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Hassan Nisar

Hassan Nisar
Columnist /Analyst
Born: 14 March 1964
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation(s): Geo Tv and Jang News
Citizenship: Pakistani live in Rawalpindi
Views: 270,841 | Comments: 141 | Votes: 359
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Profile Profile
Hassan Nisar is a syndicated columnist with his own talk show Meray Mutabiq on Geo News Tv.

His presentations are in Urdu. His incisive, acerbic commentaries in print media and television focusing on contemporary Pakistan, and the political history of Islam, have earned him a wide following from both the nation's youth and intelligentsia.

Veteran journalist
Although Nisar is a veteran journalist, who has been involved with print media for more than a decade, he became a household name due to the rise of private TV channels in Pakistan followed by YouTube, where many of his TV appearances including Choraha are regularly

He is sought after for his clear-thinking, no-nonsense straight talk that cuts through the toughest issues plaguing Pakistan and Islam today.
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Submited By: VPSingh
29 December 2016

Nissar Sahab, Namaskar! As I'm greatest follower of your thoughts + great admirer of India-Pakistan relationship, I wish to write an ARTICLE on India-Pakistan dispute(Covering Kashmir). This will be based on FACTS of Partition History and present era. I assure you that this will be an UNIQUE APPROACH FOR THE SOLUTION OF THIS 70 YEAR LONG DISPUTE. Meri khawahish hai ki aap meri AWAAJ ban jaye jisse mein apni car se Lahore ka ANARKALI BAZAR aur aap apni car se TAJMAHAL dekh sake. Shukriya. I'm a Law Graduate(ll.b.) of 1979(IInd topper) and studied a lot on these affairs.Now I'm in search of a right Platform to express my views/facts. So Sir if you like my request/appeal, kindly send me your email address to communicate directly. Shukriya.
Submited By: nishant kumar
19 December 2016
You are really a jewel and the greatest Social-Political think tank in the entire Indian sub-continent. Your thoughts and observations are useful not only to Pakistan, but also to India as well. Just want to convey that Narendra Modi is really a statesman, and will soon emerge as Global leader in the leagues of MLK and MG; As evident by his actions, he is a very neutral person and believes in well being of entire humanity. I hope Pakistan will also get a similar leader so that the entire Indian subcontinent restores it's lost historic glory. Amen!!!
Submited By: Zulfiqar Ahmad
29 November 2016

Sir, i may want to sent some written to Honorable Hassan Nisar Sb, kindly give me your e- mail and postal address Thanks*
Submited By: Khalid
28 November 2016
How can I get Hassan Sahib's Personal email address?
Submited By: Muhammad Awais
09 November 2016
Respected Hassan Nisar Sahab,

My question is that when and how become a good petitions in Pakistan from New Generation and way not come?
Submited By: Mohammad Asif
19 September 2016
Respected Hassan uncle,
Tell the nation,Does the two third majority mean to voilate the laws and destroy the poor people?
Submited By: Anil Bosmiya
18 September 2016
Hi hassan nisar ,
I am an Indian , I am really happy about your work and I want people like you in my country , what you are telling about truth is increditable ,
My question is why pakistani government are suporting milatent and what is your thoughts about in this issue ?
Submited By: ravi kumar
21 August 2016
i follow you i appritiate your philospy. first time i follow from india. i like too much. thanks for your fellings about india
Submited By: rana saad Amjad
12 August 2016
Asslam-o-Alaikum Sir
I am a student of Master... After Q.A Shuhab I like you.
I read your columns and watch your shows.
It's my great wish to meet you. Can you give me some moments.
PlZZ a humbly request
Submited By: Shaheen
06 August 2016
Nisar, it looks you are the agent of Indian, American and above of all the enemy of Allah & Rasool.
You are the "GUND KA TOKARA", Zaleel, Kaminay, Bay Ghairat ho.
Submited By: M K Pasha
20 July 2016
Dear Mr Hassan
surprisingly u r 72 but still keeping wonderful health. Perhaps because of ur truthfulness and Nationalism u being rewarded by Allah..Is ur continuous humiliating remarks for thieves who r adamant to destroy our motherland will ever have any effect on these? please if possible help hundreds of poor people who r victims in the hands of high headed vultures. Allah bless u>>>>>>>>>>>
18 July 2016
A person with great cognition and perfect personality,he really deserve admiration, he possess unshaken integrity and straight forwardness. I wish pakistani politicians should follow him,
this reflect his perfect grooming in some honest family.GOD give him long life.

Submited By: tushar
10 May 2016
god bless u jio hazaro saal sir ji

i learn lots from knowledge u r deep thinking Cancerian
sign as well as u speak truth of history

as u tell many time in show avoid nuclear war
same example written by washington post pls share hasan nisar sir this links

this is not spam

from tushar
Submited By: Manipal singh
22 September 2015
Hi there
I am a proud Indian based in Australia. I am a big fan of Hassan Nisar saheb. Kindly pay my regards to him. "Sir i really salute you on the back of your video debates that i watch on youtube. You truly r the first media person from pakistan that i have come across is honest and Well informed". If i could say hi to u on phone that wud be a dream come tru for me.

Manipal Singh
Submited By: Nadeem Khan
08 September 2015
Aslaam u Alaikum,
Respected Hasan Nisar sab,
Hope you are doing good.
Yesterday I was watching your an old interview taken by Bilal Qutab sab. During your conversation you mentioned that you are no more interested in reading History or Novels. Then you gave an example of our vast universe. I appreciate and perceived that you might interested in a science branch, especially related to a big contradiction of our Pakistani community. what I believe that Science (whole) is nothing but the systematic explanations of divine knowledge.
Sir, If you would like to read about Human Evolution, I can provide you some research work regarding Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and Quran.
the stuff I can provide will not more then 5 pages. I can try to show you that there is no conflict in Theory of evolution and Quran..

Why I am interested in this subject?

Because I feel that there is a big gap between our man-made Islamic beliefs and practical sciences.
when we teach our kids that we (Adam and eve) sent down from heavens, they believe... and when those kids grow-up and see the world from the eyes of non religious successful persons and read medical sciences...they start avoiding their divine thoughts... that is the issue we are facing in all over Muslim world.
Sir please let me know if you are interested. we should teach our coming generations. you are a religious person in my views.
Submited By: naresh rohilla India
20 June 2015
Hlo sir.......

I want to start with wellwishing for ur wonderful effort to aware ur citizens through various medium...... people in pakistan may hate u bvoz of praising india smtimes but these r d facts ....... we r nt ur fan just bcoz u praise india bt due to u r telling truth to ur pak public bt ur anchors ..ministers politician just want to this on air.... their should be fire dts it....... u dnt need to compare with us just make strong will power in ur people..... make ur people strong on floor ....make ur plan to make btr ur premises ..... u r d one who came out from ground n attached with it..... and d recent wave of change from kadri n imran khan is just to get power ..... they will be like ur others politician..... they dnt knw ground reality... bt u knw ....... first ur people should undrstnd n then u need a gd party.... so many times ur army head n air force marshl who r retired nw they told truth abt war on tv... who initiated n who is Initiating n promoting war.... we r tired.... u cm in india n knw view abt pakistani public not politician s n ur pm... they will give gd india also sm idiots who obviously belongs to muslim community they spread fire bt these two community n hide reality... they just ignite n we fight each others.... no body is happy with war...all want peace..... pl. Start compaign for public awareness abt these rouges in politics... if they want to change they will support u.....

Dnt mind bt education system in mdrsa is vry bad even in india... they teach dt sun is nt revolving n earth is rotated by allah.... wht nonsense it is....

Just do smthng with true heart sir..... when i listen to you ...dt tym it seems their r people in pakistan who wants gd change with no comparision with india in weapons....

Best of luck sir....
Submited By: AMAN SADIQ
18 June 2015
Dear Sir,
I hope you are doing well. This is not for asking any favor for my fate but in fact It's a matter of shame for this nation that different Channels telecast some useless and illogical subjects like Ayyan Ali and a poor boy wants to marry film star Meera and much more. My question is, Where are the topics of wisdom and Philosophy?
Recently, when I got a Bronze Medal in United Poets Laureate International's Global poetry contest for my poem on Anti-exploitation of women, I made some calls to different channels but in vain. My wish was not my fame but to ignite the spirit and zest in our youth for the Literature and Philosophy. I was too happy to see the name of my country after UK and USA on the list but this happiness didn't last for a long time because that poem is being published by an american website and my countrymen except my Facebook friends are still unaware of this.This was the first time when a Pakistani got position and membership of world congress of poets. I am a poet of more than one thousand poems and i think I would be considered an American Poet in future. I will always keep this question in my heart's inner core. References are as follows.

Submited By: Shahzad
04 June 2015
Aik achay sahafi ki tamam khososiyat kay sath, Hassan Nisar
Submited By: abhinav slathia
27 May 2015
Hello Hasan Nisar Ji,
I am a fan of the show meray mutabiq because of you, hopefully you and me will shake hands with each other someday, and Indo Pak border will just like be US Canada border.
Keep up the good work sir and keep enlightening the Paki society.
Wish you good health and happy times!

