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Muneeb Farooq

Muneeb Farooq
Anchor Person
Born: N/A
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation(s): Geo News
Citizenship: Pakistani
Views: 93,445 | Comments: 38 | Votes: 100
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Muneeb Farooq is a Anchor Person Of Geo News and Hosting a Programme Aapas Ki Baat With Najam Sethi.
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Submited By: Asad A. Khan
23 March 2015

Dear Muneeb. You are a good anchor person and have excellent Charisma and presence. please have your teeth seen to by a good Orthodontist. I am sure there are a few in Lahore. Good wishes. Asad
Submited By: Syed Imran Shah
15 December 2014
Asalam o alikum

Muneeb farooq sab main aik aisy moashry main rehta hon jes ko jahil kaha jata hy ore backward jana jata hy, Mir sab main Jhang ky aik dahi elaqy ka rehny wala hon.Ham ko Assembly hal main bhi kai dafa jahil ka khitab dia gia hy. Par aj mujhy apny jahil hony pr fakhr hy. kion keh ham jahlon ky moashry main orton (womens) ki kam as kam ezat to ki jati hy,

Sir hammary moashry main agr 2 khandanon main larai ho jay ore log mary janin. kisi party ki ortain (sisters, mothers, daughters) 2nd party ky darwazy par chali jain to woh qatal (mardar) bhi maaf kar daity hain.

Ham jahil ho kr bhi apni maon, behnon, ore betion, ki ezat krna janty hain. Maira aik swaal hy jo main krna chahta hon jo aaj ky waqy ky bad uthta hy.

Woh log jo apny ap ko educated pary (PTI) kehty hain woh apni aik behn ki ezat na kar saky ager parhy lekhy log aisy hoty hain to khuda ka shukar hy keh ham parhy likhy nahin hain, Sir mujhy jahil ore backward maoshry pr fakhar hy. Kia ham jahil behtar hain ya yeh parhy likhy. Sir jawab zaror dejiy ga.

Sir ham sab musalim hain ore sab behn bhai hain, Sana Mirza hammari behn hain ore aaj jo un ky sath hwa us pr bohat afsos hy. Sir us waqat mairi ankhon main bhi anso thy.Sir maira aik massage Sana mirza ky liy hy keh jo kuch un ky sath hwa yeh asal main un ki tarbiat ka natija tha jo un ky leader ore un ky waledain ki tarf sy ki gai ho gi. Agr wo public place pr apni behn ko es tarah treat kr rhy thy to umeed krta hon keh ghar main bhi wo aisy hi paish aty hon gy. jab un ky leader Imran khan sab ko bat krny ki tameez nahin to un ki party ya spotters sy ap kia aspect kr sakty hain.

Sir main Hassan nissar sab sy pochna chahta hon keh ap bohat bolty hain PTI PTI PTI. kia jwab hy ap ky pas es ka. agr yeh imran khan sab ka nia pakistan hy to khuda ki qassm jungle behtar hy es nay pakistan sy, Nahi chahiy ham ko aisa pakistan. Hassan nissar sab yeh ap ki beti thi jes ko ap ki apni pasandeda party ny rulaia hy, Hassan sab es jaga agr ap ki apni asal beti hoti to ap kia kehty. yeh PTI byhiai, bysharmi, ore byghairti ka nia bab kholy ja rhy hy khuda ky liy hosh sy kam lain. Qomain apni behnon ky sath aisa salok nahin karteen.

Ore akhir main maira parhi likhi educated PTI ko aik pygham hy keh ham jahilon main aa kar daikho ham apni behnon ki kis tarah ezat karty ore rakhty hain.

Syed Imran Shah form Jhang Punjab Pakistan
Submited By: Muhammad akram
23 October 2014

Dear sir The Last Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) migrated with his followers from Macca Mukkrama to Madina Shareef. Muhammad (peace be upon him) and many of his followers lived there till their death. They were called Mahajareens nobody among them raised a slogan to make a separate province
for the Mahajareens. It is very difficult to understand the billions Muslims who migrated from India to Pakistan and settled in various places called Mahajareens. They have no demand for the new province for Mahajareens. It is very amazing that Altaf Bhai MQM Leader and his followers are raising a slogan for new province for the Mahajareens.

It is requested my humble suggestion may be forwarded to Altaf Bhai for comments,

12 May 2014
When 1000 trillions haraaaam Zaaaday & 1000 billion Shaaarabi died, then Najm Sethi and Rana Zana were born to fill these people[they are next to Sethan].

