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Dr Danish

Dr Danish
Born: N/A
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation(s): 92 News
Citizenship: Pakistani Live in Karachi
Views: 84,805 | Comments: 43 | Votes: 133
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Dr Danish Journalist and Host Of programme
Jawab Chahiye
Jawab Chahiye
Jawab Chahiye on 92 News.
He did a programme on Ary News Named Sawal Yeh Hey On ARY NEWS

A person who Fights for the Rights of his People, A Bold Pakistani and a Charasmatic Anchor....

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AND HE IS DOING SO...........

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Submited By: Ali Hassan
14 December 2016

Today I am writing to highlight an important issue related to LRMIS-Board of Revenue, Govt Punjab. World Bank Project ID P090501

This project have serious problems in it. One every step bribery is involved.

Claim of transparency and merit is totally false claim.

Starting with the HR-hiring step.

There is rate fixed.

Initial Hiring:

SCO (service center official) rate is 5-6 Lac per person.

SCI (service center in-charge) rate is 16-17 Lac per person.

For Transfers/Posting:

SCO (service center official) rate is 50 thousand to 01 Lac per person (rate vary as per location/center/city).

SCI (service center in-charge) rate is 01-02 Lac per person (rate vary as per location/center/city).

Getting clean chit after corruption charges proved:

There is a simple way to get a clean chit in this department. Simply give some share in HQ/PMU and get a clean chit. After getting yourself cleared once, you are good to go for every bad deed/corruption.

Corruption at service centers:

Corruption/bribery is on full swing in almost every service center. If one have to get Fard for any transactional purpose, he/she have to pay extra amount other than the govt dues to get documents.

For attestation of mutation, old percentage formula is involved. 5%-6% amount is charged on every transaction.

On implementation of Legal Stay orders, same formula is used.

Above mentioned are only few points which I am writing. There are many other areas on which I am not writing which include Procurement etc. where there is hell of corruption.

From this one can easily understand how fair and clean this project is and if a person is getting job by paying he/she will definitely earn back the paid money by any mean and will do corruption.

I have name of few persons who are the ring leader in HR department of this project. I am not sharing my identity but if you think I wrote something real you can by yourself inquire and identify the culprits.

Recent checking of PMU HQ by CM secretariat official is also an eye wash. No Proper inquiry was conducted and main culprit is again free to earn by Un-fair means. Still staff is giving bribery for transfers and new employment.

Before going to give the employees permanent status in the new authority which is about to be created for this department, identify and struck out those corrupt figures from this system. Otherwise this will project will be a strong blow on face of PML-N.

Say No to Corruption.
Submited By: LATIF ABDUL
01 October 2016
Submited By: Ahmed khan Achikzai
08 July 2016

Dr Dansh Saheb I saw your programe on Mehmood khan achakzai what your participants were saying they know nothing & they say nothing about his activities I am one of the Achikzai tribe head if the pakistan & you want to know his real face you just have a programe & invite me my name is Ahmed khan Achikzai Thank you
Submited By: Saba Khan
14 February 2016
I would be grateful if someone can plz gv me Dr Danish contact no. I need to ask about current situations in Pakistan. Also im managing an education scholarship trust & want to discuss with him. Thanx
Submited By: Shafique Khan
23 December 2015
I am looking for Doctor Danish Iqbals contact E.Mail & iPhone number to discuss some issues resolution of Pakistani politcs and how to make Pakostan a better place to live for all Pakistanis.
At present I am living in Canada since last 10 years.

1 780 715 4378.
Submited By: Shafique Khan
23 December 2015
I am looking for Doctor Danish Iqbals contact E.Mail & iPhone number to discuss some issues resolution of Pakistani politcs and how to make Pakostan a better place to live for all Pakistanis.
At present I am living in Canada since last 10 years.

