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Ameer Haider Khan Hoti

Ameer Haider Khan Hoti
Chief minister of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province (Khaber P)
Born: 05 February 1971
Profession: Politician
Affiliation(s): Awami National Party
Citizenship: Pakistani
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Profile Profile
Ameer Haider Khan Hoti Born on February 5, 1971.

Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, the great-grandson of former chief minister Dr Khan Sahib and Khudai Khidmatgar leader Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan).

The late Ameer Muhammad Khan, a close associate and confidant of Khudai Khidmatgar Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan commonly known as Baacha Khan, was the grandfather of Ameer Haider Hoti, whose younger brother Ghazan Khan is presently looking after financial matters of Baacha Khan Welfare Trust.


He passed intermediate examination from Aitchison College, Lahore, and did graduation from the Edwards College, Peshawar, in 1992. He is a nephew of veteran politician Begum Nasim Wali Khan while ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan is the stepson of Begum Naseem Wali Khan.

Personal life
Hoti married Mehr Dil Khan, granddaughter of founding leader of Khudai Khidmatgar Tehrik and daughter of ANP leader Sareer Khan.

Political career
Starting his political career as ANP organiser in Mardan city, he became senior vice-president of the party in the district. Hoti was inducted as provincial joint secretary in the provincial cabinet of the party and later made provincial deputy secretary general, an office he is holding to date.

3rd Chief minister from Mardan
He is the third chief minister from Mardan, the first two being late Lt Gen Fazle Haq and late Mir Afzal Khan in 1990.

Unopposed Chief minister
One, he is the first chief minister to be elected unopposed. Two, he is the first nominee of the old Pakhtun nationalist movement now represented by the Asfandyar Wali-led Awami National Party since partition to become the chief minister. Third, he is the youngest chief executive of the province.

21st chief minister
Hoti is the 21st chief minister of the province after creation of Pakistan and the 25th since 1937. Elected to the Frontier Assembly for the first time from PF-23 Mardan, Hoti was nominated for the chief minister slot at its parliamentary party meeting on February 29.

The opposition parties — Jamiat Ulema Islam, Pakistan Muslim League-Q and Pakistan Peoples Party-S, in the NWFP Assembly — did not field its candidate for the slot of chief minister after the ANP and PPP leadership requested them through a jirga to get their candidates elected unopposed for the speaker, deputy speaker and chief minister offices.

Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan
Hoti’s maternal great grandfather, Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan, commonly known as Dr Khan Sahib, was the first elected chief minister of the Frontier province. His cabinet was dissolved on August 21 1947.

Ameer Muhammad Khan
His paternal grandfather and a committed Khudai Khidmatgar, Ameer Muhammad Khan trounced Nawab Akbar Hoti of Mardan in general elections before partition of the subcontinent.

Azam Khan Hoti

His father Azam Khan Hoti remained federal minister twice in the Nawaz Sharif government, while his maternal uncle Asfandyar Wali Khan is the central president of the ANP.

Anp in coalition governments

The nationalist party remained in coalition governments with different political parties in the past. In 1972, the nationalist party (NAP) offered the chief minister office to Maulana Mufti Mehmood of the JUI despite the fact the nationalists were in a majority in the then provincial assembly.

Governor’s Rule
However, the Governor’s Rule was imposed in 1975 when the NAP-led Balochistan government was sacked and the Frontier government resigned in protest.

In 1988, the ANP allied with the PPP, but only for around six months, as the PPP did not keep its promise to appoint governor from the ANP After the 1990 elections, the ANP-Islami Jamhoori Ittehad provincial government lasted for three years, whereas Mir Afzal Khan stuck to his office while ANP ministers resigned in protest when the then president Ghulam Ishaq sacked the Sharif government.

On October 20, 1993, the ANP PML-N alliance elected Pir Sabir Shah as chief minister, but his government was toppled due to the governor’s rule imposed in 1994 and Sherpao got himself elected as chief minister for the second time.

In the wake of 1997 elections, Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan was elected by the ANP-PML-N alliance as chief minister but the ANP parted its ways when the PML-N government in the Centre announced construction of the controversial Kalabagh dam and declined to honour a resolution for the renaming NWFP as Pakhtunkhwa.

Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, who was unanimously nominated by the Awami National Party (ANP) legislators for slot of the chief minister of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province (NWFP), was elected unopposed on March 31 and took oath of his office on April 1, 2008. with coaliton of PPP.
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Submited By: Muhammad ayaz
19 October 2016

Assalam o alaikum fakhre kpk janab ameer haider hoti seb...sir taso sanga staso dheer ghat fan ao malgary yum...zama taluq topi sawabi sara dy..yo ghareb khandan sara taluq satam...sir taso ta request kom da help dapara...zama mobile number...03423817150
Submited By: Devil
11 September 2016
This is a real shitty leader I've ever seen in ma entire life...He knows nothing of politics and may not even of iman coz if he did, he wouldn't have brought into existence the program of " easy load " by which for those who had money there were innumberable jobs, for poor there was only a shit. He must be ashamed of himself, and his co workers. They did nothing for the people of kpk, though caused massacre of lacs of pashtooons through bomb blasts that used to take place every now and then in all cities of kpk, particularly Peshawar.
Apart from what I just said, could you please answer me what cities come under or within the jurisdiction of kpk ? The answer is simple, there are thousands of the cities standing on the soil of kpk, but He, ameer khaider, the worst and stupid leader ever shifted all his focus to mardan only, why ? Is mardan the capital city of kpk or Peshawar ? Wat did you, Haider, do for other parts of the kpk ? Nothing.... Your regime was a stinking shit that nagged us all the time. The quality of a great politician is justice, he must be just in all his affair, but was he just, no. Shame on you Haider. Take a look at Asfanyar, hahahahaha I still remember when ran off to London when he and his colleagues were assaulted with bomb blast. Asfndyar left his companions and all the innocents pushtoon, and the entire province and made it secretly to London. What a shame... What kinda man he thinks he is.... Shame On ANP. Here comes the other humorous shit bout ANP, all the governmentally build organisations like schools, colleges and universities are built under thier names hanging on the wall of the concerned entity like Abdul wali khan university, bacha khanAir port.. Hell..... Stupid jerks....
Submited By: rahim khan
11 April 2016

Submited By: rahim khan
11 April 2016
Submited By: imrankhan
26 October 2013
i m Imran khan belongs to par hoti Mardan my father s a poor man and i complete my and doing my MBA from Awkum peoples and they doing very disrespect wth me and my family my father go out of country and he doing work in Saudi Arabia s a labor he earn only 2000rupees and we dnt pay the created of that peoples . your r the person in the world that you can help me and my family.your r the first and last person that you can help the poors.if you can cont me by this number i will be very thnk full of u and ur family
my mobile number s : 03005913857 and my email address: pls sir help me and my family i will be very thnk full to u .
thank you very much
Submited By: Nasir'Khan'Irum colony'Nowsher
13 May 2013
Submited By: Nasir'Khan'Irum colony'Nowsher
13 May 2013
ALLAH ka lakh lakh shukr hay k ALLAH ny aap ko kamyabi Inayat ki. aap ka haq tha k aap Mardan NA9 se jeethay. ALLAH ap ko mazeed power dhay k aap mazeed Mardan ko thaqi dhay saky ALLAH aap ko hamaisha zinda painda raky aamin
Submited By: abubakkar(V/P)U/C muslim abad
20 November 2012
Assalamu alekum sir how are you 9salam k bad araz he k ap kheriyat se honge me aik adna worker anp ka ho or mardan ka bashinda yani karwan road ka rehne wala ho (javed khan yousafzai) hamara parosi he ANP ne or Javed lala ne muje itni izat de ke aj me is mukam par ho k apne ilaqe ka naib sadar ho thanks ap ko allah tala dubara CM banai ya wazir azam byyy
Submited By: Usman
12 November 2012
He is the most corrupt CM . I totally agree with Mr Abdurehman. He has appointed corrupt officials in c and w department and takes heavy bribes through Masoom badsha.
Submited By: Umar Azlan Shah
16 September 2012
Respected Sir thanks for doing so much Mega-projects in Khyber Pakhtunkwa... You are really non_corrupt Chief Minister & You are doing Your job very excellent.... You are my Ideal Personality & I will love You forever.
Thanks Dear Chief Minister Haider Hoti..
Submited By: ghazankhan
15 August 2012
The Ameer Haider Khan Hoti Is The Best Chief minister from Mardan.
Submited By: Hamayun
31 July 2012
1. the remains of Buddha of sawaldher,jamal-garhi,takht-bhai might bring to mardan museum,start work on the museum with the collaboration of japan government which was agreed to build a grand museum near takh-bhai linked with mardan-jamal garhi-sari bahlol-sawal dherand shahbaz-garhi.start work on the project is very important for the development and savage and preservation of old history of mardan.
2. air cargo terminal might be built sooner as the fresh fruits and vegetables has enormous potential to UAE,UK,Europe and Central Asia. A land was already specified near Toru Mera or sawabi road near shahbaz-garhi but still pending due to bureaucratic tactics.
3. A rail car track is still in files which was approved in bhutto regime in 1975 from mardan to tarble,it need to start sooner to plough the way of development for mardan region.
4. embankment of kalpani river may be enhanced to improve to save mardan and a boating club for young generation may be established to compete in internal games.
5. Mardan city plan may be approved and haphazard population might not be allowed and civic centres may be built all around in the city prominent places of attraction.
6. cheng chi like service,bullack cart and doneky hordes might not allowed to pollute the city and they might be banished to replace city omni bus service.
7. Food street might be established to provide employment and a healthy food to the public.
8. upgrade the hospital and fully equip with the modern and latest innovative equipment to provide best health facilities and free of cost specially the poor cult.
8. properly check and balance of the hospitals medicine store to prevent theft of drugs which are sold to Mafia and black market dealers.
9. the more important is to establish an IT Park and It University.and business parks may be established at every corner to prevent illegal business.
10. Make improvement in every chowk(square) with automatic traffic control signals and arouse a sense of traffic obligation in the citizen and road users.
11. teen agers might not be allowed to drive any kind of vehicles.
12. restore the historic buildings and establish local libraries at every union council level.
13. establish computerised office for birth,death and marriage that one could get one record in one place.
there are many problems but these were few and most important to be prioritized for any elected member from Mardan city.
Submited By: Umar Azlan Shah
26 July 2012
Haider hoti is my ideal personality. I love him dearly.He is our province chief minister. we are proud of him.; He has started megaprojects in our province. may ALLAH bless him ( Ameen )
Submited By: muhammad yousaf
16 May 2012
family politics destroyed the whole nation must change otherwise survival is difficult if u ask me he is not able to be chief minister must be at clerical post in some office and ofcourse if he is not from this family i m 100% sure he is not fit for clerical post like zardaari what a leader imraaaan khaaaaaan
Submited By: fayz khan
17 October 2011
but unlucly now his my cheif mninstery
Submited By: fayz khan
17 October 2011
espiciily i now very will about this 1982 in mardan this famliy involf in any case of kidnep like bycicle car etc.
Submited By: Faiz ur rahman
15 September 2011
Although I hate politics, But after seeing the productivity of Amir Haider Khan Hoti my feeling totally changed. I think this man is great by nature and Pakistan need leaders like Amir Haider khan Hoti. The main quality of Amir Haider khan Hoti is his dedication and his kindness.
Submited By: nisar ali
25 August 2011
Amir Haider Hotti
Zinda Bad
Submited By: Sajjad Khattak*;
24 August 2011
Salam Khan Sb,