With best regards,
Just your another Indian fan.
Submited By: Safdar Ali
19 May 2015
A.o.a sir hassan nisar sahb I want to send you a letter I need your home adress could you please send me your adress for letter writing I shal be very thankfull to you. My number is 03026255605. Thanks
Submited By: Sandeep Singh Bajwa
08 May 2015

I am very interested in talking/chatting with you.

Submited By: Khalid
28 February 2015
Hassan Nisar is a fool - in love with the West while living in the East. He has no clue what he is talking about. He should read this article by a Westerner who knows the West inside out - More than this clown will ever know.
Submited By: PEACE
23 December 2014
We are doing lot of talk show and now medea is leaked many errorr of people doing wrong but this is the main thing to do medea that please exposed the truth from Quran to the world so then people will realize that what error and what blendors we are doing agaisnt to Quran. People trap on only few leaders of firqas and they using to people and they misguiding to people and create misunderstanding between people and we suffering and we hate to each others, fighting to each others, killing to each others and saying kafir to each others, teh ony reason those few leaders of firqas. We should to do some thing against to them.
Submited By: PEACE
23 December 2014
We are doing lot of talk show and now medea is leaked many errorr of people doing wrong but this is the main thing to do medea that please exposed the truth from Quran to the world so then people will realize that what error and what blendors we are doing agaisnt to Quran. People trap on only few leaders of firqas and they using to people and they misguiding to people and create misunderstanding between people and we suffering and we hate to each others, fighting to each others, killing to each others and saying kafir to each others, teh ony reason those few leaders of firqas. We should to do some thing against to them.
Submited By: PEACE
23 December 2014
I am not asking any type of help ro any donation ro collection or any return or any payment or I am not willing to go huge crowd and people claping for me, this is work for Allah so Allah will give me reward for this. the only reason I am trying to exposed truth from Quran to the world because this is Hukm E Allah See Surah Al Nisa 4 Ayat 135. I have hundred percent believe that this is the only solution for peace in Muslim countries.
Submited By: PEACE
23 December 2014
Assalam O Alaikum Janab E Mohattaram Hassn Nisar Sahib,

Nisar Sahib, Allah give you very strong will power and this is great gift from Allah. Mossa pbuh didn’t have speaking power so when Allah sent Him to firoon so He asked to His Brother Haroon for help. Today we need people like you because Mossa pbuh face only one firoon but today we are facing many firoon and I will hundred percent proof from Quran but not from my willing, my logic, my opinion or not from my school of thoughts because Allah strictly prohibited all these in Quran. Today is very critical situation of Muslims and its very clear and the only reason that we are away from Quran and we trap with few people and they created many books in the name of Islam and their way of talking and style and dress is attract to people and people following to them without to confirm from Quran. Today few people take over to the Islam of Allah which is only in Quran and the only book of risalat of Mohammed pbuh revealed on Him and they created their own books from their own willing, logic, opinion and from their school of thoughts for making some money and gaining some popularity and they obey to people and misguiding to them. They created their own books and for utilized those books they open huge Islamic schools for business and in those schools they using only few parts of Quran for emotional to young people but they mostly teaching their own books their own opinion and their own school of thoughts and the result is very clear that because of wrong education they created many suicide bombing organization and the recent incident of Peshawar is the result of those madarsas. I will hundred percent proof from daleel/references from Quran that any other books beside Quran is not the part of Islam at all. All problems in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Burma, Philippines, Yemen, Lybia, and many more Islamic countries is the only reason all those books the books people created in the name of Islam and they using the name of prophets and sahaba for attract to Muslims and those books going against to Quran and until to we hundred percent focus on Quran we never understand Quran.
Nisar Sahib, I am not belonging to any kind of organization or any party or any gang or any firqas at all, I am not a journalist or I am not a writer or educated person like you, I am not a reader or I didn’t write any book in my life, the hardest thing for me when I was in school is essay, I tell you truth I always copy. I am working on Quran from last 17 years hundred percent my self with the help of Allah and I found big different the one we are doing and the one Allah telling to do in His the only final book of Islam Al Quran, I can say its different like east and west. Allah telling to go east but we are going west and the reason all other books the books people created. Allah research on His people and He start research on His book when Adam pbuh and His wife misguided by shaitaan and they become naked and then Allah sent to them from heaven to His earth so from that time Allah start sending His instructions See Surah Al Baqara 2 Ayats 37, 38 and 39 and until too He complete His book and until to Allah complete His research He keep sending His instruction and He select His messengers after another after and created His books Zaboor, Toarait, Injeel and then Allah final His book on Mohammed pbuh See Surah Al Imran 3 Ayats 3 and 4 and Quran has a entire details of all previous books Zaboor, Toarait and Injeel and entire details of all of His messengers from Adam pbuh to Mohammed pbuh. And Allah saying in Quran that the ayats of Allah which is His only final book Al Quran keep remain same until to the day of judgment. Amendment, addition, deletion is no permission in religion of Allah See Surah Al Baqarah 2 Ayats 44 and 45, 174, 175 and 176 and Allah strictly prohibited to create any other books See Surah Al Baqarah 2 Ayats 77 to 82, so after to complete the book of Allah because of struggle of all messengers of Allah from Adam pbuh to Mohammed pbuh so who wrote billion of books in the name of Islam, its big sin big crime in the law of the Lord of the world. So the only solution of our Muslims countries that all Muslims countries should closed many huge Islamic books store because no reason to open huge books store only for one book of Islam of Allah Al Quran. And the second main thing to shut down many huge Madarsas for no reason. Religion is no profession so no reason to open huge madarsas for only one book of Islam of Allah in this world. This is the roots of terrorism in Islam and until to we do that we never get peace in our countries. Islam means peace but no peace in our countries the only reason that no Islam so no peace and Islam is religion of Allah and Quran is the only book of Islam of Allah in this world. Islam is not the property of any Muslim or anyone else or any country, this is the book of message of Allah for His all mankind in His earth, its not the message of any mankind for others mankind, Quran is created by Allah only, its not crated by any Muslim or anyone else in this world. So those who accept the final book of Allah Al Quran and who accept the Risalat of Mohammed pbuh so Allah gave His final book to them and He select name Muslim because of our acceptance and ourl kalma is the proof of this. So until to every single Muslim start follow only Quran so we never get peace in our countries. The only book of peace/Islam in this world Al Quran. All other books created by people by hypocrites people and only Quran is created by Allah, the only book revealed on Mohammed pbuh. So any of Muslim choose any other book beside Quran so this is the biggest taoheen e risalat. I do have a lot to say but until to I get your permission I don’t want to send any thing to you. No force in Islam, no anger, no attitude. So please feel free to contact to me so we will talk about that and the only solution of all problems in this world of Muslims is Al Quran. Quran is the only solution. Election, selection, donation, collection is not the solution, the solution is Quran only and this is my hundred percent believe and experience. The current situation of Muslims is hundred percent mentioned in Quran and now Allah anger to us and He start sending His azab and Allah taking back His book from us and Quran si the only book of Allah shows us right path to Allah, and if we loose this books so then we will lost. Its hard to explain in few emails and this si the only solution. Please email to me so then I will give you my phone no so then I will call to you. This is very critical situation for Muslims and I want to help to Muslims. Please Nisar Sahib we have no time. Allah hafiz and no doubt that only Allah is Hafiz.
Submited By: Malik riaz bherria
16 November 2014
hasan nisar is an insect of bleak places. It is an insult of intellect to call him intellectual. He deserves mental hospital with electric shock treatment every hour.
Submited By: Malik riaz
16 November 2014
hasan nisar is an insect of bleak places. It is an insult of intellect to call him intellectual. He deserves mental hospital with electric shock treatment every hour.
Submited By: habib ahmed khan
09 September 2014
dear hassan bhai.i am an olde,and ardent admirer of your capabilities. i vist you face book every morning and give my comments,which am sure you have no time to see due to your preoccupation.just fine.i request to to please either you add me to your face book or send me your e mil address or phonr is a request from a man in late seventy. if my this is acceeded to it be great.salamat rahen
Submited By: Khurram
19 August 2014
Hassan Bahi can you please tell these two terrorist I don’t want to dirty my tongue to call their names. Tell them to stop doing the stupid things .It’s giving bad image to Pakisatn.
Submited By: Asish
16 May 2014
Sir,I am a great fan of yours.I am from India. My question to you is why don't both countries discuss about science and technology and also cooperating with each other to eliminate poverty. India has pioneered itself in IT,pharmaceuticals,biotech engg and also in construction and telecommunication.India has also good universities in MBA,entrepreneurship and soft skills.Why don't we discuss each other in these fields and also Pakistan can take help from us in these.India also can provide scholarships like it does to Afghanistan.We have similar cultural ties too.Instead why do you waste your resources in Kashmir war and terrorism instead of utilizing it in education and education is only device that can eliminate from dark ages.Please send your responses to
Submited By: Chris
05 May 2014
you are one great journalist with vision, I don’t approved of your affiliation with GEO
Submited By: ali
30 March 2014
great hassan nisar u r like a prophet for the nation
Submited By: ALI KHAN
16 March 2014
No comments on this visionary personality; I need little light on the following; these all points need to be connected together for visionay thinking/reply
1. USA out sourceing their business to India, their giving nuclear clearance.
2. USA actions in Syria.
3. Saudia Arbia kings and plus visit to Pakistan, perhapes did purchase contract from defence weaponary,why? Pakistan,to provide them to the Syria ribels. Once these weapons are caught, won't it strain relation with Syria, Iran and Russia.
4. Missing of Mylasia airlinear, may have been taken to Chinese rebles in India, tensing their relation, siding of USA with India against China action (if at all).
5. Pakistan, then would have no neigbouring friend like iran the way they did in 1965.
Wondering if Nisar sb can see the world by linking these actions.
Submited By: yudhrawatbir
02 March 2014
kuch salon se hasan nisaar sahab ko youtube ke jariye sun raha hun ,honestly he is one of kind of
anlyasis in whole east asia.i admire him and i salut him for his honest,brave and true speeking to the tv channal.god bless him,
i have a humble request to mr hasan nisaar sahab if it is possible ,plz send ur drict contect number through my email i ant to call and talk to him for a while plz
thank u so much
Submited By: hassan farooq
14 February 2014
Hassan Nisar sahib is a rare breed. An intellectual who is not emotionally motivated and extremely educated.