1 780 715 4378.
Submited By: Nazir Ahmed Aasi
24 October 2014
Dear Doctor Danish. I am in Sydney, Australia. My land line telephone number is +61 2 46561733 and mobile number + 61 432573135. I want to inform you that under present Constitution, Electoral Reforms are not possible because of the fact that as per Article 63A(Defection) no Member of Parliament can cast his/her vote against the direction of Head of a Political Party.
Submited By: Abdul Qadeer
10 September 2014
Respected Dr. Danish
Assalam o alaikum wa rahmatullah
Kindly send me your e-mail address. I want to sent you some interesting informations about human rights and poltical system in Sweden. I am living here since 1988 and have learnt a lot of the Welfare system.
Thanking you in anticipation
Abdul Qadeer
Submited By: Abdul
13 August 2014
Bastard like Mubashar Luqman , Dr. Shaid Masood, Dr. Danish are disgrace for Pakistan. And if we need any progress in Pakistan they should be hand to their foreign masters.
Submited By: Muhammad Yaseen
17 July 2014
I am Life Member of Tehreek Minhaj ul Quran. I was been worked on following posts:

President MYL Distt Okara

Nazim Tehreek Teh Tandlianwala

Nazim Tehreek Distt Peshawar

Member Aitikaf Management for 16 years

Incharge Block Aitkaf for 5 years

I want to meet you regarding MQI Inqlab.
Submited By: dr. asad chaudhry
13 June 2014
Dear Dr. Danish,
Please accept my sincere condolances at the passing away of your dear mother. God bless her soul.
I am just this minute watching your programme, 4.20pm in UK.
Regarding your todays question as to who is for or against the democracy (so called in Pakistan). My answer to that is that just about every member of Parliament today. The reason being that none of them has ever been sincere to one party or should I say have any convictions of any kind. If they had any principals or convictions, they would stick to their ideals and fight for those ideals. They have all moved from one party to another without any convictions and therefore you cannot draw a line between the for and against. For the sake of getting a position in any party they would do anything even sell their concious.
dr. Asad Chaudhry
Submited By: Chris
05 May 2014
Dear Dr. Danish: with your vision and views you are my hero please keep up the good work
Submited By: Maj (r) M. Arif Hashmi
21 April 2014

A nation who forgets its past, endures the worst in present, but closes its mind and eyes again to a dreadful future as it has learnt to live on but empty promises. Its leaders trying to create their own empires to be worthy called as emperors as they have learnt how to fool this nation through themselves and now in their new coming up political siblings who have already and recently taken over from their fathers to be rightly called as one politician puts it – a new breed of computer generated corrupt mafia. The older and the younger regimes have now only one agenda to demoralize the only stable institution at all cost – even to the peril of the country existence so that their world of corruption rules supreme. There was a third option in the supreme, but how can a person who throughout his carrier gets the option to defend the wrong can now grow up in a chair to defend the right only – taking the example of ex chief of the Supremes. The present regime came to power not because of their love for the country or the poor, but in promises that the prevailing regime was corrupt to the hilt and whenever they come to power, the wealth of the plunder of Pakistan will be brought back and make the poor prosperous. Alas, both the new and the old have joined together as not a word of corruption can kiss each other lips -quite clear that their empires to continue in their sphere of influence but a fair deal in dividing the envisaged plunder for the future.
The corruption has seeped deep down in the society – who is to blame for it. The murderers get away because the so called supreme defend their cases in the courts for money sake and the higher supreme lets the murderer and thieves off because of the law which they have themselves made carry all the snags. Just look at the face of every politician and affiliated mafia on the TV screen. Their choice of words with an under smile in making the poor public dump is evident from their faces and still they do not flinch. A common food hawker is skinning his own brethren - The poor is downing havoc on his next have not and haves, while the haves havoc on their haves and more on the have not. Morality has dwindled and any respectable is on the verge of committing suicide. Does prosperity come in by running busses and polluting the environment as it is again the act of mafia. What has happened to scores of busses lying unmaintained in the stands? Under developed countries have rails underground and in space to lighten the environment, but alas, us! The list if corruption is endless – it’s only for the one to weigh the standard who leads in corruption. The electricity scandal, the railway scandal, the AOB scandal, the bhatta (extortion) scandal, the land scams – in which the ex government is knee deep to acquire wealth for their future generations. Name any government functionary to be clear of any embezzlement and yet the TV anchors with naive faces and stories attached to the famous few being knee deep in scandal of receiving foreign aid with respected think tanks join in to malign the only organized and still efficient organized organization and the country savors – just to clear the way for further corruption and serve the new world order.
Three options gone, now what is the fourth option! I do not want to mention the fifth option as that would be too dreadful for all of us – The storming of the Bastille. The fifth option maybe will have a small part to play in the fourth option. The rising of a selfless group, who could prove its sincerity through ranks and not through wealth. One, whose call could be taken as a word of religion, a group who has just one agenda – ‘all corrupt to be brought to books’ – It may be from any walk of life, the forces, the politicians, the judiciary, the central and the provincials. A single and swift action in which no individual should escape. All the plunderers from top to bottom wither in any functionary to be hauled up. Held high up and upside down from their feet, till they cough all the wealth out. Who can stand up to bullet if you are on the wrong side? All who bring their wealth back to the country and submit in fair allowed to live, otherwise Khomeni - the answer. Law to be supreme. No Wadera, no Chaudhry, No Malik, no Khan and no pardons – only PAKISTAN.

