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Raja Pervaiz Ashraf

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf
Prime Minister of Pakistan
Born: 26 December 1950
Profession: Politician, Agriculturist and businessman
Affiliation(s): Pakistan People's Party
Citizenship: Pakistani
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Profile Profile
Raja Pervaiz Ashraf born December 26, 1950 in Sanghar, Sindh.

Married with two sons and two daughters.

After completing a bachelors degree from University of Sindh in 1970, he went to the United Kingdom and completed a diploma in Industrial Management from the Institution of Works Managers, London in 1974.


By profession he is an agriculturist and businessman.

Political career
He joined the center-left PPP, and made Gujar Khan his new home.

Chairman of Social action
Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has remained Chairman of Social action from 1994-1996.

Leader of PPP Rawalpindi & MNA Gujar Khan

He is a senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party from Rawalpindi District. He has been twice elected MNA from his constituency of Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi District, the latest being the February 2008 elections.

Secretary General of the PPP
He is currently the Secretary General of the PPPP. He became the Federal Minister in the coalition government of PPP, PML-N, ANP and JUI-F formed after 2008 elections.

Rental Power Corruption Allegations
There are serious corruption allegation on Raja Pervez Ashraf for receiving kickbacks in rental power projects and buying properties in London. The Supreme Court of Pakistan is hearing rental power projects case "Rental power projects case" and buying property overseas with corrupt payments "buying property overseas with corrupt payments". He was forced to resign due to corrupt practises.

Nominated Prime Minister of Pakistan:

After the official disqualification of Yousuf Raza Gilani on June 19, the allied parties nominated Qamar Zaman Kaira, Makhdoom Shahabuddin, Chaudhry Mukhtar Ahmed and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf for the position of PM.

However, the allied parties unanimously nominated Ashraf as the new prime minister of Pakistan.

The lower house of parliament has been summoned to vote in the new prime minister at 5:30 pm on Friday which will decide Ashraf’s fate as the PM.

17th Prime Minister of Pakistan

On 22 June 2012, Raja Pervez Ashraf was elected as the 17th Prime Minister of Pakistan by a 211-89 vote. Ashraf and his cabinet were sworn in on the same day. His selection as Prime Minister restored the country's government after several days of turmoil where official the country was without a government. The Associated Press said Ashraf's election was "unlikely to calm the tensions roiling the country" and noted that many observers expected him be eventually be ousted like his predecessor. Political analyst Raza Rumi said Ashraf was likely choosen by the PPP because they knew he would not last long.

Immediately after his election, Ashraf said that the economy, inflation, and the country's power crisis would be his top concerns. "Our country cannot afford politics of confrontation at this time," he said. He also said he wanted to deal with the United States on "an equal footing." However, he will likely have to deal with the court's demands to charge Zardari before doing much else.

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Submited By: 28IA H Raza
17 August 2012

آج آپ لوگوں کے سامنے اس شخص فیضل رضا آبدی حقیقت پیش کرنا چاھتا ھوں
۱۹۷۸کی بات ھے جب مجھے السٹرن فلم اسٹویو جو سائٹ کراچی میں ھے
جاب ملی إس ہی سلسے میں میرا آنا جا موڈرن اسٹوڈیو میں تھا
اداکاری کے شوقین مرد عورتوں کا آنا تھا
میں نے کئ لوگوں کو کامیاب اداکار بنتے دیکھاہے
جن میں بدر جاویدشیخ عمرشریف نیلما حسن خاض ہیں
اوربھی بہت سے لوگ ہیں لمبی لیسٹ ہے خیر
خیر تو ٹی وی اداکارا خالداہ ریاست کےساتھ اکسر اس کی
ایک رشتے دار آتی تھی
جسکا فرضی یا فلمی نام ادا دورانی لیا جاتا تھا
جو خوبصوت تو تھی مگر اداکاری میں نا کام تھی
خالدہ ریاست ٹی وی اداکارہ مرحوما اور موجوداہ صدرے پاکستان
آصیف علی زرداری ان کا معشوقا کون نہیں جانتا
اب ذکر کرتے ہیں خالداہ ریاست ٹی وی اداکارہ کی رشتے ادا دورانی کا
ادا دورانی کی جان پہچان زرداری سے خالداہ ریاست نے کرائ
ادا دورانی میں اداکاری کی صلاہیت نا تھی مگراسے فلموں
اور ڈراموں میں کام کرنے امیر بنے کا شوق تھا إس ہی
چکر میں وہ دن رات اسٹوڈیو گزارتی پیسوں کے بدلے لوگوں
کے ساتھ سوتی اسلامی جمہوری پاکستان کے موجودا صدر کو
بھی اس کے ساتھ سونے شرف حاصل ہوا ہے کئ بار
فیصل رضا آبدی اس ہی نام نیہاد ادا دورانی کا بیٹا ہے
Submited By: sulman shahid
04 July 2012
electricity , education, water, health and justice is the basic need of pakistani people, as far as concern the general election is merely said that going to hold after july 2012 use your power of vote to bring change in the country to eradicate today social evils.{not for personal interest}
Submited By: sulmanshahid
04 July 2012