Could GEO tell how many other journalists are working and holding government offices other than GEO TV?

GEO have benefited after 35 punctures through :

1. Haraaaaami Sharaaabi 'Najm Sethi' ibnay Haraaaami
2. Irfan Siddique
3. Many more :

Geo TV = Muslim League Noon TV.

Just LEAVE GEO because it is a biased channel.

GEO Owner is supporting government in order to loot taxes.
Submited By: Rafi Ahmed
25 January 2014
Dear Muneeb,

This refers to your show “Aapas ki baat” of Saturday 25th instant where Najam Sethi commented that during the first decades of our nation, the leaders completely committed themselves to the US to get US aid, and where Ayub Khan told the US that they should consider the Pak Army as their own army.

I have a point of difference in this. During the Sino-Indian war of October 1962, when China attacked in the Ladakh area and along the McMohan Line to occupy what they claimed to be historically part of China, incorrectly demarcated by the above line, the US and UK tried their best to persuade Pakistan to fight alongside the Indian forces against China, which M. Ayub Khan outrightly refused.
Submited By: umaima
13 December 2013
hey muneeb. i wanna meet u. i live in karachi and crazy for u to get u to be like u. u r my role model my ideal plz keep working like this. u cant imagine how crazy i m for u. i cannot imagine my life in the world where u doesnot exist.
Submited By: DR.AM.BALOCH
03 September 2013
Muneeb Sb,
when,ll u do a show about Balochistan with sethi sab.?
Bring ch Balochistan DR.A.MALIK & give people some more LATEST knolege about it,
sethi sab have a lot of knolege.
Let the people to take more more advantage & benefit with his knolege.
Submited By: DR.AM.BALOCH
03 September 2013
Muneeb Sb,
when,ll u do a show about balochistan with sethi sab.?
Bring ch Balochistan and give some knolege people about it yar.
sethi ab have a lot of knoleg that about
let people to take more more advantage benefit with knolege.
Submited By: khair andesh
27 June 2013
Assalam o Alaikum,

Mohtram ,

Kia Aamir, Dictator, Ghasib jese khitabat mazi ki kaiee muslim hukoomaton ya tarze hukumrani se mutasadim nahi ? Agar Tareekh e Islam ka mutala kia jae to kia ye ashakr nahi hota k bohat se muslim hukumran hakim e waqt k sath sath apni army ke sipah salar bhi rahe aur shandar tareekh raqam kar gae. Pehli Islami riasat Madina, riasat e Khulafa e Rashdeen, aur deegar bad azan hukumranoon ki aksairat bayak waqt donon office hold karti thi to ab ye khilafe shariat khitabat aur muhkalfat secular parties se ziada mazhabi parties ki taraf se kiyoon. Kia article 6 khilaf e shariat ya islami tareekh se mutassadim nahi ? Ye sawalat behes (debate ) ke mutaqazi hen.