Maj (Retd) Mohammad Arif Hashmi
Submited By: noman
04 April 2014
Asalam Alekum , 1 shaks jo pakistan k liye din raat qurbani di, apny mulk k liye jang ki apny mulk ka karza maaf karwayea agar galt hota to kya pakistan attah ap se umeed thi k ap log sath doge apky mulk imdad deny ki baat karah tha phely baar inki hukumat mai loadshading iane nahi thi jo ap log 6 saal se bardash kareh hai ye koun sa insaaf hai k 1 bandy ko bakkaro srif 1 ko or sub shuro hojao baqi mujrim kha hai ye pakistan k low hai na chor ka sathi b chor to baqi k chor kha hai 1 maa se aus ka beta door hai maa apni zindagi ki akhri saasy ly rahi hai apny bety ko yead kar kar k or ye zalim log jany nahi dety dekha jae to bilqul fox she wala kaam hai tarsa tarsa k toucher dy kar marah jarah hai srif badaly ki aag mai ap ko koi apki maa se door rakhy kaisa mehsos karo gy ap socho or aj 1 khas baat sunno ye punjabi pathan bloch etc,ye hukumat ny intni nafrat peda kardi jo aj tk koi solve nahi karata seyasatdan nafrat peda karaty hai areh hum sub bhai bhai hai nabi ka farman hai bhai chara peda karo musalman apas mai bhai bhai hai to shetano ki baato mai q areh ho sb se phely hm musalman hai bhai hai koi b zaban bolreh ho magar ho bhai phir hm pakistani hai bus thora sochna shukaria
Submited By: Dr. Arshad Kamal Khan
31 August 2013
Your talk shows are singularly more honest in its approach of the subject at hand. On the recent debate about the dismal affairs of Pakistan I would like to voice the following. Its been more than three decades that the affairs of Karachi in particular and of Pakistan at large have been spiraling downwards with increased sufferings of the people. In this turmoil the State of Pakistan is getting weaker in all important sectors. I would suggest that in your next show to float the idea, that those Pakistanis involved in serious crimes in Pakistan,in tax evasions, in laundering money, in corroborating with criminals be declared enemies of Pakistan. Those who do not reveal the culprits, maintain silence over misdeeds of others, use dishonest practices in elections, give wrong evidence be similarly declared as non well wishers of Pakistan. This is the only way to deal with the situation in Pakistan. They must be ostracized by naming and shaming them.
Submited By: khair andesh
27 June 2013
Assalam o Alaikum,

Mohtram ,

Kia Aamir, Dictator, Ghasib jese khitabat mazi ki kaiee muslim hukoomaton ya tarze hukumrani se mutasadim nahi ? Agar Tareekh e Islam ka mutala kia jae to kia ye ashakr nahi hota k bohat se muslim hukumran hakim e waqt k sath sath apni army ke sipah salar bhi rahe aur shandar tareekh raqam kar gae. Pehli Islami riasat Madina, riasat e Khulafa e Rashdeen, aur deegar bad azan hukumranoon ki aksairat bayak waqt donon office hold karti thi to ab ye khilafe shariat khitabat aur muhkalfat secular parties se ziada mazhabi parties ki taraf se kiyoon. Kia article 6 khilaf e shariat ya islami tareekh se mutassadim nahi ? Ye sawalat behes (debate ) ke mutaqazi hen.


