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Sami Ibrahim

Sami Ibrahim
Senior Analyst
Born: N/A
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation(s): Others
Citizenship: Pakistan
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Sami Ibrahim is a Senior Analys of Pakistan.
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Submited By: Ashfaq Ahmad
12 August 2016

Assalam O’ Alaikum
I watched the recording of your program “The Reporters” of August 11 where the story of one child having blood cancer was shared. It was also stated there is some treatment available at Agha Khan Hospital but parents can’t afford it and they are seeking some financial assistance. However, the contact details of the concerned parents were not shared. I called ARY office at (021 111279111) to get the contact details of the concerned parents but was advised to contact another # (021 32590143) that I tried several times but couldn’t get thru.
Would you please forward me the contact details of the needy parents so that I can coordinate some support for them.
Submited By: Imran khan haramda
15 October 2015
Is ski ma ke c.h.u.t
Submited By: Taumeor
01 October 2014

Thing about u r age bako mall Sami
Submited By: Taumeor
01 October 2014
Sami chuar no 1 bako mall
Submited By: Taumeor
01 October 2014
Sami chuar no 1
Submited By: Taumeor
01 October 2014
Lafafa man chuar media ka mon per dagh sami chur
Submited By: Farooq Adil
26 July 2014
Rspected Sami Ibrahim,All the programs conducted by you are not only top stories but also success stories in the field of journalism.The yesterday'S program was dominated by Fauzia Qasoori's reason and logic. Dunya channel's role in educating the common people is commendable. Now it is the time that media should play impartial an unbiased role so that the socio-political changes could be brought about without any political chaos. Regards sincerely , Farooq Adil, Isa Khel(Mianwali)
Submited By: Syed Mahmood ul Haq Bukhari
16 August 2013
Is Shehr e bay sada may koi to azaan day

aisa na ho zameen ka jawab asman dai

Respected Sir,

I am regular viewer of your program & today sending this mail to raise some important issues regarding agriculture. It is established fact that Agriculture is the back bone of our country and we can’t survive by ignoring this vital sector. At least 70% population of this country is associated directly or indirectly with this sector and ironically it has always been neglected in past & present by all the governments and media till to date. The present government has also put this sector on least importance in this budget and the farmers have not been given any or no relief. On the contrary, industries which are linked to agriculture i.e. fertilizer, pesticide, seed, sugar, flour, live stock, dairy, oil, tractor, implements and textile, have proper attention from both the government and media and are prospering day by day. It is worth mentioning here that these above mentioned industries get their raw material from this very sector. It is the irony of fate that we are even importing tomatoes, onions and other edibles from our neighboring countries India and Iran.

Following are the problem faced by the farmers and some suggestions for the quick redressal:

1. Due to Electricity Crisis we only have two hours a day to irrigate fields as there is no electricity for rest of the day. The electricity charges are also very high therefore flat rates should be applied for the farmers.

2. Water Crisis is a reality but Southern Punjab is being dealt with prejudice. This water distribution system is being used from 1932 so it should be reviewed now. Not only the soil of southern Punjab is neglected despite of its fertility (it produces almost 50 percent of Pakistan’s agricultural products) but other areas are also victim of water distribution.

District RYK should have received 12000 cusec water from April 16 so that we can sow cotton but we only receive 7000 cusec water in the month of August. By then we are not able to sow cotton and the average land for the cultivation of cotton has come down from 700000 hector to 400000 hectors. The land lords steal the major portion of water openly for their fields in connivance with canal department making rest of the small farmers deprived of their right.

Approximately 1000 cusec water is pilfered on daily basis from Abbasia canal, Abbasia link canal, Chani Goth canal and Qasim wali canal and same issue is being faced nationwide.

We have approached the local administration including DCO, Commissioner, secretary irrigation, and ex. Agricultural minister Ahmed Ali Olak about this problem but no one is ready to help us due to the influential personalities backing these cons.

4. Diesel is used as a substitute to power the tube wells/turbines but its price is unaffordable for a small farmer therefore it should be subsidized for farmers. Special or Smart Cards like Benazir Income Support Program should be issued to small farmers having land up to 25 acres in order to facilitate these dejected farmers.

5. Solar Energy is the alternate solution for power crisis and this technology should be given on affordable prices to these Smart Card holder farmers.

6. Fertilizers and pesticides play a pivotal role in the growth of crops and it is due to high prices of above mentioned products that poor farmers can’t afford them mostly & resultantly it affects their yield which further encumber them in heavy debt. Therefore subsidy should also be given on all allied products in order to meet the green revolution.

7. Sugarcane is the key crop of Punjab & Sindh generally & of this District Rahim Yar Khan specifically. Currently Six Sugar Mills, out of Forty Four in Punjab, are present and running only in District Rahim Yar Khan. And it has been observed that there is always a scarcity of permits upon the crushing of sugarcane. The Permits are awarded to the desired one first and rests of the farmers are forced to leave their crop on the mercy of these permit awarding personnel.

Another misdeed is delaying of crushing season which reduces weight of sugarcane with decline of per kg price and also affects in cultivation of wheat as well.

