akhir rajput pattah hai na .
bhai take care
Submited By: rizwan
18 September 2011
shazeb bhoot acha kam ker rehy ho app . ek bat meen app se kihna chita hoon apny program meen siasi logoon ke sath 1 ghreeb admi ko bi sath bethia kro
jo en ky sath bith ker en ka muhn kala kry
Submited By: mirza daud baig
16 September 2011
his way of conducting interview is excellent, his sharp question and rapid response is very nice
Submited By: Imtiaz Ali Shah
14 September 2011
Shazaib bhaye usually i dont like pakistani anchor.But incidently i saw ur programe yesterday.and u impressed me alot.i like ur way of impreesed me alot.u r so bold.and i love this way.may u long prays will be with u.Allah hafiz. Imtiaz Ali Shah (mardan)
Submited By: farah
11 September 2011
hi u r doing very very well.plz ask about this also that all the domain names of mqm sites also belong to the same address that was mentioned in zulifqar mirza,s press conference. i m enjoing all the situation karachi in past and karachi in present have a huge difference.salute to you and to zulifqar mirza also he gave bravery in sindh.aur yeh mustafa qamal jo sab ko uloo ka patha bolta hai punjab mein aisa koi lafz bolta tou baap ki izat k liyey punjab mein logh zuban hi halaq sey khainch letey hein apney kisi programme mein bta dijey ga usko punjab mein itney badtameez logh siasat nahin ker saktey.
Submited By: Irfan Rizvi
10 September 2011
your program with Haider Abbas Rizvi MQM was very good. you asked very bold and honest question. I respect you and salaam your braveness. and haider abbas did not reply satisfaction answer.
Submited By: Asad Hussain
10 September 2011
very brave young man and sold question asked to MQM
Submited By: naveed
10 September 2011
bakwas insan hai..........
Submited By: true pakistani
05 September 2011
you are Lion in all anchors ...bravo .. keep it up
Submited By: sania khan
04 September 2011
ur programe with zulifqar mirza was very good.
Submited By: SHAEIK JE
04 September 2011
love u mr shahezb i feel really proud on ur mom she have brave son GOD bless ur whole family
Submited By: mirza daud baig
01 September 2011
Mr.Shahzeb i wathce ur prog.and really like but now ur not coming on news 1.any how keep it up
Submited By: anaa shahzad
26 August 2011
he iz very senzible and brave anchor..!
Submited By: arain aamir
16 August 2011
very good man
Submited By: adil khan
22 July 2011
you are are big supporter of MQM. you should neutral in you professional. i saw your program with haider abbas rizvi and capt safdar. and you were proffering to haider abbas rizvi on that programe, its not fair.
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