Khair Andesh Pakistani
Submited By: Mohammad Ashraf
01 May 2013
Dr. Danish Asalam o Aalakum! Kisi ko aap Bolnay nahi daitay aaj meri baat sunain aur is Matter par gour karain.
Pakistan k buhat se masaile par aap na logo ko khara sach btayea har issue par baat ki. lekin afsoos k aap ma se kisi ankarr ki ikhlaaki jurrat nahi hui k pakistan k punjab k mazdooron ki baat ki jaye punjab k private factory maalkaan ki jo pichly 3 dahayeaon se har mazdoor ki kanooni choori ko awaam k saamnay layea jaye kahnay ko to buhat kuch ha lekin aap sarmayea daaron ki baat to kartay hain lekin jo aham tareen muamla mazdooron ka ha is mulak ma shaheed zulfkaar bhutto k ilaawa kisi ma jurrat nahi ha k woh mazdooron ka haqook ki baat karay aik baar idhar b to dayaan dain aur muj se pochain k is punjab ma private factory k maalkaan na kis tarah kanoon ka mazaak banayea hua ha aur is mulak k kanoon ko woh jhooti par b nahi likhtay . aap ma ma na kuch dekha ha is lye aap ko yeh msg da raha hoon agar himmat ha to is baray ma b kuch karain aur awaam ko kuch btayen......


Mohammad Ashraf
Cell# 0324-6140852
Submited By: Syed Ahmed Mumtaz
25 April 2013
The question Dr. Danish raise are really his sincere efforts to keep aware and eager wants of the people of Pakistan and the public in common as such.
Submited By: Khalid
24 March 2013
Time to Save Pakistan , Elections are very near , this time No or Never. We request to reject all old corrupt political parties as pakistani are suffering by their acts of their past. Share the awareness.
Submited By: Khalid
16 March 2013
Please read the Nomination paper issued by Election commission of Pakistan.
pakistani people are going to be cheated again. It allowing the currupt people to come via back door. Save Pakistan.(Down with the stay orders ).
Submited By: zahid
10 March 2013
It's very sad to note that you always use to call Mr.Babar Awsn as Dr.Babar Awan, because he is not a true Ph.D as he could never prove the authenticity of his Ph.D. Ph.D is not a joke, it takes time and efforts and abilities to obtain this highly place degree.

We do not understand why you try to promote him as a Ph.D knowingly that the College he referred to obtained the Ph.D from, is not in existance.

You are asked to please stop pleasing him by calling him a Ph.D - do you get money from him for doing so, we don;t think so. Therfore, please stop calling him a Ph.D Doctor.

What he was doing while he was in power and how come he has starrting bitching at the Govt. he was a partner of.

Please call him just Mr.Babar Awan.