With due respect i feel ANP is not national party at all.Its family party and key figures r HOti's and Wali Bagh.Rest of the people r like flies sorry to say that.....

I m not politician bt i m a student of politics in my weak opinion i believe ANP is nt that part any more which was founded by Bacha Khan and Wali Khan....

Sorry if u minded bt its my expresssion
Submited By: yasir
24 April 2010
salam.sir i want to say some words about the illegal businesses carried out in charsada,specially by the people involved in the politics and they are having contacts with the police specially the business of illegal or ncp cars are on the other hand they can be used in terrorist activities,i want u to take some action on this illegal business.
Submited By: Nisar Mohmand
28 January 2010
The first time in history ANP has a Chief Minister in the NWFP and we see the beginning of Easy Load politics in the Province. The only decent Chief Minister the NWFP has had has been Aftab Sherpao. God help our Province!
Submited By: Abdurehman
28 January 2010
The NWFP has ever corrupt government like present one.They have institunalized corruption.Syed Masoom Shah The political Secretory has been given the task to loot C&W Department For Hoti and asfandyar.He takes about 2.0 millions for each transfer of Executive Engineer and dont bother even to give the charge of Executive Engineers To junior most SDO's.The Executive Engineers so posted give Tenders to selective contarctors on his directive to get bribes for approval.To some of the Executive Enginers have been given dual charges for the purpuse.More over the looted money so collected are devided in three parts,one for Hoti,one for Asfandyar and one for himself.Similor is the situation in administration and other departments.May Allah gave them the shame to give up this practice and run the affairs of govt on transparency and merit,else extermisim will flourish because of the injustice.
Submited By: Ikram
12 August 2009
Basically this is the corrupt government of history of NWFP these people are family politician and they have same thinking like his parents corrupted mind .these people cant do anything about his country they are selfish people .if you want to do anything about your country then your should learn for shahbaz Sharif then you can achieve a little bit GOD give you a good thinking and way
Submited By: Alamzeb Khan
11 August 2009
I do not want to pass on comments for the incapable, corrupt C.M. Like Haider and Asfandiyar becuase I do not consider them to be worthy of any comments.We are from the ANP, but still we hate Asfandiyar and his corrupt Group.They are nothing. You and your Asfandiyar has sold the people. You are disloyal people with the nation and state and especially the Pashtoon race. You should be shameful. Your corrupt and self-centered practices and that of Asfandiyar (a haughty ) has compelled the Pashtoon race to rise agaisnt you. Stop the corrupt practices and say goodbye to politics otherwise the Pashtoon race would throw you out in a violent revolution like the French people did with their rulers in 1779 during the French Revolution. You should be fearful of Allah. Stop your corruption Asfandiyar, Stop your corruption Haider, Stop your corruption the ANP politicians. Pashtoon are fed up with you people.
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