Khair Andesh Pakistani
Submited By: awais malik
18 April 2013
Muneeb farooq sb a good person.and dashum personality .
Submited By: noorilahi
30 March 2013
your today 30 March 2013 was good. I hope what Najam Setti said he will keep his words, because it is con firmed that he has a soft corner for Zardari and second his " CHeeria " was Malik Riaz. So let us hope for the best. I hope he Najam Setti does not sacrifice Pakistan for the sake of these two persons.
Submited By: awais
27 March 2013
Muneeb Farooq sb. i want meet you. awais lahore
Submited By: Kausar Ali Shah
14 March 2013
On 5th March 2013 at 11 AM three persons namely Nosher Khan DSP of Mardan Police KPK Pakistan, Aman Ullah & Hayat Ullah residents of sector C Sheikh Maltoon kidnapped me in my own vehicle model 2012 Vigo number Islamabad 24 at the instance of Senator Muhammad Azam Khan Hoti the father of Chief Minister of KPK Pakistan, on gunpoint and locked me in Par Hoti Mardan KPK in Hujra room of Haji Dilawar Khan “Choopal”.
At three PM the door was unlocked by police constables and I was taken to a huge Hall where Azam Hoti, Amir Ghazan Khan Hoti, Aman Ullah ,Hayat Ullah, Inaam Jan SHO Sheikh Maltoon Nowsher Khan DSP Mardan police and said Rehman Tehsildar were present and I was brought before Azam Hoti as prisoner and he started beating me and abusing me and carried on my personal search take away almost ,everything I had, credit cards, bank cards , ID cards, purse, any money. Then persons namely Inaam Jan SHO, Aman Ullah and Nosher Khan DSP caught hold of me and Azam Hoti ordered to strip me while Hayat Ullah was holding cam. I pushed them off and was able to jump from the window but was caught on the roof by Nosher Khan DSP and Aman Ullah while Azam hoti followed. Azam Hoti in presence of police, general public and chief minister house escort ordered to throw me off the 30 feet roof and I was thrown off the roof resulting in leg fracture, body injuries and pain. The police officials on Azam Hoti orders dragged me inside the Hujra and I was thrown in the rear seat of police car, and SHO locked by injured leg in the car door obtaining signatures on 7 black stamp papers and then throw me to the mercy of God in front of gate. Take away three lac rupees from my pocket, my vehicle number 24 Islamabad and a BAG in the vehicle having money, bank cheques and everything.
Motive for the occurrence was EASY LOAD, and my Plaza at Sector E Sheikh Maltoon Town Mardan and ransom of 90 caror.
I was transported by my brothers reaching spot to CHM Nowshera as hospital in Mardan said NO to take me and then Shifa international Islamabad.
In like one day more than dozen false FIRs were lodged against me I went in media and please watch this
I am on the run with all my family under security threat. All the news papers reports this story but nothing happened.
When I watch the TV programs on constitution I laugh at you and weep at myself that what are you talking about.
Please help me
Kausar Ali Shah
Submited By: Ali Shah
06 March 2013
Dear Muneeb, this is to congratulate you on your excellent program you host with Najam Sethi which we watch in USA, as people do around the world.

As overseas Pakistani we demand voting rights in the upcoming elections. The parliament can easily pass legislation, as even Supreme Court said this is our democratic right, as provided by other democratic countries like USA and Canada to their overseas citizens.

We now have the technology, so a link can be added to Election Commission website, this would be "fillable" for. We overseas Pakistanis have cards issued by Nadra. So we can fill this form with our number, name, address etc. and press "submit" which will go to the Election Commission. All 4 provinces should be on the form, as I come from Karachi, I can only vote for candidates in Karachi. This info is already with Nadra, as it was given when these cards were issued. No need to go to our embassy, or fax, easiest is internet voting, with no additional cost.

We send billions of dollars evey year which helps our country, we should not be denied voting rights. Please discuss this on your program and inform the Election Commission about this, so the link can be easily designed and added to their website. Yours in appreciation.
Ali Shah
Submited By: Anayat Ullah Zaki
02 March 2013
Submited By: Anayat Ullah Zaki
02 March 2013
Submited By: riazahmed
04 November 2012
muneeb farooq is very good anchor
Submited By: mahar ghulam abbas
01 November 2012
muneeb u r looking so nice & ur programe is excellant.i like ur programe,that's informative & on based on fact.
Mahar ghulam abbas advocate high court
Submited By: usman javed
31 October 2012
Submited By: mubashar hassnain
26 October 2012
aoa.ap ke tawja is masla ki tarf dalwana chata ho k arts ka candidate jo tamam ke tamam taleem wo hasal karta ha jo arts mein ho or gat test mein wo hota ha jo us nay kabhe bhe nahe parha hota.yaha sb taleem aam karny k kehtay ha magar ya test rakh kar tamam students ka stha ziydate ha.ap kabhe jes din ya test ho us center ja ka students say pouchain wo ap ko bhter batain gay .......ya asa test ha jo students m.phil kar bhe lain magar ya clear nahe hota pher is ka fayda kiya...............plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is issue ko highlight karin.agar ya masla sayasat dano k hota tu koe na koe kardad la aty................................................mubashar hassnain from distt sargodha 03339806215
Submited By: Zaheen
29 September 2012
Bhai mian in PEMPER ANCHORSs ki Qualifications to Bataoo taa kay awam ko pata to chalay kay kia teer maar kar tv par Bharkain maar rahain hain.
Submited By: Rana Waheed
19 September 2012
Dear Muneeb, aoa, i watched today 19 sep aps ke baat in which sethi sb comments on Dr. Khan disclosures in his interview in daily jang last week. Sethi has problem that as he lives in pakistan so he cannot speak against Army General/ISI and USA/CIA. i wants to disclose/clarify to sathi sb.