Zahid - Chicago - USA
Submited By: abid
20 January 2013
dr sahab asalam app se sawal ye hia app her roz kisi na kisi se elec ki baat keten hia in ko kia pata baher gharib ki kia halat hia in ko na atty ka pata hia ye to sab apni apni seat k pechey legey howy hain in ko kuch batien thankx
Submited By: Waheed'Akhtar
20 January 2013
Dr. Danish saahab! Assalam_o_alaikum! me aap ki tawajjo is trf lazli chahou ga k aap is baary me b aik programe zaroor karin k humaary schools aur colleges jin me k political activities ki mumaaniat hy mgr mera taalluq choonky punjab sy hay is liy me btana chahou ga k punjab k baishter colleges me bahot saari aisi parties kaam krti hain PML(N) k liy. JUI, PAKHTOON k liy. aur inka taalluq PML(N), PML(Q), aur JUI (F) k ssth rehta hay. isi liy to Qadri sahb k long march k khilaaf punjab govt khaas tor py in colleges ki parties ko roads py ly i, or us roz jamhooriyt ko asal khatra Punjab
govt k aisy iqdaam ny daal dia tha jb k Qadri sahab ka long march Pakistan ki taareekh ka pur ammn march tha jis me 1 pather tk nhe mara gya, jb k baaqi tamam parties ka ahtijaaj ap k samny hoty hain. plz ap sy guzarish hay k aisi parties jo k colleges student ko apny syaasi muqaasid k liy istimaal krti hain, in ko by_niqaab kia jaay. q k ye parties inko funding kr k apny kaam krwati hain. Thanks
Submited By: Waheed'Akhtar
20 January 2013
Mohtaram Dr Danish sahab Assalam'o'Alaikum Me apka programe bahot shoq sy dekhta hou' khas tor py long march k hawaly sy ap k programes dekhny qabil thy' mgr programe sub hi achy hoty hain*
'HUMAIN SYASATDAAN NHE LEADER CHAHIY' k unwaan sy apka programe baot shaandaar tha*
Allah apko hmesha qaym rkhy or izzt dy*
14 January 2013
one of the very few honest and dedicated anchor who questions every guest with a completely unbiased attitude and examines every issue objectively. has to be the best anchor on all the private channels
Submited By: MUshtaq Ahmad
06 January 2013
Dr sb you are really doing a great program I appriciate and solute your incourage and participation in building the country a real democratic islamic state for that Dr Tahir ul qadri struggling for .we are sure if there are more such anchores like you who are not at pay role we can get rid of heritagious .land lord dectatorship in the name of democracy axctualy is a very strong democraticdectatarship
Submited By: MUshtaq Ahmad
05 January 2013
Aslam o alikum
Dr danish sb
I really apriciate you the way you are playing your very vital and important role to build a real new democratic islamic country .we love you and all other such genion bold and revolutionary anchors
May God bless you
Submited By: shoukat ali abbasi
19 December 2012
Dr. Younis, Hope u will be fine. Though your Tv talk show is much better than other anchers yet a complaint which has been noted seriously that our politicians are using quite absured language in talk shows. as you know that all family personnels jointly watch TV shows and this attitude may affects on our families, childerns and all persons. So I humbly requested that "prior to start the talk show, a lecture regarding non using of so dirty language may be given to our politicians and dont call them "RAHNUMA " as all anchers address them i.e rahnuma PTI, rahnuma MQM etc" These are not nahnuma. "NAHNUMA AIK HE HOTA HAY" yeh nakammay jinse mulk tou door ki bat gher tak nahi sambhalay jaty kia es like hain jaisy mr. Imran Khan jes becharay ko ghar ya ghar dari jaisy jannat kay barry nahi pata. zinda misaal hay. ap bhi socheay sir, meri nakas raey hay plz. thank you sir.
Submited By: shoukat ali abbasi
19 December 2012
Sir, ap jaisy mohib e watan log hmary ilk ka sarmaya hain. ap ki belaag guftagu aur bina ligi lipti bat ap kay azeem hony ka bayan sabut hay. dr sr ek swal arz hay kabi moqa milay tou mujy ek lafz "rahnuma" ka matleb samjha diejeay aur ap tmam TV shows waly jo siasat daanu k liey estemal karty hain kia yes es tarif par pura utarty hain? kahain aisa tou nahi k ham kuch es lafz ko badnaam kr rahy hain es per etemad ko thais puncha rahy hain. Mery nazdik rahnuma qaum ka ek hi hota hay agar qaum eik ho aur ham chunkay aik qaum hain to rannuma bhi aik he hona chahey. en logun ko sirf siasat dan he kahna kafi hay aur mary nazdik ye estallah bhi en par puri nahi utarti.yeh log tou es seay miltay jultay alfaz kay haq dar hain. aap bahtar jaanty hain. wasalaam
Submited By: Engr.Mik
12 December 2012
assalmu alikum

dr. sb from where you are purchasing the half sleves sweaters.