Here I would like to add an example of our neighboring country India where Independent Cooperative Societies, after legislation, have been established in order to protect the rights of their Farmers (These Independent Cooperative Societies are based on community members & they are authorized to issue permits according to the needs of Farmers). My suggestion is that there is no need of permits and farmers should be dealt equally on first come first serve basis.

8. Wheat Price given by Govt. was Rs.1200 per maund but no one noticed if farmers were getting that fixed amount. They were forced to sell at the rate of 900 to Middleman. Cotton Rate from last five years is still unchanged and not to speak of prosperity of farmers even they are fighting for their survival and finding no way but to burn their green fields in desperation.

9. Role of Middleman cannot be overlooked as they get advantage of above given situations and gain profit of drained farmers and give them nominal rate. After hard slog, farmers get nothing but slaughtered in the hands of influential therefore, the role of middleman should also be eliminated.

10. Insurance policy should be introduced which is currently existed only in Agriculture Bank and in this regard an amount is also deducted from the loanee in the name of insurance policy at the rate of 12% during the signing of papers but practically it is not implemented due to unawareness about this insurance policy of the bank.

These are only some of the aspects which farmers are facing nationwide otherwise a host of problems are still there to be redressed. Apparently above mentioned issues may look insignificant to a layman but are detrimental to the economy of our country & gradually these differences are leading towards the society of elite vs down trodden.

It is my humble request to take notice of these prevailing issues & give proper place in media and confer us a chance to become voice of the deprived class.


Syed Mahmood ul Haq Bukhari

Chairman All Pakistan Kisan Welfare Associtaion

Submited By: Abdul Karim
27 June 2013
Dear Sammie sb,
I was watching your evening talk show on Dunya. You happen to discuss then meat subject and actions taken by Peshawar High Court. It was also fortified by loud gestures of Mr. Mughal, who believes to talk on any
Agricultural related topic, regardless of the meager information he has.
I'm your regular viewer on morning show as you used to appear, where as normal I was on occasions in agreement with your supportive to Govt. Ideas. Primarily I'm fan of JUST system which literally doesn't exist.
This evening you talked on meat, believe me It disturbed me, let be frankly tell you, the concept you were explaining is not true and far away from ground reality.
Last Ramadan same GJ Peshawar HC stopped Chicken export to Afghanistan and today and coming days if meat prices go up it is primarily due to that action of him. It took poultry sector 8 months to get his decision suspended from SC.
I'm giving you a few facts
Pakistan with it's current meat production is not deficient in meats.
The per capita meat consumption is around 22 Kg in one year
Why Pakistanis are eating less meat? It's financial reason only.
Meat is prime food and comes with a price, cannot be least priced.
Do varify the statement, poultry sector bear heavy financial losses for last fiscal year and without doubt it was triggered by CJ PHC, dakhalandazi. In Market.
I can always send you the copy of decision last year followed by dark patch in the history of Pakistan Poultry.
The only way to retionalise prices is by producing more. Such highhandedness of
authorities without understanding the phenominon will only discourage the farmer and as result shoot the prices UP.
Meats are short in market, export of meat from Pakistan is our future foreign exchange earner.
If market demands Poultry is the safety valve for assuring meat supply, this sector can supply meat and solve shortage in 3 quarter of an year.
There is no smuggling of animals to Afghanistan. It only nonconventional market, Afghanistan is future of Pakistan meat and Agricultural sector.
Meats are cheapest in Pakistan. Poultry has a potential to supply least cost meat if not fiddled with public sector adventures.
Let the market supply demand process take place, if you require any information in this regard, It will be my pleasure to explain, in the interest of our beloved country.
We are among the people who are trying hard not to loose hope, this country has great potential, but with directionless leadership. Facing Delhi will not make us reach Peshawar.

Abdul Karim
7-D, Model Town
Submited By: Sajjad Ranjha
01 April 2013
His analysis is biased and always in the favour of PPP. He is up for sale as well. Never trust his analysis and views.
12 October 2012
Sami america ka kutta hey bakahoo mall
Submited By: M Taufiq Ghaznavi
25 May 2012
Dear Sami Ibrahim
I must appreciate your analysis, positive thoughts,and efforts to change the mined set of the general peoples.
Please Keep this kind of JEEHAD Continue.
Submited By: Saeed
19 March 2012
He is a product for sale, he will sell his mother for money.
Submited By: nabila
10 March 2012
greeting to you
My name is Miss nabila I Saw Your contact information address at the site today and after giong through it i Become interested in you, so if you do not mind, I will like you to contact me back with my private email ( ) That I know can give you my pictures for you to know Whom I Am, although the flesh online searching for a true and honest man I believe we can move from here! Remember .., color, language or distance Does not Matter but Love matters a lot in life.
Best of my Regards
a lot of love and kissssssssss
Submited By: shazad
18 January 2012
very big frad and choor insan big layer the people hat him because of his bad atitute
Submited By: Flora Samba
18 January 2012
Hello how are you?
My name is flora,i am a female,and i became interested in you when i saw your profile( i will like to established a good relationship with you.if you will not mind kindly get to me through my email ( so that i will tell you more about me and also
give you my pictures, i have a special reason to contact you.
hoping to hear from you soonest

yours new friend flora

my email (
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