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Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan

Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan
Ex MNA,Former Federal Minister for Law and Justice, Interior, Narcotics Control ,Education. Ex Senater
Born: 27 September 1945
Profession: Politician, Lawyer
Affiliation(s): Paksitan Peoples Party
Citizenship: Pakistani
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Profile Profile
Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan (born on September 27, 1945, Murree, Islamabad Pakistan) is a Barrister-at-Law by profession and a senior advocate at the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He is also a writer, human rights activist, politician, former Federal Minister for Law and Justice, Interior, Narcotics Control (1988-1990) and Education. Elected to the Senate of Pakistan in 1994, he eventually succeeded as the leader of the House and the leader of the Opposition between the years 1996 and 1999. Currently he is president of the Supreme Court Bar Association.

In the wake of 9 March events in Pakistan, barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has become a sign of resistance to anti-democratic moves. His eloquent speeches and his command over Pakistani law make him one of the most recognizable politicians of today. Aitzaz Ahsan is also an active member of Pakistan Peoples Party.
Aitzaz Ahsan comes from a family background steeped in politics.

He received his early education from Aitchison College and the Government College, Lahore. Later he studied law at Cambridge University, UK and was called to the bar at Grays’ Inn in 1967.

Decline government service.
Upon his return from Cambridge, Aitzaz Ahsan appeared for and stood first in Pakistan's prestigious Central Superior Services (CSS) examination. Objecting to the rule of General Ayub Khan, however, he refused to join government service during the time of military rule. This act of youthful defiance made him the first, and perhaps only, individual to top the CSS exam yet decline government service.

Political career
Aitzaz Ahsan started his political career in the 1970s. When Chaudhry Anwar Samma, a PPP MPA from Gujrat, was murdered in March 1975, Aitzaz Ahsan was elected, un-opposed to the Punjab Assembly and inducted in the provincial cabinet. He was given the portfolio of information, planning and development.

Resign from Punjab cabinet & expelled from PPP
During the PNA demonstrations against the alleged rigging of elections by the PPP government in 1977, the police opened fire on a lawyers rally in Lahore. Aitzaz, who was a provincial minister in the Punjab Cabinet at the time, resigned in protest. He was subsequently also expelled from the People's Party for this act of insubordination.

Rejoining PPP ,MRD & political prisoner
After General Zia's coup, Aitzaz became an active leader of the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy (MRD), and rejoined the Pakistan Peoples Party during the martial law period. During this period he was jailed several times as a political prisoner without trial for active participation in the MRD movement.

Election 1988
In 1988, Aitzaz Ahsan was elected to the National Assembly from Lahore as a People's Party candidate.

Election 1990.1993
He won reelection in 1990, but lost in 1993.

Senate Election 1994
In 1994 he was elected to the Senate of Pakistan.

Election 2002
He was reelected to the National Assembly as a Peoples Party candidate in the 2002 General Elections, when he won from two seats his traditional seat in Lahore, as well as from Bhawalnagar in Southern Punjab.

During his most recent tenure as a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan he was a member of the Standing Committee on Interior and the Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

Advocate Supreme court
A senior advocate in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Ahsan is a well respected Pakistani lawyer, consistently given the highest rank by Chambers and Partners ranking of legal professionals. He also made legal history of sorts by having defended two Prime Ministers in the court of law. Having previously fought cases in defence of Ms Bhutto in 2001 he took up a case in defence of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Chief Justice case
Recently Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan successsfully represented Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry's case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The hearing was being conducted by a full panel of judges headed by Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday, and the 13-member panel reinstated the Chief Justice declaring his suspension by Pervez Musharraf regime "illegal."

Human rights activist
He is also an indefatigable human rights activist and a founder & vice-president of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. He has been incarcerated under arbitrary detention laws many times by military and authoritarian regimes. During one such prolonged detention, he wrote The Indus Saga.

During Emergency
Aitzaz Ahsan was arrested soon after the declaration of emergency/martial law. There have also rumors that he is being kept in solitary confinement and bring tortured. Recently, 33 US Senators wrote to President Musharraf to release Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan immediately, as he is widely respected all around the world.

Literary Contribution
Possessing a literary penchant, he has also authored the book “The Indus Saga and the Making of Pakistan” and its Urdu translation, “Sindh Sagar Aur Qyam-e-Pakistan” which presents the cultural history of Pakistan.

Co - author
He has also co-authored the book "Divided by Democracy" with Lord Meghnad Desai of the London School of Economics.
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Submited By: Carol
05 March 2015
Submited By: dr khurshid -A-Babar
02 September 2014
you were my ideal personality, but you lost this impression by supporting this fake democracy and corrupt government
we can not expect something marvellous from the leaders of this nation who is mentally and morally torn nation
are you in fact hiding the evils of his exellency , ch iftikhar
thank you sir! if some body ask me who is kernel of evils in pakistan, I WILL POINT TOWARDS BLACK COATS
Submited By: muhammad shahid
25 June 2013