plz let me know
is this available in Pakistan and from where with price plz and
if not kindly provide me the same 3- 4piece
thnk u
Submited By: rashid ahmad
22 October 2012
sr , are bold ,you are brave .i love by heart.
Submited By: miss azam
21 October 2012
Dr danish i tink ur doin a fab job. Keep up d gud work for the pakistani people who dnt seem to hav much of a voice.
Submited By: D awan
14 June 2012
جناب ایماندار ججز فخرالید ین جی ابراہیم ،،،، ناصر اسلم زاید اور جنہون نین آیین غداری ایل ایف او کا حلف نیین اٹھایا ۔۔۔ اور تمام ایماندار دوستون کے لیے
واہ جی واہ زیادہ وکلا اور ججز نیں تو خوبصورت فیصلہ دے دیہا
۱۔۔۔.اب تمام سرکاری ملازم بچوں کو کھلی اجازت دہ دیں اور خود ایمانداری سے نوکری کریں
خدا کا واسطہ یے اپنی برادری کو نان بچاو ایمان کو اور اللہ کے عزاب کو دیھکو
اصل حقیقت قانونی یہ یے----
۲..سرکاری ملازم جس نے ذرا سی تسکین حاصل کی ( شکریہ بی کبول کیا ) ڈائریکٹ یا ان ڈائریکٹ اس شخس سے جس کا معاملہ اس کے پاس یے تو کرپشن سابت ہو گیی
161 تعزیرات پاکستان
3--161 تعزیرات پاکستان تو لگے گی .سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب) کے خلاف بہصیحت لنک اس شخص کے ساتھ جو ان ڈاریکٹ( ارسلان ) ملوس ہے اس شخس (ریاض ملک) سے جس کا معاملہ سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب)کے کے پاس یے-
۴--162 --163 تعزیرات پاکستان لگے گی اس شخص کے. خلاف جسکا لنک سرکاری ملازم کے ساتھ یے- اور اس شخس (ریاض ملک) سے جس کا معاملہ سرکاری ملازم( چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب)کے کے پاس یے
۵-- ۱۰۹ بھی لگے گی ،،،، چیتنگ اور فراڈ کی سیکشنز بھی لگین گی
۶ .. 161 PPC کو سا بت کرنین کے لیے مندرجہ زیل سبوت کافی یین اور اگر چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف 161 PPC سا بت ہو ریی ہے تو ارسلان صاحب کے خلاف الزم اسانی سے سا بت ہو جا ہین گے ( مندرجہ زیل سبوت 161 PPC کے لیے ارسلان کو سپورٹ کے زرہیے چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کا لنک ،،اور ملک ریاض کے خلاف بلیک میلنگ اور دھمکی کو سا بت کرتا ہے)
۱........جس طرح کرکٹ کیس مین بکیز نین پیلے یہ سابت کرایا کہ عامر ،، اصف،،سلمان ان کے پینل پر یین ۔ اور انہون نیے ،، نو بال کرا کے،، کیچ چھو ڑ کر یہ سابت کیا ۔۔۔۔۔ بلکل اسی طرح چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے یہ سابت کیا۔۔ عید کے موقہ پر اپنے بیٹے کے ساتھ جا کر او شخس کے پاس جو ملک ریاض کا پارٹنر یے
،ب۔۔۔۔۔میڈیا مین آنے کے بعد بیٹے کے خلاف ایکشن
،پ۔۔۔ 6 ماہ پیلے اعتزاز صاحب نے بتایا اور کوی ایکشن نین لیا
،ت۔۔۔ پاکستان مین جس سے رشوت لو اس کو ریلکس نین دیا جاتا تا کی بعد مین سبوت کے طور پر دیکھا سکین کہ کو ی ریلکس نین دیا گیا۔ پر پھر بھی پاکستان مین دیوانی مقدمون کے فیصلے ۱۰۰ سال تک نین ہوتے تو ریاض ملک کے خلاف فیصلے ہفتون مین ہونان یہ سا بت کرتا ہے کہ یہ بلیک میلنگ اور دھمکی کے لیے یے۔۔
،ٹ ...اب بھی سب کچھ ہونے کے بعد ملک ریاض کا ریکارڈ منگوانا اور ارسلان کے خلاف نان منگوانا یہ دھمکی نین تو کیا ہے۔
،ژ ،،،،۔۔تمام وکلا برادری اور ایمان والے یہ بتایین کہ ملک ریاض کے ان الزامات کے بعد چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کوی بھی مقدمہ ملک ریاض یا اس کی فیملی کے خلاف سن سکتے یین ۔۔۔ لیکن جس دن ملک ریاض عدالت مین پیش ہوا اس دن چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے ملک ریاض کے خلاف مقدمہ سنا تو یہ ارسلان کے ساتھ دینان اور ملک ریاض کو دھمکانان نیین یے۔
،ج...فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یے
،چ-- یہ کیس کسی بھی صورت مین ججز نین سن سکتے کیون کی سب ججز کی سیاسی مومنٹ کی وجہ سے وہ باحص یین اس لیے نیب یا ایف ای اے سے کرای جاے پھر بی یہ ججز سن رہین ہین
،ح۔۔۔۔۔۔ پہلے ہی دن کورٹ مین دھمکی دے کر ڈرانان کہ میرے بس مین ہوتا تہو دونون یعنی ریاض ملک کو جیل بھج دون ریاض ملک کو دھمکی نین یے