Love to hear him bash ignorant scholars.
Submited By: Umer
10 February 2014
I have heard you and many other journalists/editors use the word "khandani aadmi" on tv in several shows so as to indicate that a person is respectable or dignified. Why do you say this? I come from a humble background and have worked hard to reach where I am now but when I hear such a thing, it makes me feel like I am lesser of a person because I'm not "khandani".

Can you please elaborate.
Submited By: rai zafar iqbal
06 February 2014
plz help me and convey my humble appeal to ch.pervaiz sb/ch.shujjid/mian shahbaz sharif/chief justice and bring this on your tv. and obliged. thanks rai zafar iqbal Libya 02.02.2014



for the kind attn. choudhary pervaiz elahi sb. salaam, my name is rai zafar iqbal jarral. I am worker of pml''Q'' from Gujrat city. I have photos with my beloved Leader ch.shujjid Husain at his Islamabad palace. sir I have a complaint with you on this trust that you will take rapid action against your Hanif Hadry,gujrat''gurat city presedent 'Q'.I purchased front double storey shop against 36 marla with 6 shps plus i paid cash and by checques extra apprx. rs. 10 lac 7 year before. and same time he took my shop on rent per month rs.10,000/=. yes, I did charity upper 2 stories upon his request to tiny hospital for the poor ppl of Gujarat. but he he built two halls on my shop. after 4 year, he took back my shop on registered Iqrar Naam on this condition that he will pay rs. 80 lac.on 12 janurary 2014. on the completion of fixed period, I demanded money, he put a case against me in gujrat court. sir, I have a registry with his own signature as witness. he is the owner of this palaza and you know very well and mr. pervaiz elhi passed this plaza as utility store. i am now in Libya working with oil company since 1978. my wife phone him and asked why you went court ? you know what he replied that choudhary pervaiz elhai approved my palaza as utility store and better you ppl keep quite. choudry sb. ap tu sharif log hien aur mien wo houn jis ko ya sharef hay kay mien choudry zahouri elhai ke stage per speach de the. kab taak ap kay naam per gujrat mien zulim aur loot mar chalti rahay ghe. kyoun ap log Allah ko bhool chukay hou. Ab wqat aa chuka hay. ap ko aur ap ghundon ghareeb logoon ke properties ko lootnay ka, ap in logoon maloom karain kay hanif hadri na hadri palaza ke shop sold out raja zafar ko ke the ya kay nien. names are as follows. 1. haji zaman - thaikdar, 2. saith younse, awami cloth house, 3.choudry sarfaz,close friend of hadri, 4.haji zaib butt,builder, 5.mirza munir - chief editor Itsaab news paper gujrat, 6. haj yaqoob and raja sikandar,ex-nazim,gujrat city. 100 ppl of gujrat they know i purchased this shop from hanif hadri. even he took oath on quran that he will not cheat me. so, many ppl they know while he took quran. my family is now under danger. sorry choudhary sb. if some thing happend with my family and you did interrupt then sorry to say, you and hanif hadri will be considered. sir, i am the man who delivered a top class speach in gujrat while your son was in jail. you may confirm from mian imran masoud. on this hope that you personaly take rapid action against hanif hadri. awaiting your reply with glad tiding. May Allah bless you and all of your family.

yours faithfully, rai zafar iqbal jarral

sirte oil company Libya my email id.

skype id. mdnoor7


yours well-wisher,

rai zafar iqbal jarral

jarral house, opp. Irrigation office

behind Gujrat hospital, mahmmanda road

Gujrat city
Submited By: Pakistani Munda
16 November 2013
I totally agree with your views. All our politicians are not intellectuals and don't deserve to be even a Clerck. But thing is that every one point out the problems. No one tell the solution, What is the solution for particular problem. Even You can guide Government to take some actions. Please criticise by giving some solutions
27 May 2013
Hassan Nisar Sahib ap barey danashwar bantey hain aur no maloom kaisy kaisy batain apney mukhalfeen k barey main keh jatey hain. Halanke general election 2013 sey pehley b howey they aur har bar harney waley ne dhandley k ilzamat lagaey they. Is martaba ap jaisey danshwaroon ne PML(N) k leadership k barey main n janey kahan k zaban istamal ki jo ke kisi b sorat main muhazab nahi kahi ja sakti jaisey BEGHARAT/THUDEY/JAHIL KISAM KEY. Ap sey iltamas he k shaista zuban istamalkaren nahi to ap ko b bohat achey/burey lafaz sunney par saktay hain. Khairandesh
Submited By: A PAKI
07 May 2013
Asalaam Hassan bhaie im Faisal frm PINDI but living in GENEVA since long, Actually i dont have any WORDS for your TAREEF!!!! you are just GENIOUS in so many way of thinking In my point of view AAP "JANAAB" A TRUE MUSLIM AND A BRAVE PATRIOT ALLAH KAREEM AAP KO ISS AUR ABDI ZINDAGI MEIN KHOOSH RAKHAIN, HUM SUB KO BHI AMEEN TAKE BEST CARE OF YOU LOVE U REALY!!!!!!!!!! PAKISTAN PAAINDA BAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submited By: Ibrar Khan
04 April 2013
Dear Mr. Hassan Nisaar,
Although I do read occasionally your columns but I did not know much about your personality since few months ago I discovered few talk shows on T.V. that I now regularly watch on you tube before going to sleep.
I like your way of communication to these bogus politicians /religious leaders but the nation is tired of listening to all the allegations and counter allegations programs.
What do we want to achieve from all this? In all these discussion programs, all these politicians are either accusing each others or thronging dirt on each other. Most of them are, undoubtedly rubbish!
May I request you to take an initiative in discussions with these politicians by asking them what do they plan to contribute to the future of Pakistan, what are their solid policies / programs, agendas and their planning to implement such planes.
Kindly convey my request to all journalists in the country that they should stop this accusation based programs. This will not help to take the country to move ahead. This just does serve any purpose neither to Pakistan nor to its population.
Invite these candidates to ask them their views on the expectation of this nation and how do they plan to fulfill these expectations? Invite all candidates from all major parties and let them debate on their personal qualities, party programs and their ambitions to implement such programs. Talk about positive things, about the plans and about the future itself.
Ask them questions about monitory policy, Health, education, unemployment issues and ask them their clear plans on it. Expose them by this way so that the nation knows what for knowledge its future representatives have. Be specific about it.
This is the only way you can expose them to this nation and could help the nation to choose the right people as their future representatives. We have very crucial two months ahead of us before the general election.
A lot depends on our journalists to educate this nation to help the people out towards the selection of their leaders. If we miss this opportunity then we are going to regret for the rest of our life.
I sincerely hope you will do this.
My very best regards,
Ibrar Khan
Legal & Compliance Officer in a Multinational Bank in the Netherlands
Submited By: realvision
30 March 2013
You are the best journalist
Submited By: Nisar Ahmed Shams
23 February 2013
Salam Hassan Nisar sb.I have a question for you.When Musharraf came ,he introduced joint electorates in the country i.e all are Pakistanis irrespective of their religion.but before the 2008 elections the voter lists were prepared and all other religions and sects were in one list but there was a separate list for Ahmadis just to make the mullas happy that Ahmadis are non-muslims. This is still being practiced for the 2013 elections.what is your view and the view of PTI on this issue? Will PTI ever have the courage to have only one list with all Pakistanis irrespective of their religion or sect?
Submited By: Saqib
17 February 2013
Hassan nisar you big shit.
Submited By: shah
08 February 2013
Only demoralizing and doing bashing
Submited By: Riaz Munir
28 January 2013
Hasan Nisar The Great man of electronic media,
with wisdom and knowledge.
GOD bless him
Submited By: Ali
28 January 2013
Nisar Bhai, why are you so biased. alway pick emails aginst N-leage and you pronounce Zardari as zardari Sahib. Do you think he deserve any respect. Not even a single email against PPP and then you go out of the way to support Qadri sb. (Why????) N-leage say koi app ki zatii dusmani to nahi ha. If you listen to your fellows in "Hasab Hall" Junaid Bhai and Azizi, they alway potray N-leage as a good party.
Even though N-leage is way better then other parties like(ppp, MQM etc) but its your opinion.
I love when criticise but don't be so biased and blame only one party and by the are you scared of MQM (Altaf bhai kay baray may app ko kabhi koi email nahi ai) Ya app be baqi anchors ki tarah dartay hain
Plz stop supporting Qadri sb Othewise i have to Say "Kya ya khulla Tazad Nahi?"
Submited By: Muhammad Asif Virk
13 December 2012
Hassan Nisar sahib is ujad qaum ko in haal pe chhore dain na inho ney taleem hasil karney na in k halaat badalney hain agar inho ney aazmay houn ko bar bar lay k aana hai to pher mein aur aap kia kar saktay hain aae bhook k maro utho in chhoron se jaan chhurwao aur PTI ko vote do
Submited By: Muhammad Asif Virk
13 December 2012
Hassan Nisar sahib is ujad qaum ko in haal pe chhore dain na inho ney taleem hasil karney na in k halaat badalney hain agar inho ney aazmay houn ko bar bar lay k aana hai to pher mein aur aap kia kar saktay hain aae bhook k maro utho in chhoron se jaan chhurwao aur PTI ko vote do
Submited By: Muhammad Asif Virk
13 December 2012
Hassan Nisar sahib is ujad qaum ko in haal pe chhore dain na inho ney taleem hasil karney na in k halaat badalney hain agar inho ney aazmay houn ko bar bar lay k aana hai to pher mein aur aap kia kar saktay hain aae bhook k maro utho in chhoron se jaan chhurwao aur PTI ko vote do
Submited By: ALTAF HUSSAIN huttay ka butcha
04 December 2012
qaidiani hay yeh madarsood
Submited By: Sugato Das
05 November 2012
Dear Mr. Nissar Sahib