1. Dr. khan has nothing in Africa. Dr. sahib helped a tourist Mr. Abdul Rehman to build a small hotel and abdul rehman name the hotel in the name of dr. khan's wife. during Mushraf time isi publish stories about hotel to blame Dr. sahib.

2. It is in the Korean record that Gen(R) Jahangir Karamat took bribe 30 lac dollar from korea. but how one general (Mushraf) arrest other general.

3. When Dr. khan listened refusal from nawaz shrif for explosion, dr. khan wrote a letter to Nawaz sharif to pressurize for explosion like as a historic dialog spoken by Majeed Nazami for explosion.

4. When KRL security Director Brig. Shoaib was afraiding the Dr. khan in case of not confessing and Loss for pakistan by USA, Dr. khan said " I may be handed over to USA but i will not become Usama Bin Ladin"

5. sethe sb comments on proliferation blame on Dr. sahib, i quote a sentence " no one can business of women and drink selling without the permission of area police Incharge ( SHO_) from the column " Atta ur Rehman " a known columnist of ex-Nawe-e-Waqat and current editor of " Daily Niabaat " Lahore.

6. IN a column of " Rana Abdal Baqi " in june 2007/8, president of pakistan Gen. Mushraf met CIA chief Jorge Tenant in USA to save/out his Generals from proliferation blame and CIA guide musharaf etc etc which end on the confess of Dr. sahib.