Chaudhry Sahib you are a big asset of the country and I have a lot respect for you but views/stance changed about letter must be written lateron no need consequently such arising attitude developed pesky situation and I request you please be careful in future.
Submited By: 28IA H Raza
17 August 2012
آج آپ لوگوں کے سامنے اس شخص فیضل رضا آبدی حقیقت پیش کرنا چاھتا ھوں
۱۹۷۸کی بات ھے جب مجھے السٹرن فلم اسٹویو جو سائٹ کراچی میں ھے
جاب ملی إس ہی سلسے میں میرا آنا جا موڈرن اسٹوڈیو میں تھا
اداکاری کے شوقین مرد عورتوں کا آنا تھا
میں نے کئ لوگوں کو کامیاب اداکار بنتے دیکھاہے
جن میں بدر جاویدشیخ عمرشریف نیلما حسن خاض ہیں
اوربھی بہت سے لوگ ہیں لمبی لیسٹ ہے خیر
خیر تو ٹی وی اداکارا خالداہ ریاست کےساتھ اکسر اس کی
ایک رشتے دار آتی تھی
جسکا فرضی یا فلمی نام ادا دورانی لیا جاتا تھا
جو خوبصوت تو تھی مگر اداکاری میں نا کام تھی
خالدہ ریاست ٹی وی اداکارہ مرحوما اور موجوداہ صدرے پاکستان
آصیف علی زرداری ان کا معشوقا کون نہیں جانتا
اب ذکر کرتے ہیں خالداہ ریاست ٹی وی اداکارہ کی رشتے ادا دورانی کا
ادا دورانی کی جان پہچان زرداری سے خالداہ ریاست نے کرائ
ادا دورانی میں اداکاری کی صلاہیت نا تھی مگراسے فلموں
اور ڈراموں میں کام کرنے امیر بنے کا شوق تھا إس ہی
چکر میں وہ دن رات اسٹوڈیو گزارتی پیسوں کے بدلے لوگوں
کے ساتھ سوتی اسلامی جمہوری پاکستان کے موجودا صدر کو
بھی اس کے ساتھ سونے شرف حاصل ہوا ہے کئ بار
فیصل رضا آبدی اس ہی نام نیہاد ادا دورانی کا بیٹا ہے
Submited By: khalid iqbal
18 July 2012
sir i need your book Sindh Sagar, where I can get this book?
19 April 2012
After going through the profile of ehtezaz. evidently he attained too much knowledge with the qualifications shown therin. Obviously such persons with subnormal personalities not being able to digest more than enough lose their mental equalibrium.His too much talking without listening to others clearly proves that he has developed inferiority complex.
Submited By: SHEHZAAD
02 March 2012
Submited By: EJAZ from PARIS
02 March 2012
Arey iss ko Cancer ki beemaari hai jis ko koi nahin janta ; Iss ki qabar main taangay hai aur iss ne apna record gunda kar liy ahai peoples party ke saath mill kar iss nay zardaari se aur yousaf raza se theek thaak bhaari raqam li hai unn ke gunah chupaanay aur Pakistan ki awam ko mazeed zilat main dhakailne key liye AALLAH ISS KO AZAB-E- QABAR dai inshalaah
Submited By: waheed khan
18 February 2012
u son of a bitch u and ur ppl party made a mess of my country u cok sucker i m gona***ur daughter if i got a chance then take me to court u***bastard.
Submited By: Muzammil Hussain
17 February 2012
Aik biqa hua shaks jis ki qeemat aik senat ki seat hy, or us seat ky liay pora mulk pori qoom jay bhar men.
Submited By: Ahmed
09 February 2012
A person who claims that he will never appear in Ch.Iftikar court & today he is in his court,defending a criminal...CAA curse of Allah swt.on hipocrates...just for Sanate seat.
Submited By: malik tazeem
12 January 2012
salam,agar hakomat adalton k faslay tasleem nai krty hain to adaltain band kr dain tam chor dako jitny b jailon main hain unain bari kr do. sadar or prime minister mil kr or mulk ko looto.
Submited By: Ali Nasir Dharejo
17 December 2011
Sir! I am one of your Admirers who ever respect your intellect, Unfortunately I have been fail to know the cause of a query that
"Why ever in history a genius has remain fail in his cause and no one can follow him on same thinking level? either others are afraid of his intellect or his intention?
Sure they cant come up to his mind but why to get frightened of him?
Submited By: Ali Nasir Dharejo
17 December 2011
Sir! I am one of your Admirers who ever respect your intellect, Unfortunately I have been fail to know the cause of a query that
"Why ever in history a genius has remain fail in his cause and no one can follow him on same thinking level? either others are afraid of his intellect or his intention?
Sure they cant come up to his mind but why to get frightened of him?
Submited By: amjad aziz
28 September 2011
He is a nice man.
Submited By: shazad
25 August 2011
Murree distic Rawalpindi main hai Islamabad main ney hai.
Submited By: ansar iqbal
16 August 2011
nice man
Submited By: Irfan
07 July 2010
he is unfaithful to nation / cheif Justice . he played role with ch.Justice because his target was Zardari's meeting. & that time zardari was thinking him useless man because he made lot of money from BB from years, now he is millionare . shame
Submited By: sheikh irfan
05 July 2010
this man was fouling innocent pakistanis with Cheif Justice matter, actually he was trying to reach zardari that he won!!!
Submited By: zeeshan
09 January 2010
Submited By: Muzamil Hassan
02 January 2010
he is really a great man.he always stood for his principles.
Submited By: Pakistan
19 December 2009
He is one of the best person in the Pakistan even though i do not like PPP. My prayers are always with him and hope that he will do good in the future as well. Chief Justice Zindabad, Itzaz Ahsan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad and the corrupt, dishonest and fraud politicians murdabad.
Submited By: Asma naz
21 July 2009
Dear Aetazaz Ahsan Sahib, hoping you in good spirit,kindly accept our sincerest tribute toyouas"Hoping Beam" of Pakistan. Asma Naz, joint secretary,"stop violence against women organization" sindh Pakistan
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