I saw some of your video in youtube and liked them very much. now I become your fan. I am sending you some links, please read them i hope you like them. Those information might strengthen your arguments and bolster your point of view, which i support.
The above link is about Nalanda University.
The above link contains some information about Raja Ram Mohan Roy. This link will give you information about how Hindu middle class started to developed during Mughal Period.
The above link contain some glimpse about how Hindu business class and middle class started to take shape.
This link is about an Indian mathematician and autodidact who, was the first person from this subcontinent to become Fellow of Royal Society.
Satyendra Nath Bose FRS was an Indian physicist specializing in mathematical physics. He was born in Kolkata, then spelt Calcutta. He is best known for The class of particles that obey Bose-Einstein statistics, bosons, was named after him by Paul Dirac.

i hope you might like these articles.

with regards
sugato das.
24 October 2012
It is not about the Nation it is about the way human represent himself in his life. God has said that "Don't recognize me neither ever kept me in your heart but help the humans for his survival. This is the biggest thing that will lead to me."

Man is known by his work. Religion has its belief but Sacrifice and hard work is the key only way to success.
24 October 2012
I am agree what u have said about the two nations India & Pakistan. As, today the time has come when we have to shake our hands and fight for humanity, to increase the rate of literacy & unitedly work on upcoming future energy scenario.
Submited By: Mussawar
19 October 2012
Hassan Nisar is one of the broad minded persons who are trying to deliver awareness to the nation, to us. But what is happening is that we don’t want to beware ourselves. We call the names instead; because we don’t want to face the bitter truth. The major weapon in our hands is to switch him to “Kaafir” and “The Tout of the west” etc. There is a lot to say but to whom? He , somewhere, defined the Pakistani Nation as, “Ham Jazbati bewqofon ka hujoom hen”. We can understand everything without any problem if we really want to see the truth. Let see around you and compare the logics. Are we doing what we deserve? No, we are blindly following the “Molvies”, an Islam selling group of people. That’s why, the world is talking about to use our region as a nuclear test zone. May Allah show us the RIGHT way.
Submited By: Basharat Malik
10 October 2012
It is my Request to the Admin to remove Abusive comments as Some Coawards are abusing him and using bad language. Also So called Islami thaikaidaars call him Ahmedi, Qadiani or Yahoodi or whatever but i will agree with him. If Hasan Nisar is a Jew or Qadyani then i would love to become One of them rather than so called Ignorant Wahabi or a Brelvi living in Denial of this World.

@Anonymous Well he give solutions as well if you will listen his all Programs.

Look at this Program
Submited By: Rana Arshad
09 October 2012
Hassan Nassar Sab I am very disappointed the term analogy you have used in content of Ahmaddies in Kashif Abbsi program dated 08 10 12 when you said Hanod Janood Qaued can you please elaborate more.I always second your comments .But these comments have Brocken all the hopes of fair journalism in near futher.Beeing a citizen of Pakistan I been already discriminated when state have decided my religion now I feel you are deciding my loyalty to my country. Ahmaddies are more then the population of Pakistan and more then two hundred countries of the world and they are very loyal to their own countries . I am looking forwerd to hair from you more exquise me if i said any thing extra. Rana Arshad
Submited By: Khurram Shahzad
03 October 2012
in the land of deads, it seems nice to hear a voice full of life. hassan nisar is an exempary personality among us who expresses his views boldly and clearly and shows us our real face in the mirror of bitter realities. the people who has insincere approach always criticize and in spite of taking generally or think realistically try to attack on his personal life. those kind of people inherit sick minds who has polluted every aspect of living with their unrealistic approaches and who do not want to realize even their mistakes in the past by repeating them in their present which lead them to the terrible future. actually Mr Hassan Nisar has a real war against terror. unfortunately his own country fellows do terrorist attacks on the people who has visionary thinking who are moderate , enlightened who has a strong will to spread awareness among corrupted muslim societies like in our country which manipulate our religion of peace and reality.
Submited By: shafeeq
29 September 2012
It is clearly a fantastic moment of self awakening, and awareness for US/ WE (People relevant to Pakistan & reader/audience – Today’s Pakistani at large).
WHY: Because the access to information is becoming easier – e.g. What happens & how things are working in the inner more strategic layers of society are coming to surface more faster and more factually detailed. PROOF: real FACTS emerge themselves. Media smoke comes and sniffs out something rotten.
1st time in the history of our countries political canvas – the “Ideological Inner Core” of any political movement has been argued and discussed on the TV.
PTI – Has already before coming to power, started to take all political ideologies, back to school &, back to basics.