7. The name of addition secretary Foreign office was Tariq Fatme who later became USA ambassedor.

8. ISI can make and type fake letters so two letter made by ISI to pressurize Dr. sahib.
Submited By: Sultan Butt
27 August 2012
muneeb sb, u won,t mind if i called ur first name. far away from country urs the only program which i alongwith my friends watch on the internet. what went wrong that we cudn,t find ur aapas ki baat after 15th august,12. we will appreciate very much if u let us know the reason. with lot of concern and prayers for u and najam sethi sb.
Submited By: Kosa Shah
07 August 2012
They both are Malik Riaz's Dogs
Submited By: D awan
14 June 2012
جناب ایماندار ججز فخرالید ین جی ابراہیم ،،،، ناصر اسلم زاید اور جنہون نین آیین غداری ایل ایف او کا حلف نیین اٹھایا ۔۔۔ اور تمام ایماندار دوستون کے لیے
واہ جی واہ زیادہ وکلا اور ججز نیں تو خوبصورت فیصلہ دے دیہا
۱۔۔۔.اب تمام سرکاری ملازم بچوں کو کھلی اجازت دہ دیں اور خود ایمانداری سے نوکری کریں
خدا کا واسطہ یے اپنی برادری کو نان بچاو ایمان کو اور اللہ کے عزاب کو دیھکو
اصل حقیقت قانونی یہ یے----
۲..سرکاری ملازم جس نے ذرا سی تسکین حاصل کی ( شکریہ بی کبول کیا ) ڈائریکٹ یا ان ڈائریکٹ اس شخس سے جس کا معاملہ اس کے پاس یے تو کرپشن سابت ہو گیی
161 تعزیرات پاکستان
3--161 تعزیرات پاکستان تو لگے گی .سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب) کے خلاف بہصیحت لنک اس شخص کے ساتھ جو ان ڈاریکٹ( ارسلان ) ملوس ہے اس شخس (ریاض ملک) سے جس کا معاملہ سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب)کے کے پاس یے-
۴--162 --163 تعزیرات پاکستان لگے گی اس شخص کے. خلاف جسکا لنک سرکاری ملازم کے ساتھ یے- اور اس شخس (ریاض ملک) سے جس کا معاملہ سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب)کے کے پاس یے
۵-- ۱۰۹ بھی لگے گی ،،،، چیتنگ اور فراڈ کی سیکشنز بھی لگین گی
۶ .. 161 PPC کو سا بت کرنین کے لیے مندرجہ زیل سبوت کافی یین اور اگر چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف 161 PPC سا بت ہو ریی ہے تو ارسلان صاحب کے خلاف الزم اسانی سے سا بت ہو جا ہین گے ( مندرجہ زیل سبوت 161 PPC کے لیے ارسلان کو سپورٹ کے زرہیے چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کا لنک ،،اور ملک ریاض کے خلاف بلیک میلنگ اور دھمکی کو سا بت کرتا ہے)
۱........جس طرح کرکٹ کیس مین بکیز نین پیلے یہ سابت کرایا کہ عامر ،، اصف،،سلمان ان کے پینل پر یین ۔ اور انہون نیے ،، نو بال کرا کے،، کیچ چھو ڑ کر یہ سابت کیا ۔۔۔۔۔ بلکل اسی طرح چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے یہ سابت کیا۔۔ عید کے موقہ پر اپنے بیٹے کے ساتھ جا کر او شخس کے پاس جو ملک ریاض کا پارٹنر یے
،ب۔۔۔۔۔میڈیا مین آنے کے بعد بیٹے کے خلاف ایکشن
،پ۔۔۔ 6 ماہ پیلے اعتزاز صاحب نے بتایا اور کوی ایکشن نین لیا
،ت۔۔۔ پاکستان مین جس سے رشوت لو اس کو ریلکس نین دیا جاتا تا کی بعد مین سبوت کے طور پر دیکھا سکین کہ کو ی ریلکس نین دیا گیا۔ پر پھر بھی پاکستان مین دیوانی مقدمون کے فیصلے ۱۰۰ سال تک نین ہوتے تو ریاض ملک کے خلاف فیصلے ہفتون مین ہونان یہ سا بت کرتا ہے کہ یہ بلیک میلنگ اور دھمکی کے لیے یے۔۔
،ٹ ...اب بھی سب کچھ ہونے کے بعد ملک ریاض کا ریکارڈ منگوانا اور ارسلان کے خلاف نان منگوانا یہ دھمکی نین تو کیا ہے۔
،ژ ،،،،۔۔تمام وکلا برادری اور ایمان والے یہ بتایین کہ ملک ریاض کے ان الزامات کے بعد چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کوی بھی مقدمہ ملک ریاض یا اس کی فیملی کے خلاف سن سکتے یین ۔۔۔ لیکن جس دن ملک ریاض عدالت مین پیش ہوا اس دن چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے ملک ریاض کے خلاف مقدمہ سنا تو یہ ارسلان کے ساتھ دینان اور ملک ریاض کو دھمکانان نیین یے۔
،ج...فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یے
،چ-- یہ کیس کسی بھی صورت مین ججز نین سن سکتے کیون کی سب ججز کی سیاسی مومنٹ کی وجہ سے وہ باحص یین اس لیے نیب یا ایف ای اے سے کرای جاے پھر بی یہ ججز سن رہین ہین