qoute : na samjho gy to mit jao gy ay bribers, corrupts, loters, thefts official people your futur is nothing. it is possible only if strenthen the judiciary system of pakistan.
Submited By: sulman shahid
04 July 2012
electricity , education, water, health and justice is the basic need of pakistani people, as far as concern the general election is merely said that going to hold after july 2012 use your power of vote to bring change in the country to eradicate today social evils.{not for personal interest}
26 June 2012
Aise parliment ki maan ki ***jo Raja Pervaiz Ashraf jaise rundi ki nasal ko P. M. aur tujh jaise chakle k chaudhry ko deputy P. M elect kare.

Tum dono maan der chodoon main to ghairat naam ki koi cheez kahan ho gi tumahre to aabao ajdad bhi maan der *** chakle ki hi paidawar the.

Maan der chodo kabhi apni shakloon ko sheesha main dekha hai Behan k loro tumhari shakloon per bhi wo hi laanat baras rahi hai jo tumhare aabao ajdad k moon per baras rahi hoti thi aur hoti hai.

Behan k loro agar kissi kute k saath bhi log aisi laan taan karain to wo bhi gher chore ker chala jai tum to maan der chodo os kute se bhi bud ter ho.

Tum hi kia is maan der *** parliment main baithe howe sub hi chakle ki paidawarain hain phir qaum is maan der *** parliment ko moaziz parliment kaise keh sakti hai

is parliment main baithe howe kissi aik shaks k baap ka poori pakistan k record main koi entry nahi maan der chodo pata nahi kitne logoon ne choda ho ga tumhari maaoon ko
Submited By: Aala
23 June 2012
Well no comments , its just shame for Pakistan..May Allah bless this poor country ameen , this elected PM is a azab for the people of Pakistan.
Submited By: Aryan
19 November 2011
is baday ka bap nae mil rha koe hay jo is ka bap milnay ke dad line day
Submited By: raja g
15 September 2011
weather a political worker who was elected by uneducated people on the basis of party strength and financial influance with out any specialzed education and become a federal minister by the will of party leader is only resposable for his failure or beaurocracy of this country is responsible? please haing those who are policy makers and opens the door of corruption for such polititions.
Submited By: azad ahmed
30 July 2011
Minister luto te phuto Pakistan ko
Burn: 26 December 1950
Profession: curruption,liar,and chaplussi
Affiliation(s): Pakistan People's Party
Citizenship:uk, us israil,india
Submited By: sohail
30 December 2009
he is not man of words so he should live the govt
Submited By: dr arshad iqbal
29 December 2009
raja pervaiz ashraf is nice and intelligent minister of PPP he has done a lot of work to mitigate load shedding and getting power plants but he must focus little bit attention on consumers also lesco garden town lahore is dragging me in court for last 2 years for rs 19000/-detection bill check meter is installed verified am doing medical practice since1985 25 years of patients service please help me in this case in liaqatabad lahore expressnews channel has shown footage of this mistake of lesco 2 months back lot of people were given wrong bills to fulfill losses now this is democratic government please solve this problem thanks dr arshad
Submited By: Mohammad Saleh
11 September 2009
Is this the guy who purchased a 4.7 million Pound home in . How in the world all these people buying million of pounds homes in London and how UK government is acting blind towards their . They are very swift to catch petty thieves but not say a word when these dacoits spend million there. Double standers everywhere!!!!!!! close eyes money laundering London
Submited By: Saqib
09 September 2009
Assla-o-alikum PPPP always did against the benifits of pakistan but always they won I dont know how Mr Raja Ashraf even dont know what he is speaking and he is minister. Corrupts people are ministers and they doing what they want. Raja sahab, if you are not eligible as everyone know and expressing please jaan chor do. Do resign and go to hell fire. Mulaq ko loot loot ker thakay nhe abhe tum log aur tumhara president. May Allah save Pakistan from these ministers. Wasalam..............Faqt Pakistan k lia jalny wala Saqib
Submited By: Pervez Minhas
08 September 2009
I mail to you and almost all concern departments those who can build plants for producing electricity. And no reply, But all people are selfish and not fair with Pakistan . I invite you to come or contact me I can help u to see and get help from Netherlands . like they build waste to electricity, wind energy and so on, I am not going in details I know I will get no reply. Allah will get answer from all.
Submited By: Asim Khan
02 August 2009
Why are all of u hating on him u guys should hold the responsible who is the previous government Musharraf and Co who added only 137 MW in the past 7 years we all should hold them atleast he is trying on war footings to get it over with by DEC 2005.
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