Dear Hassan Nisar, would u agree? y/n or u dont care? as of sept.2012.
If possible please e-mail me:
Submited By: Slave Of Allah the Almighty
19 September 2012
64 Facts About . . .
Child Sexual Abuse
1. In the United States, approximately 1 out of every 4 girls and 1 out of every 6 boys is sexually abused.a
2. Seventy to 73% of child sexual abusers report experiencing sexual abuse in their own childhood.e
3. Approximately 60% of sexual abusers are known to the child but are not family members, such as family friends, babysitters, or neighbors.c
4. Approximately 30% of sexual abusers are family members, such as fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles, or cousins.d
5. It is estimated that less than half of all sexual assaults on children are reported to the police.g
6. According to the APA, women are the abusers in about 14% of cases reported among boys and 6% of cases reported among girls.g
7. A man in Melbourne, Australia, raped his daughter every day for 30 years from the 1970s until 2007. He fathered her four children, all who had severe birth defects. An Austrian man, Josef Fritz, kept his daughter imprisoned in a basement for 24 years and fathered seven children with her.b
8. The World Health Organization reports that 150 million girls and 73 million boys under 18 experienced forced sexual intercourse and other forms of sexual violence globally in 2002.p
9. While the murder rate for minors is twice as high in low-income countries than in higher income countries, sexual abuse in the home is found in all countries. In many industrialized countries, as many as 36% of women and 20% of men said they have been the victim of sexual abuse as children, mostly within the family circle.p
10. According to WHO, 1.8 million children are involved in pornography and prostitution. Over 1.2 million children have been trafficked.p
Males, especially children, are less likely to disclose abuse than females
11. Girls are more likely to disclose sexual abuse than boys.o
12. Francis Phillip Tullier, a 78-year-old convicted child molester who faced hundreds of molestation counts involving young girls, underwent surgical castration in order to be released from prison on parole. He had to pay for the surgery himself.b
13. The generally lower rate for male *** abuse may be largely inaccurate due to underreporting. Because men are traditionally encouraged to be physically strong and competitive, male victims may be more hesitant to report sexual abuse because they feel they are “less of a man.”h
14. Child *** abuse includes body contact, such as kissing and oral, ***, or vaginal ***. *** abuse can also include “flashing” or showing private parts, forcing children to watch pornography, voyeurism (trying to look at a child’s naked body), pressuring children for ***, having *** in front of children, and exploiting children for pornography or prostitution.q
15. “Child-on-child sexual abuse” occurs when a prepubescent child is abused sexually by another child or children. Often, the child perpetrator has been sexually victimized by an adult previously. “Inter-sibling abuse” occurs when one sibling molests his/her own sibling.g
16. Nineteen percent (375 million) of the world’s children live in India, which is the largest number of minors in a country. India also has the world’s largest number of sexually abused children, an astonishing 69%, or 276 million children.j
17. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 100-140 million women and girls around the world have been victims of female genital mutation, including 92 million in Africa.f
18. In his book Dirty Diplomacy, Craig Murray claims that the president of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, tortured and raped children in front of prisoners to make them offer false confessions.e
Disabled children are at higher risk for sexual abuse than non-disabled children
19. Researchers note that some disabled children may not be able to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touching of their body, which leaves them particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse.e
20. Children living with a single parent or a parent living with an unmarried partner are most at risk for child maltreatment, which is over eight times the rate of children living with married biological parents.g
21. South Africa has one of the highest rates of child abuse and baby rape. Researchers report that the belief that sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure a man of AIDS has led to such high numbers. It is estimated that every one out of eight people in South Africa has AIDS. An estimated 40,000 children in South Africa are infected with HIV each year.h
22. Child abusers often do not use physical force but instead “groom” or use manipulative tactics, such as buying gifts, arranging special activities, exposing children to pornography, and roughhousing to keep a child engaged with and often confused about the abuser’s motives.g
23. Researchers report that the vast majority of sexually abused children do not grow up to be offenders and that the “cycle of sexual abuse” does not fully explain why a person would molest children.g
24. Only a fraction of abusers are caught and convicted for their crimes. Most of those who are caught are eventually released back to the community, albeit under probation or parole supervision.e
25. Children who are victims of sexual abuse can suffer many serious health effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, somatization, neurosis, chronic pain, sexualized behavior, learning problems, animal cruelty, self-destructive behavior,suicide, antisocial behavior, sleeping difficulties and/or nightmares, angry outbursts, not wanting to be left alone, and further victimization into adulthood. However, not all victims show behavioral changes.c
26. Africa has the highest prevalence of child sexual abuse (34.4%). Europe has the lowest rate of abuse (9.2%). America and Asia have rates between 10.1% and 23.9%.h
27. Sexual abuse, or any kind of abuse, negatively and permanently affects the physical development of a child’s brain. These physical changes result in psychological and emotional problems in adulthood.q
28. Women who were sexually abused as children reported significantly lower SAT test scores than women who were not abused.g
29. Children may not reveal sexual abuse because they feel shame or guilt, they worry no one will believe them, they fear being removed from their home, and they or their family may have been threatened. Very young children may not have the language skills to report the abuse or may not understand they are being abused.g
30. Approximately 23% of reported cases of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by individuals under the age of 18.e
31. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, 63,527 children were sexually abused in the U.S. in 2010, a drop from 150,000 in 1992. While some researchers were surprised that the recession did not cause more cases of sexual abuse, others note that the drop may reflect methodological changes of counting reports as well as lower levels of abuse.g
32. Most children do not tell anyone they have been abused, and those who do tell often have to tell several people before any action is taken.q
33. Not all pedophiles are child molesters, and some child molesters do not meet the clinical definition of pedophile. Pedophilia is a clinical term that describes a person who has had repeated arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors related to sexual activities with children for at least six months. Pedophiles do not necessarily have to act on their urges. Child molesters have the same attraction to children, but they act on their urges.g
34. Child pornography is one of the fastest growing Internet businesses, increasing at an average 150% per year for each of the last 10 years. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) reports that it has reviewed more than 51 million child pornography images and videos.o
35. There is a clear link between possession of child pornography and the actual violation of children. The NCMEC estimates that 40% or more of people who possess child pornography also sexually assault children.o
36. Of the arrests for the possession of child pornography during 2000-2001 in the U.S., 83% had pornographic materials of children between ages 6 and 12, 39% had material involving children between ages 3 and 5, and 19% had material of toddlers under the age of 3 or infants.g
37. Approximately 1.3 million children in America are sexually assaulted each year. There are an estimated 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in America.e
38. Researchers estimate that 20 million Americans have been victims of parental incest as children.e
39. A 2004 study revealed that 9.6% of public school children, accounting for 4.5 million students, have experienced sexual misconduct, from being told sexual jokes to sexual intercourse by educators. Offenders include teachers (18%), coaches (15%), substitute teachers (13%), principals (6%), and student counselors (5%).g
40. Researchers stress that it is crucial to respond in a supportive manner if a child discloses abuse. Children who disclose abuse and receive a negative reaction or no reaction at all suffer more from general trauma symptoms, dissociation, and PTSD than those who had supportive responses.e
41. Ninety-five percent of molested children know their molesters.k
42. The 1992 film The Boys of St. Vincent is a docudrama based on real events about sexual abuse at a Roman Catholic orphanage and its cover up.e
43. Most child *** abuse offenders are 10 or more years older than the victim. More than half of child molesters are under the age of 35.e
44. Between 250,000-500,000 child molesters reside in the U.S. today.n
Pedophiles are often likable, friendly, engaging, and frequent events that children attend
45. Male offenders who abused girls have an average of 52 victims each. Men who molested boys had an average of 150 victims each.e
46. Child molesters come from all backgrounds and social classes. However, most molesters (1) are male, (2) work in an environment surrounded by children, (3) befriend the parents first and then gain the child’s trust, and (4) attend events such as sports, camping, and video arcades.e
47. Gerald Arthur “Jerry” Sandusky, famed Penn State football assistant coach, was arrested in November 2011 and charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse of young boys. The choice of his attorney, Joe Amendola, has been questioned because Amendola himself impregnated a 16-year-old in the 90s.l
48. U.S. researchers have found that women who were sexually abused as girls repeatedly have a 62% percent higher risk of heart problems later in life compared with other women who were not abused. Much of the risk was related to coping strategies, such as alcohol abuse, overeating, and drug abuse.c
49. Up to 20,000 children were sexually abused by 800 Roman Catholic workers in the Netherlands since 1945.e
50. In November 2011, Christopher Jarvis, a Catholic Church pedophile abuse investigator, admitted to possessing, making, and distributing indecent images of children. Hired by the church as a child safety coordinator in 2002, he had more than 4,000 images of primarily boys, including rape, from ages 10-12 on his camera memory stick and laptop.g
51. The Society of Jesus’ Pacific Northwest unit and its insurers agreed to pay a record $166.1 million to about 470 people, mainly Native American children, who were sexually and psychologically abused as children by Jesuit priests from the 1940s to the 1990s. The settlement was the largest settlement by a religious order in the history of the world.g
52. The Catholic pedophile scandal in the U.S. broke in 2002 when it was reported that many leaders of the archdiocese had moved priests who had abused minors to new parishes rather than reporting them or defrocking them. The scandal has involved almost every US Catholic diocese, including 4,400 priests and 110,000 children who were abused between 1950 and 2002.g
53. The 2010 documentary Dancing Boys of Afghanistan reveals a custom prevalent in the area called bacha bazi (Boy for Play) where men buy young boys from impoverished families for sexual slavery. The young boys are forced to dress in women’s clothes and dance before being taken away by men for ***. One warlord reported having over 30,000 boys over 20 years, though he was married and had two sons. Some scholars note that repression of sexuality and widespread gender apartheid in the region contributes to homosexual pederasty.g
54. Child marriages are legal in several countries. For example, in Yemen, more than a quarter of girls are married before the age of 15. As recently as 2010, a 12-year-old child bride in Yemen died from internal bleeding following intercourse. Additionally, it is not uncommon in Saudi Arabia for a 12-year-old girl to be married to an 80-year-old man.i
55. According to the FBI, approximately 1 in 10 men have molested a child, with little chance of being caught (3%). Additionally, the FBI estimates that a child has almost a 25% chance of being molested.n
56. The FBI estimates that there is a *** offender living in every square mile in the United States.n
57. According to Dr. Herbert Wagemaker, an estimated 4% of the population suffers from sexual attraction toward children.g
58. The re-arrest rate for convicted child molesters is 52%.g
59. Prison inmates are more likely to assault fellow prisoners who have been convicted of *** crimes against children. Many inmates refer to molesters as “dirty” prisoners and that assaulting or killing them is doing a service to society. In the prison hierarchy, snitches and molesters are usually the most hated.m
60. Most sexual assaults are committed by the same race as the victim. An exception to this is Native Americans. Those who commit a sexual crime against Native Americans are usually not Native American.k
61. There is just a small subset of child sexual abusers who are exclusively attracted to just children. A majority of people who abuse children are or have been attracted to adults as well.k
62. Classic signs of sexual abuse include odd injuries, ripped clothes or underwear, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, hyper-sexuality, withdrawal, exceptional fear of a person or certain places, unreasonable fear of a physical exam, drawings that are scary or that use a lot of black and red, and attempts to get other children to perform sexual acts.q
It is crucial to be nonjudgmental if a child discloses sexual abuse
63. If a child reveals that he or she has been sexually abused, it is crucial that adults listen non-judgmentally to the child and report it immediately. If the abuse is within the family, report it to the local Child Protection Agency. If the abuse is outside the family, report it to the police or district attorney’s office. Parents should also consult a pediatrician and a child/adolescent psychiatrist. It is important the child understands that the abuse is not his or her fault. A child should never be blamed for the abuse.q
64. Parents can help prevent sexual abuse by educating themselves and their children about what sexual abuse is and by staying alert to the classic signs of sexual abuse. Parents also need to teach their children about the privacy of body parts, listen to their children, and be aware of where and with whom their children are spending their time.q
-- Posted March 7, 2012
a “Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics.” U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. 2011. Accessed: December 28, 2011.
b “Child Molester Undergoes Castration for Parole.” MSNBC. March 4, 2011. Accessed: December 28, 2011.
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j Lal, Neeta. “Hidden Darkness: Child Sexual Abuse in India.” Asia Sentinel. May 2, 2007. Accessed: December 30, 2011.
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o Smith, Lamar. Statement of Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith Full Committee Markup of H.R. 1981, “Protecting Children from Internet Pornography.” Committee on the Judiciary. July 27, 2011. Accessed: December 30, 2011.
p Usborne, David. “UN Report Uncovers Global Child Abuse.” The Independent. October 12, 2006. Accessed: December 28, 2011.
q Vieth, Victor I, Bette L. Bottoms, and Alison Perona. 2006. Ending Child Abuse: New Efforts in Prevention, Investigation, and Training. New York, NY: The Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press.
Submited By: Mrs Zafar
10 September 2012
Asslamu alaikum sir i am admnistration,intrnal,extrnal,affairs officer in Roots Swiss project for women.sir me aap ko remind krvana chahti hon k 2002 me aap apni Mrs k sath hmare programe me tshrif laye k S block model town lahore me hua tha us me sabqa nazim waris mehmood sahb b tshrif laye the.Roots insitute k founder aap k boht brey fan hen or wo aap k liye duago hen allah aap ko hmesha hnsta muskrata rkhey AMEEN. sir can you give me your persnol ID and Number.My number is 04235952752 and cell No.03224654139.sir hum jante hen k aap boht busy hote hen lekin hum sirf aap se meeting k liye kuch time hi chahte hen chahe phone pr hi ho ya jesa aap chahen.May you live long and be happy.
Submited By: syed shahid bukhari
01 September 2012
sir i am chief editor of dailyqadamakhbar lahore and i want to talk with please give me your personal number and my cell number:03034247110
Submited By: Mohammad
28 August 2012
Asalam Aliakum Hasan Nisar:

I am very impressed by you, because you do not scare from telling the truth.

I am wondering if I can meet you. InshaALLAH, I will come to Pakistan in December to visit my family. Please let me know if I can visit you.

My email address is


Submited By: Azizul Haq
24 August 2012
yahan hone wali na insafi jis ka zikar aj tak kisi ne na kiaya aapko likhna chahta hun kindly mujhe e-mail address send kar dijiye takeh detail attache kar sakun
Aik muhibe watan Shehri
Azizul Haq
Submited By: vicky kwl
13 August 2012
i love you hassan nisar..great men
Submited By: vicky kwl
13 August 2012
sir hassan nisar is great men.sir aap ka mein humehsa program bahut shuk se dekhta hoon.i like.aap ke baten sun kar mujhe kafi kuch sekhne ko mila.bahut kubsurat baten karte hain aap.sir hassan nisar mein aap se zaroor milon ga.INSAHALLHA
Submited By: jamal
11 August 2012
i wish Nisar sahab become the president of pakistan,
Submited By: KHAN(CAN)
05 August 2012
You are haaraam khure and khanzeer insan. All know who is giving money and who is your sponser.
Submited By: Munawar Saeed
04 August 2012
AoA. dear Sir,
Sir ap kese hen. m belong to Bahawalpur. I am a govt servant. Sir ap ke speech on any topic is a master piece. Aur muje kuch din pehle pta chala h ka ap Qadiani hen. I am really impressed from Qadiani People because of their true character. Allah Ap Ko Khush Rakhe Sir. Allah ap ko seht de. Ameen.

Munawar Saeed
Cell no. 0300-6876530
Submited By: khaleel harnal
02 August 2012
Hassen nisar is a truthful,and truth is always bitter.
So he is bitter.Pakistan is basically "napakistan".
If hassen nisar wants to know what Muslims of south Asia are in the uk he can contact me.
I can provide tru informations about them.
Very very shameless activities the name of Islam.
Please can you send me your contact no.and fex no.
I want to send you written .....
(i m also a writer of "kashmir cross" yas-o-herman"
and.......many colums...stories.....poetry....and at the moment I m publishing a Urdu news paper from
Preston lancashire u.k .....)
Submited By: Hisham Malik
24 July 2012
Address of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V to US Congress & Senate members at Capitol Hill
Submited By: Tony
23 July 2012
you brought up an issue in one of your program a pakisthani muslim caught after having *** with over 50+ dead females. I saw this videos recently on youtube and the 2 links are:

would like to know your comments on it on one of your programs or any other media outlet


Submited By: agha waseem
19 July 2012
Submited By: Ather
29 June 2012
Mr. Hassan Nisar, I don't consider you a genuine journalist, because your analytical approach is always biased, you always target those parties or leaders whom you don't like, particularly 'N' is always your target whether their most projects are most likely, I read your all columns, I observed you didn't write about governance of other provinces like Sind, KPT, and Baluchistan, may be they provide you huge quantum benefits. Now a days you and Haroon Rashid are advisors and spokes persons of PTI, you both advise to Imran that he should not make Elise of 'N' League, so that the present collision can get winning results again. Hassan Nisar and Haroon Rashid both are doing aberrant (گمراہ) to people of Pakistan
Submited By: yaqoob muhammad
23 June 2012
can you send me your contact ad
Submited By: yaqoob muhammad
23 June 2012
i want contact with you please dont ignor me i would like to talk you

with thanks
Submited By: toheedali
10 June 2012
Submited By: ali zafar
08 June 2012
sir its me your fan ali zafar sir i am very much worried with one issue i know that you dont like to help me but i wanna say that its really a halal work i have a commercial plot if you help me to sale out it then you will be get 50% of profit it is about 2.5 kanal and located at main abbot road lahore sir i did my best but i dont have have big contact its really a pure with out any single type of litigation so dont worry the sale deal will be through court so no doubt to be cheating and unfair pls help me out sir 03222139998 tanx
Submited By: Touqeer
07 June 2012
Sir i really like u plz do some think for Pakistan
Submited By: Junaid
06 June 2012
He is exceptionally clear headed , gives to the point , blunt and honest opinion.. I was shocked to see abusive language against him.. We need to have such people among us. If he is rich... its non of his fault( unless he earned it through corruption... which would ve been un-earthed by now). Any sane person, in these situations that Pakistan is passing through, would be shouting louder than him..... but majority of us are coward .....
Submited By: Karan K4
28 May 2012
We in India expect you to be the P.M of Pakistan and make it even better than Turkey, Singapore or Malaysia. Keep at it. If there is ever a threat to your life. Please go to the Indian Embassy and meet the MA there. We will take care of you and all your family members and provide you the bst of amenities in India. Salute to you sir. Not for sounding pro India sometimes, but being so brave. Who would not respect such a man among men.
Submited By: syed azfar kazmi
26 May 2012
i am from lahore living in tehran. can you send me your email id and phone no.
Submited By: Rawal
18 May 2012
Respected Hassan Nisar,

I respect you a lot and also agree with your ideology, however I only differ on one point with you. You always mention and give example of western leaders that they are honest with their nation and have humbleness. Most recent example you gave that British prime minister he was stuck in traffic and instead of waiting he came out of his car and start walking to his destination. You refer that they adopted these qualities from Islam.

I just want to give my opinion that they have not taken anything from Islam. They have a perfect role model for their life and for everyone in the world “Jesus Christ”
So please stop referring that they have adopted all good qualities from Islam.

Kindest Regards,
Submited By: sarfraz bhatti pindi bhattian
16 May 2012
we need more than 100 hassan nisar s for our nation .he speaks truth .no doubt he is great great great.when i came to know that when he was in universty he started his business on a was shocking for he is living in big house he deserve it.GEO HASSAN
Submited By: chohan tahir
13 May 2012
Hassan Nissar Zindabad may Allah bless u
You are the only one brave and truth speaker
May Allah give pakistan alot of people like u
True Pakistani,True muslim True Humanbeing
Submited By: S.KAUSHIK
10 May 2012
I am from India , and am an admirer of Mr Hassan Niar's talk shows. I watch them on youtube often.
There is always a grain of truth in what he speaks. Mr Nisar provokes a thought in his listeners and does not follow the popular themes or lines of politically correct statements.
It is time for our countries to open the door for free movement of people like the European Union. We share so much by way of languages, culture and cuisine.
I truly wish we in India too had outspoken journalists like him.
If I had his email address, I would have conveyed these sentiments directly to him.

Warm wishes,
S. Kaushik, Alibaug,( near Mumbai ) India
Submited By: Jugno Dada
05 May 2012
Gushti ka bacha. Qadyani Kutta!
Submited By: kumar sourabh
21 April 2012
Namastey Aslaamualeykum
Jenab Hassan Nisar Sahab

I am a resident of India Jammu and Kashmir. I love my country and i enjoy all facilities and rights in India . I Love humanity and mankind. We live here in peace Hindus Muslims Christians Buddhists and so on ... I don't hate Pakistan and i believe people like me don't hate Pakistan too.
Sir i work in our state university and in next two months i will have a phd degree in computer science.
I watch your shows you are my favorite. You are a scholar an intellectual and a great journalist . Unlike zahid hamid who is full of hatred and spread wrong messages to innocent people.
You have a perfect analytic approach towards serious matters . We Indians like you sir not because you show mirror to the ugly but we sometimes see our faces in the mirror which is in your hand . We learn from you especially me.
I must say that 'we' means Hindu and Muslim .