،خ۔ 161/109PPC کو چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف خلاف اگر سابت ہوتا یے تو کیا یہ آیین سے غداری نہن یے...................................................................................۔اپ اللہ تعالی کے لیے حال دیکھین اور سا تھ ماضی دیکھ لین جو اس وقت حال تھا
۱...جب بی امریکا کے خلاف اور اب ۳ ماھ سے ناٹو کے خلاف ایکشن لیا یے عدالت کے زور گورنمنت کے خلاف زیادہ ہو گیا تو قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے .
.۲۔۔ پہلے ہی دن کورٹ مین دھمکی دے کر ڈرانان کہ میرے بس مین ہوتا تہو دونون یعنی ریاض ملک کو جیل بھج دون سی جے صاحب کی اس دھمکی کے پیچھے بی قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۳ ۔۔۔۔۔۔ میمو گیٹ مین کچھ بی نیین لیکن اب ارسلان کو بچانے کے لیے گورنمنٹ کے خلاف ہو گا یہ قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۴ -- ایک پا رٹی کے خلاف جب کیس عمران اور اصغر خان نین کیس کھلوایا تو چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کے خلاف بھی مقدمین کھل گیے اور اسکے بعد ایک جلسے مین شہباز شریف صاحب نیے ایک جلسے مین دل کھول کر ملک ریا ض صاحب کی خوب تعریف کی،، یہ قصور سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
انصاف کی بات منہ سے نکالو
۵ ۔۔۔ 32سال کادودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان اگر۳ کروڈ ملک ریاض سے لے لیتا یے تو وہ بچا یے قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۲ فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یے اگر وہ تو سارے بچےیین قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۷۔۔ ریاض صاحب اگر ایک سال سے اپنے مقدمات کی وجہ سے بلیک میل ہو رہے ہہن اور ان سے بجے ارسلان نین کروڑون روپے لے لیے ہہن اگر وہ تو بچا یے قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۸۔ چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب کہتے ہہن کہ وہ غریب ہہن ،جب ان کی فیملی کو دودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان باہر لیکر جاتا یے اور وہ پو چھتے نہہن ہین اگر تو قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۵۔۔ کل دنیا کو پتہ ہے کہ ملک ریاض کے بہت سے مقدمات سپرہم کورٹ مین چل رہے ہہن اور اگر ۳۲ سال کادودھ پیتا بچا ارسلان ۳ کروڈ ملک ریاض سے لے لیتا یے فیملی سمیت لندن کی سیر ہوتی یےایک سال سے ملک ریاض کےداماد کے ساتھ گوم رہین ہین اور اگر چچیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب کو پتا نہین چلتا تو قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۶۔۔ چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب جب پیلی دفہ بحال ہوے اور ۷۰ فی صد الزمات ان کے خلاف ، مشرف صاحب نے واپس لیے اور وہ بھری ہوے اور اس کے بد لے مین چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف سب کی مخالفت کے باوجود وردی مہن الیکشن لڑنہن کی اجازت دی تا کی مزید ۵ سال حکموت کرے تو یہ قصور تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا
۷۔۔مشرف کی دوستی مہن چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے اہل اہف ہو حلف لیا کہون کے ارسلان کے ما میلے کی طرح وہ نا سمجھ تھے تو یہ قصور بھی سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۸۔۔چیف جٹس ا فتہخارصاحب نے ایک پارٹی کے حق مینن فیصلے دیے اور اب میران کیس بھی ان کے حق مین ہونا یے ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۹۔۔اب ارسلان بھر ی ہو جاہین گے ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا ہو گا
۱۰۔۔ایک وفاقی وزیر الزام مین ایک سال سے اندر ہے اس کی ضما نت نین ہو رہی ہےاس نا انصافی کا قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۱۔۔ اگر کسی نین بھی و ڈیو اور سب کچھ ریکارڈ کیا اس نین عوام کے سامنین لایا اس نین سب کچھ حق بتا کر غلط کیا تو یہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے

۱۲۔۔عتیقہ اوڈو کے خلار سو موٹو ہتا ہے ٹھیک یے لیکن اب تک یمنڈ ڈیوس کے خلاف نین ہتا یےیہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۳۔۔جنگ اخبارکراچی ۱۰ فر وری صفحہ نمبر ۱۰ کالم نمبر ۴۴ کے مطابق ۔چیف جٹس ا فتہخارصاحب نے ایک کیس کے دوران ریمارکس پاس کیے کا ریمنڈ ڈیوس کیس ایک سیاسی معملہ یے ان کا یہ کینا بھی قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
.۱۴۔۔ .چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے مشرف صاحب کو ۳ سال کے لیے ایک شخس کو ایین مین ترمیمم کرنین کی اجازت دی ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے.....
۱۵۔۔اب ۳۲ سال عمر مین کوی جرم کرے تو کوی جرم نین
۱۶۔۔آیین کا حلف اٹھا کر چیف جٹس افتہخار صاحب نے چیف جسڑس افتہخار صاحب نے آہین کے خلاف غداری کرتے ہوے مشرف صاحب کو ۳ سال کے لیے ایک شخس کو ایین مین ترمیمم کرنین کی اجازت دی ہہ قصور بھی تو سارا زرداری اور گورمنٹ کا یے
۱۷۔۔۔۔۔۔ ملک ریاض کا وکیل بہت اچھا یےمگر وہ بھی وکلا برادری ساتھ دے گا
انصاف کی بات منہ سے نکالو...تا کہ اپ کےاور اپ کےخاندان کے ساتھ انصاف ہو
Submited By: razarahman
14 May 2012
salay tujay nahe patta k gillni sazayafta hay?
Submited By: razarahman
23 April 2012
4 me their is no difference between Dr.Danish & shtaan(but as Anchor)if we cut an from word ANCHOR wat lift....chor(choor machay shoor)
Submited By: ZALI
13 February 2012
when u demond from chief Justice then what is reason for explaination and the other thing of saying of DOG Danish the Khan do not Know those worrd of URDU want to say that yes we do not care in which launage u and ur so called analist shafi Dog of MQM is barking
Submited By: kamal butt pakistani
08 January 2012
dr saab in bai gairat logoon kee gairat ko jgaain.ALLAH aap kai saath hai!!!
Submited By: kamal butt pakistani
08 January 2012
dr saab in bai gairat logoon kee gairat ko jgaain.ALLAH aap kai saath hai!!!
Submited By: ajmal
03 January 2012
he is one of the bold pakistani tv anchor .
Submited By: Dr. Khurram Mirza
06 November 2011
Keep up the good work. Please bring up one point for the anchors. All our anchors have such great responsibility on their shoulders towards Pakistan. The rating of the channel is important but Pakistan comes first. That should be the difference between Zardari and lot and you people. For them their interest comes first. When anchors call people for interview do you realize that they never give you an answer. You ask them about one charge and their answer always is that the other is doing that and you should ask them this first. The simple anchor person always falls into this trap willingly or unwillingly and the whole program is totally wasted. There should be this rule for everyone, Only give answer for the question asked and not to deflect it. Otherwise all this programs are rubbish.Look at your and others programs in the last many years and you will see that each and every question is defelcted. Its very frustrating. If you want answers, then the rule should be,'no deflection, dont use excuses like democracy, constitution, Benazir or bhutto etc. Just stick to the point.
Thank you
Khurram Azam
12 October 2011
his people??????????????????
Submited By: Abdullah Hashmi
24 September 2011

In Saheb-e-Anchor ka pora Ism-e-Girami to bataain.....?Yaa phir in kay waldain nay in ka naam faqat Danish par hi iktafaa kia thaa.... :)

Waisay taajub yeah hai kay yeh shayed pehlay Anchor hongay jo apnay program kay shoroo main apna taarruf apny Awwal naam say hi karatay hain poora Naam laynaa gwara nahi kartay....
Submited By: tahir
12 August 2011
dr sahib aap bhut acha program karte hain aur aap country ke issue par bhat karte hain- i like you
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