،ح۔۔۔۔۔۔ پہلے ہی دن کورٹ مین دھمکی دے کر ڈرانان کہ میرے بس مین ہوتا تہو دونون یعنی ریاض ملک کو جیل بھج دون ریاض ملک کو دھمکی نین یے
،خ۔ 161/109PPC کو چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف خلاف اگر سابت ہوتا یے تو کیا یہ آیین سے غداری نہن یے...................................................................................۔اپ اللہ تعالی کے لیے حال دیکھین اور سا تھ ماضی دیکھ لین جو اس وقت حال تھا
۱...جب بی امریکا کے خلاف اور اب ۳ ماھ سے ناٹو کے خلاف ایکشن لیا یے عدالت کے زور گورنمنت کے خلاف زیادہ ہو گیا تو قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے .
.۲۔۔ پہلے ہی دن کورٹ مین دھمکی دے کر ڈرانان کہ میرے بس مین ہوتا تہو دونون یعنی ریاض ملک کو جیل بھج دون سی جے صاحب کی اس دھمکی کے پیچھے بی قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۳ ۔۔۔۔۔۔ میمو گیٹ مین کچھ بی نیین لیکن اب ارسلان کو بچانے کے لیے گورنمنٹ کے خلاف ہو گا یہ قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۴ -- ایک پا رٹی کے خلاف جب کیس عمران اور اصغر خان نین کیس کھلوایا تو چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف بھی مقدمین کھل گیے اور اسکے بعد ایک جلسے مین شہباز شریف صاحب نیے ایک جلسے مین دل کھول کر ملک ریا ض صاحب کی خوب تعریف کی،، یہ قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
انصاف کی بات منہ سے نکالو
۵ ۔۔۔ 32سال کادودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان اگر۳ کروڈ ملک ریاض سے لے لیتا یے تو وہ بچا یے قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۲ فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یے اگر وہ تو سارے بچےیین قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۷۔۔ ریاض صاحب اگر ایک سال سے اپنے مقدمات کی وجہ سے بلیک میل ہو رہے ہہن اور ان سے بجے ارسلان نین کروڑون روپے لے لیے ہہن اگر وہ تو بچا یے قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۸۔ چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کہتے ہہن کہ وہ غریب ہہن ،جب ان کی فیملی کو دودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان باہر لیکر جاتا یے اور وہ پو چھتے نہہن ہین اگر تو قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۵۔۔ کل دنیا کو پتہ ہے کہ ملک ریاض کے بہت سے مقدمات سپرہم کورٹ مین چل رہے ہہن اور اگر ۳۲ سال کادودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان ۳ کروڈ ملک ریاض سے لے لیتا یے فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یےایک سال سے ملک ریاض کےداماد کے ساتھ گوم رہین ہین اور اگر چچیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب کو پتا نہین چلتا تو قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۶۔۔ چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب جب پیلی دفہ بحال ہوے اور ۷۰ فی صد الزمات ان کے خلاف ، مشرف صاحب نے واپس لیے اور وہ بھری ہوے اور اس کے بد لے مین چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف سب کی مخالفت کے باوجود وردی مہن الیکشن لڑنہن کی اجازت دی تا کی مزید ۵ سال حکموت کرے تو یہ قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا
۷۔۔مشرف کی دوستی مہن چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے اہل اہف ہو حلف لیا کہون کے ارسلان کے ما میلے کی طرح وہ نا سمجھ تھے تو یہ قصور بھی سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۸۔۔چیف جٹس ا فتہخارصاحب نے ایک پارٹی کے حق مینن فیصلے دیے اور اب میران کیس بھی ان کے حق مین ہونا یے ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۹۔۔اب ارسلان بھر ی ہو جاہین گے ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا ہو گا
۱۰۔۔ایک وفاقی وزیر الزام مین ایک سال سے اندر ہے اس کی ضما نت نین ہو رہی ہےاس نا انصافی کا قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۱۔۔ اگر کسی نین بھی و ڈیو اور سب کچھ ریکارڈ کیا اس نین عوام کے سامنین لایا اس نین سب کچھ حق بتا کر غلط کیا تو یہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے

۱۲۔۔عتیقہ اوڈو کے خلار سو موٹو ہتا ہے ٹھیک یے لیکن اب تک یمنڈ ڈیوس کے خلاف نین ہتا یےیہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۳۔۔جنگ اخبارکراچی ۱۰ فر وری صفحہ نمبر ۱۰ کالم نمبر ۴۴ کے مطابق ۔چیف جٹس ا فتہخارصاحب نے ایک کیس کے دوران ریمارکس پاس کیے کا ریمنڈ ڈیوس کیس ایک سیاسی معملہ یے ان کا یہ کینا بھی قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
.۱۴۔۔ .چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے مشرف صاحب کو ۳ سال کے لیے ایک شخس کو ایین مین ترمیمم کرنین کی اجازت دی ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے.....
۱۵۔۔اب ۳۲ سال عمر مین کوی جرم کرے تو کوی جرم نین
۱۶۔۔آیین کا حلف اٹھا کر چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے مشرف صاحب کو ۳ سال کے لیے ایک شخس کو ایین مین ترمیمم کرنین کی اجازت دی ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۷۔۔۔۔۔۔ ملک ریاض کا وکیل بہت اچھا یےمگر وہ بھی وکلا برادری ساتھ دے گا
انصاف کی بات منہ سے نکالو...تا کہ اپ کےاور اپ کےخاندان کے ساتھ انصاف ہو
Submited By: *saeed
02 June 2012
Year 2012-13 budget announced does it really matter for poor man I am not pessimistic always looking at the darker side of picture but I am passing through the road every day feeling a pinch in my heart when stopping at a signal and suddenly somebody rushing towards my car for begging, even newspaper seller asking me to give him few bucks so that his children can have some food as since morning he is running one after the other car. This situation makes me puzzle, I feel like jumping out of my car don’t know where I can find a place where we all human beings can find at least bare minimum food to remove the ache of our hunger. It is not possible I know one should be realistic and logical to visualize practically I have been traveling to other parts of the world and having been observing very critically is this same situation in other countries. Yes, in some of the countries most in Asia & Africa where there is no justice and accountability poor becomes poorer and a millionaire becomes a billionaire, no fear of GOD. We are Muslims, remember Hazrat Umar (R.A) who was weeping and saying that if dog dies due to hunger in his dynasty how he will justify on the Day of Judgment. Won’t we all die and will return to Almighty ALLAH? Are we going to take with us our possessions billion dollars? No they will be buried like most debilitated person under tons of sludge. How our leaders will realize, understand and see the true picture of our country when they will listen to the sobbing citizens who are facing the highest inflation and have no basic necessities of life. When our leaders will see their scorched face in the mirror of their conscious when they will stop sucking the blood of poor public stop money laundering outside and corruption. Everybody has angel and devil within self. It is ones choice to live with evilness or honesty in this world will never end till the Day of Judgment. We all have to appear before the almighty will have no excuses that what we have done in this world during our realm. Poor are dying they are asking for their share and right. I keep on raising my voice even to deaf.
Submited By: *saeed
01 June 2012
Dear muneeb i have been reassuring myself that Pakistan will be prosper and most peaceful country in future. despite my best efforts to convenience my mind to believe it i don’t know why some strange person stand up inside me asking me to look at painful events taking place in our cities the rowdy crowd breaking everything on the roads there is no light there is no jobs poverty inflation and govt policies has terribly affected not only poor people but also the white colour who hide their modesty in most undesirable circumstances. are we really fortune to born in this country. today we are independent have our self identity are being called that enough to live life happy it is not? definitely we need to correct our direction to make certain solid consistant decision to take our country on the road of prosperity and livelihood. I think I am dreaming in the day. Leaders like Sir Syed Ahmed khan & founder of Pakistan MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH and such other leaders require to reborn if we mean vibrant forward going free drugged Pakistan.
Submited By: *saeed
30 May 2012
It is my pleasure to give comments on prevailing situation in Pakistan. I have already sent one article to mr. najam sahib with title (flaccid face) i have been listening your program from quite some time. It is good that you always probe the most burning issues. The volatile situation in our country may lead us to catastrophic outcome particularly the injustice in Baluchistan & sind if we honestly want to analyze the root cause of the debacle of east Pakistan. We might be able to correct our selves. You may be right in saying that external factors are responsible for disastrous situation in our country but be honest to ourselves we really want to live together in this situation when there is rampant nepotism favoritism which has created solid concert indecisive wall among the provinces. Let me exhibit my feelings in the state of dismay when i am badly hurt and wounded under the current state of affairs. I am one of the affected souls of these provinces. The provincial autonomy is probably deceptive word for violation of the rights of provinces. I think my views are getting larger but my concerns are very serious due to deprivation and hostility of the high-up holding responsible positions in public limited oil and gas companies ignoring and neglecting the local qualified candidates they are being humiliated and treated in most disgusting manner the result will be definitely not positive. One has to look into these explosive issues very critically to open the eyes of our leaders.hope you will speak if not consider me biased. thanks
Submited By: S. .Ali Shah
07 April 2012
I am a president of ALL PAKISTAN MUSLIM LEAGUE ULMA COUNCIL Kar. Div.Sindh. me I will send E-mails about the solution of many current affirs specially current affairs.
Submited By: Haroon
08 March 2012
1 sawal jiska jawab zror mera 100% apna view hy kisi se discuss nhi kiya gaya.
Geo k news anchors Bismillah Q nhi parhty?
Submited By: Moti Ram
06 March 2012
Talk about minorities justice.
Submited By: Moti Ram
06 March 2012
Rinkle Kumari of District Ghotki, Sindh, She was kidnapped from her home and then forced to convert to Islam just a few days ago.
Its increasing day by day in Pakistan, and most of hindu family now start migrating to india. Because there is no any justice in pakistan.
Submited By: afshan
02 February 2012
Submited By: Naina
24 January 2012
Hey muneeb your program is amazing,im your big fan,though im intermediate student and i have no interest in politics,but because of your and najam sethi chemistry i love your program and your smile so quite.
Submited By: rizwankhan
11 January 2012
he is better than other anchor persons.
Submited By: m zakaria qureshi
05 January 2012
cut down the expenses of supreme court and save the money of nation,we have parliment, transfer all the cases to parliment.
Submited By: m zakaria qureshi
05 January 2012
I Like your progrmme Appas ki batt on 4th jan 2012 with Najam Setthi, I Like This Programme,But may I ask Najam Setthi was scarred to named the persons,If such persons are scared than who will speak ? Regards & Thanks
Submited By: zafar umar
08 December 2011
hold the Honesty tightly
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