We have religious differences but after all we are humans made by same god. Some call him ieshwar some call him Allah . To understand this i think we don't require much effort . we share same physical and mental attributes what is a big deal in that?
Sir I request Pakistan media to play healthy role in the development of peace between the two nations.
I wish for you a great life health and prosperity.

Hindustan Zindabaad Pakistan bhi Zindabbad
Insaniyat ka ek hi naara .... Hindu Muslim behti
nadi ka ek hi kinara .....
Submited By: kumar sourabh
21 April 2012
Namastey Aslaamualeykum
Jenab Hassan Nisar Sahab

I am a resident of India Jammu and Kashmir. I love my country and i enjoy all facilities and rights in India . I Love humanity and mankind. We live here in peace Hindus Muslims Christians Buddhists and so on ... I don't hate Pakistan and i believe people like me don't hate Pakistan too.
Sir i work in our state university and in next two months i will have a phd degree in computer science.
I watch your shows you are my favorite. You are a scholar an intellectual and a great journalist . Unlike zahid hamid who is full of hatred and spread wrong messages to innocent people.
You have a perfect analytic approach towards serious matters . We Indians like you sir not because you show mirror to the ugly but we sometimes see our faces in the mirror which is in your hand . We learn from you especially me.
I must say that 'we' means hindu and muslim .We have religious differences but after all we are humans made by same god. Some call him ieshwar some call him allah . To understand this i think we dont require much effort . we share samr physical and mental attributes what is a big deal in that?
Sir I request pakistan media to play healthy role in the development of peace between the two nations.
I wish for you a great life health and prosperity.

Hindustan Zindabaad Pakistan bhi Zindabbad
Insaniyat ka ek hi naara .... Hindu Muslim behti
andi ka ek hi kinara .....
Submited By: nadeem ahmed
30 March 2012
AS SALAM O ALIKAUM,I want to discus a mater please contract me in my email or mobil number.Email., cell no 03072222733
Submited By: nasir khan
25 March 2012
Submited By: adnan abbas
23 March 2012
salam,sir kia bat hai ap ki.sir plz mi koch karna chahta hn moj ko jo asal pak ki hastary hai wo baty.kahn sy sdy karo.
Submited By: Mohammad Ali Shafiqee
17 March 2012
Hasan Nisar is a man who teaches us about history but does not know what is going on in Karachi! His heroes are well-known killers of Karachi. Why does he support them? A bundle of $ 5000 he receives every month. He joined Geo some two years ago, before how much he was getting? $ 5000 is a figure confirmed by reliable source.
Submited By: Rizwan
17 March 2012
can i get contact info or email address of mr nisar? i wanna get his guidance on some of my personal affairs. Regards
Submited By: Furqan
07 March 2012
you are always saying true sir hassan nisar, i love you.
Submited By: MAQSOOD RANA KINGRA....sialkot
02 March 2012
DEAR HASSAN,LOVE YOU. I SAY YOU ONE PERSIAN PROVERB OF SHEIKH SADDI. SADDIA SHIRAAZIA PENDH MEDHAY KUMZAAD RAA, KUMZAAD AAQIL CHOON SHAWEDH GARDDAN ZAANED USTAAD RA. MY BROTHER THIS GOALLESS,VISION LESS,GOD,S,FEAR LESS,ETHICS FREE CROWD WILL NIT TURN IN RIGHT DIRECTION BECOZ WE DON,T WANT TO BE REFINE OR FILTER OURSELVES.WE WANT TO BELIEVE ONLY MIRACLES,MAJICS AND COOKED HISTORY,FABRICATED STORIES OF OUR FAITH gods of politicians,mullahas,so called self made illiterate muslim philosphrs.we are guinny pigs of this elite plz try to save your skin becoz this is fanatics society.i want to see you face to face. is it possible in your precious time. it will be a great pleasure for me. my e mail is
Submited By: MAQSOOD RANA KINGRA....sialkot
02 March 2012
dear hassan, iam 100 percent agree with you in every aspect. in islamic point of political views and especially self fabricated islamic history.i have seen dirty abusive dirty language on this comments page. this is a brutish crowd having sick,jundiced ,and blind minds.don,t you worryi also think that this society is really going to hell where humans are slaughtered and robbers are plundering from parliment to mosques & graves. but we people who are being robbed and fucked abuse the people like you who try to awake this dormant and ill natured crowd... i think there is absolutly no treatment of this cancer which is called pakistan which was made by nawabs,fudals to fuck, rule, and nib we basterads. love you nisar love you dear.
Submited By: Azhar Butt
29 February 2012
Hassan Nisar Sahib You are one of the best Journalist in this world.
Submited By: zia ahmad
21 February 2012
i like you well doing man GOD bless you
Submited By: shahzad {Pakistan}
16 February 2012
Mr.hassan nissar you are a very brave man i like your TV shows very are the great person in pakistan who point criticize liar leaders & system which we follow in pakistan i do agree with you SIR.i m the student of Gujrat university pakistan
Submited By:
13 February 2012

Kindly furnish me mr. Hassan Nissar's e.mail address.
I simply want to thank him for his invigorating presentations.

Thank you

Submited By: saira khan
11 February 2012
hy sir,,yr show is really good and i am big friend of urs.. and whick party u belong?,,and in future ap jasaa koe leader is contry ko sambaly to may b this country developing country ,,.
Submited By: Swami Pranab Roy
29 January 2012
I am an Indian. I salute to Hasan Nisar ji. In India, we need persons like Hasan Nisar ji. A true photographer & not a painter. Enough paintings in our sub continent. Time to wake up. I humbly request him to visit India sometimes & share his " HONEST & TRUE" views about India & Indians also. Pakistan is lucky to have persons like Hasan Nisar. I wish our media will invite him rather few useless singers & Veena Malik from Pakistan.
Submited By: Ali Khan
29 January 2012
Hassan sahib theek tu kehtay hain k ye 18karor ka kabristan hay, yahan murday dafan hai, jo log maoon se bachy utha k un k hath paon tor k un ko bhikari bana deti hai, larkion ko kothay pe bitha deti hai, kabroon ko tu buksha nahi baatain aur galian tu sub se assan kam ha sachaai bardasht karna sub se mushkil kaam hai afsoos k aap logo ko Hassan sahib ki qeemat ka andaza hi nahi......
Submited By: shaheen akhtar
25 January 2012
,ye jo log ap k bare me apni soch ki tarha ghatia bate karte he ye log asal me ghatia he isi liye aj tak tarakki nai karsake,ye log ye nai sochte k ap jo kehte ho in k bhale k liye kete ho,jaha aise gande ande he waha hum jese ap ki qadar karne wale or sat dene wale b hain sir,humari khushkismati he k ap jesa kimti insan pakistan me he or humari badkismati ye he k log ap ki qadar nai karparai,ae pakistaniyo ye tumhare bhale ko bolte hain gor se sun ne ki dair he or samajne ki ,sir again hats off your thinking Allah ap ko khush or apni hifazat me rakhe me ap k liye har namaz me doa karoo gi inshaAllah
Submited By: shaheen
25 January 2012
,ye jo log ap k bare me apni soch ki tarha ghatia bate karte he ye log asal me ghatia he isi liye aj tak tarakki nai karsake,ye log ye nai sochte k ap jo kehte ho in k bhale k liye kete ho,jaha aise gande ande he waha hum jese ap ki qadar karne wale or sat dene wale b hain sir,humari khushkismati he k ap jesa kimti insan pakistan me he or humari badkismati ye he k log ap ki qadar nai karparai,ae pakistaniyo ye tumhare bhale ko bolte hain gor se sun ne ki dair he or samajne ki ,sir again hats off your thinking Allah ap ko khush or apni hifazat me rakhe me ap k liye har namaz me doa karoo gi inshaAllah
Submited By: shaheen
25 January 2012
,ye jo log ap k bare me apni soch ki tarha ghatia bate karte he ye log asal me ghatia he isi liye aj tak tarakki nai karsake,ye log ye nai sochte k ap jo kehte ho in k bhale k liye kete ho,jaha aise gande ande he waha hum jese ap ki qadar karne wale or sat dene wale b hain sir,humari khushkismati he k ap jesa kimti insan pakistan me he or humari badkismati ye he k log ap ki qadar nai karparai,ae pakistaniyo ye tumhare bhale ko bolte hain gor se sun ne ki dair he or samajne ki ,sir again hats off your thinking Allah ap ko khush or apni hifazat me rakhe me ap k liye har namaz me doa karoo gi inshaAllah
Submited By: zahid
23 January 2012
I had gone through all the videos of Mr Hassan Nissar on Youtube and other sites and found very interesting thing that whatever he said is true although he is very blunt in that. And for the people here who are abusing him for his blunt views, either they are blind or don't understand the criticallity of the current situation in pakistan (There language shows there start and mind set). But its true, no-one likes to listen about his own mistakes and faults because it hurts one's own ego. My view about Mr Hassan Nisar is that he truly defines the word Journalism and I appreciate his views and accept all the mistakes we had done till date and will contribute in rectifing them.

Rest what he is in his personal life I don't care, its his life and he is free to live the way he likes till its not affecting others or the Nation.
Submited By: sulah ud din
09 January 2012
Hasan bhai ;kuch tu log kahen ge logon ka kaam hai kehna, choro bekar kee baton ko kahen beet na jaye rena.. Allah pak app ko taufeeq de iss qaum ko ashi rah per chalne kee aur jeene kee. ameen
Submited By: kamran
06 January 2012
sahi bol rahy ho*** aadmi hai pakistan k khliaf har bat is*** sy karwa lo or*** ka bacha pakistan ka hi kahata hai or pakistan k khlaf bat karta hai amircan ka tatta
Submited By: raja belgium
06 December 2011
hassan nisar sb is great great and great person aj kal hassan sb jo achi achi batein logon ko bata rahein hain logon ko chahye k wo in baton ko sunien aur aik dosron ko bataein ta kei in choron se hamari jan chote
Submited By: Murad
06 December 2011
Man of word, Man of letter and man of sword Mr. Hassan Nasar. I saw some critics about him so down to earth by few ppl, that wat he talks abot in his shows that we ppl are just muslim by name nt by actions. Its a shame tat some of us are so cheap. As far as Mr. Hassan Nasar is concernered he is 101% right and his analysis about politics and religion is all true as well. Keep it up sir jee. Live long and speak the truth the same way as you do. ALLAH Bless you.
Submited By: Syed Ahsan Ali
02 December 2011
May I please have Hassan Nisar's email address.
Thank you
Submited By: Waqas Jamil
16 November 2011
Assalam o alikum,
I am interested to be a journalist and i want to join Mr Hassan Nisar because of that he is a great analyst.I want to learn the great art to anylise any body or anything whatsoever from him.How can i join Mr Hassan Nisar to teach me that how can become a great journalist or Analyst
Best Regards!
Submited By: Hameeed Ahmed
14 November 2011
Dear Hassan
Salams.I have no idea what you write about except you have the same name as my childhood friend.You have an uncanny resemblence to my friend Hassan also. My Hassan was the son of a great Arabic teacher who lived in Dubai, His brothers were Ali and Musa bhai.
If you are or not please just say Hi.
Submited By: muhammad saqib
03 November 2011
realestic person hasan nisar.i like you sir
Submited By: m zeeshan
03 November 2011
Dabang journalist
Submited By: Imtiaz Akhund
01 November 2011
Sir, you realy speak from my HARD, God bless you , in this fundamental Country we need more people like you who can show the real mirror of our so called culture, and the tabues from it. I love Islam but I do not see any Muslim , specily not in muslim countries including Pakistan, practising muslims are those whome we call kafir, Imti from Austria
Submited By: Abdul
11 October 2011
Only check his writing since last 15 years. you can understand him. He had used bad language against all the leadership of pakistan including great Z.A. bhutto Shaheed BB . He had criticized Muslims, Heros of muslims, History of muslims,He also shows the weak and dark side of Muslim umma. In fact He is enemy of Islam and muslims. in the shape of muslim he is Munafiq.He is an agent of enemies of Islam.
Submited By: komal amin
29 September 2011
bahut hi fazool admi hay
Submited By: Jahfri Ahamad Zia
27 September 2011
Hassan Issar ... 3 Ank rakta hai... Zinabad khuda Hap ko mazid Quwate Goftar de .... wasalam
Submited By: Ejaz
27 September 2011
Yes, this is one different style to attract the general public, presenting some kind of emotional calculated rights and wrongs. Basically this is the style of religious people , his style is same but on opposite direction . He and Imran Khan are talking about poor people. May be they both have little bit less amount then Zardari or Nawaz or Altaf etc. Look at their suits they wearing and watches are blink with gold and diamond and talking about poor people. Hasan Nasir Sb. please lower your tone little bit, i think you much batter than many others.good luck
Submited By: ikram
22 September 2011
i will like your column ,97 arab ki requvery........ ik sundar sapna!
Submited By: SHAHID
19 September 2011
Submited By: Muhammad Riaz
13 September 2011

I do agree with your views, shown in your all columns.
Alas! all the nation wake up as you want.
But it seems that it will take too much time (after the end of the lives of those peoples who eat coloured rice of their landlords or get Rs.200- 500 to cost the vote for his masters).
It is hoped that after passing away these peoples, circumstances would be changed.
However, please carry on your struggle.
May allah give you long life and prosper you.
Thanking you.
Submited By: Meraj
12 September 2011
Chootiyon ki kami nahi meray Yaar "
Dhoondo eak Miltay Hain Hazaar "
Hain Eak unhi May Hasan Nisar "
Submited By: kiran zahid noor, Pakistan
11 September 2011
dear sir it is pleased to state that I am already your fan, and mostly watched your opinion and suggestion and interviews in current affairs and in news analysis and one big thing which i admire by you sir that yours courage and love with Pakistan its called true love that u have no fear, specially its no doubt that " zalim jabir hukmran k samnay kalma haq buland karna " sir you are outstanding and brilliant mind with no fear and your style and voice proved that you really loved with Pakistan and sincere with Pakistani nation, and you are voice of nation and even of every little poor stress Pakistan male and female, sir all of my prays for u with core of heart, but in this stress and sorrow life one thing comes in mind even all of my friends and sorrow-dings contacts that you may not down or sale by any cheater politician , so please please don't sale yourself, you don't know when u speak true online how many hands puts for your longest healthy safe life, i hope you will take it seriously and will also discuss it in online your interview, its not only my voice but whole Pakistan voice Pakistan also condom for Nusrat Javaid from aaj T.v. also informed him our passions for him. thx
Submited By: Zulqarnain Jaffery
05 September 2011
My dear Hasan Nisar Sahib... AOA.

I am in academia, teaching at COMSATS Institute of Inforemation Technology, Islamabad campus.

I adore your valuable comments, blunt criticism and straightforward opinion about our Islamic history and pakistan's prevailing situation. I 100% agree with your thoughts BUT the only thing that I don't agree is your arrogance (at times) which simply do not suit your stature. Please try to overcome this habit.

Best Regards ..... !!!!
Submited By: pakistani
04 September 2011
jinab hasan nisar sahib aap aik khare insan han aur apki baten MASHALLAH kiya bat he hassan bhei app jo bhee kehte han aap so fi sad theek kehte han mujhe aap par fakhar he main jitni muhabbat pakistan se karta hoon itni hee muhabbat aap se bhee karta hoon
Submited By: Muzzammil.
02 September 2011
Respected Hassan Nissar sab

At The Moment Pakistani Nation Needs Nissar Sab Like Critics, Who Can Show mirror to you People....He is Like a Photographer What ever the scene will come against his camera he will shoot that....
He is Not a PAINTER who Paint Beutiful Sceneries like "sab Theak Hay"....
Isse Painter kisam k Journalists nay tu Pakistani Nation ko Iss Edge par Laa Khara Kiya Hay....
k Abotabad Operation Ho jata hay tu bhi Hum Kuch Nai Kar saktay.... Hamaray Naam Nihaad critics SAB THEAK HAY a Raag Aalaap kar Nation o Sulaa Daytay hain....
Well Done Hassan Nisar.....
Submited By: Arshad Jamal Butt
29 August 2011
Strange to see this abusive language. Literate people even do not know how to express indifference. First we should ask those people whom are using abusive language what is you own character? Mr. Hassan Nisar can be wrong but it’s not the way to express. Come up with logic and provide evidences then simply everyone will accept your point.
Submited By: Ali
27 August 2011
Character ki baat krtay ho. apna character dekho dosto. Kisi muslamaan k baray main itni gandi baat kehna humin zeb nain deeta. Hasan Nisar jo kehta he us se us k character ka kia lena dena. Dekho sach sach hota he. chahey kisi k muhn se niklay. or jo sahib un ko 100% janatay hein janab apko uska ghar tu nazar aata he apnay hukamrano ke mehal nazar nain aatay jo qoum k looti hui dolat se banay hue hein. app vote detay hue ye sochtay ho. Mujhe ap logon ke soch pr bohat afsoos he is soch ki hamil qoum kesay inqalab le kr aaie gi.
Submited By: shazad
18 August 2011
NISAR sahab app key moonh ki tareef ney hai app aek achi nasal key kutey ki najaiz aulad hoo gali ki awara kutia sey.
Submited By: shazad
18 August 2011
yeh qasai key pahthey key nichey bethey hooye kutey ki tarha bhoonkta hai harami islam aur pakistani qoom kaa gadaar.
Submited By: tahir
12 August 2011
bad man hai.sharabi hai
Submited By: arain aamir
05 August 2011
very very good man
Submited By: bashir
30 July 2011
About politics you may say what ever you want but about islam your knowledge is zero.
Submited By: Akmal Farooq (Italy)
18 July 2011
I know him personally when he was editor of evening paper of Lahore. People of Lahore knows very well that what is standard of evening papers. He is 100% opposite as he show him. He lives in a house worth of billions while he talks about the poor. Basically he is mentally upset and characterless person.
Submited By: eiqaan ahmad pasha
18 July 2011
hassan nisar is a man of letters,,, we have less people in pakistan of this creed ,, we need some more hassan to be a well aware nation,, hats off to your thinking sir.
Submited By: Anonymous
18 July 2011
Your ideas are creative but vague, everyone has their own view of judging the world and I respect it, The point is to change that view. Please elaborate your ideas further, and provide a solution, you are a good critic, be a good consultant.
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