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Dual nationality not hindrance in filing petition in SC: Tahirul Qadri

Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) leader Dr Tahirul Qadri on Thursday said that he appeared before the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) as a voter not as a scholar. Talking to media outside the apex court, the PAT leader said that that the dual nationality was not a crime in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan. “Dual nationality do not refrain any person from filing a petition in the apex court,” he said adding that it was the right of the superior judges to raise questions about his dual nationality. He further reposed his full confidence on the judiciary and said that he would accept the ruling of the SCP in the election commission case.
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Dual nationality not hindrance in filing petition in SC: Tahirul Qadri Playwire Video
Dual nationality not hindrance in filing petition in SC: Tahirul Qadri YouTube Video
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Submited By: ajaz ahmad
14 February 2013 GMT
Submited By: syed sami ul haq
14 February 2013 GMT

It's really surprising for me that what Nation we are.A Nation which is not able to understand a very simple and obvious thing that matter is more important than the person presenting it.I am personally against the concept of Mr.Tahir ul Qadri but it does not mean, i do not support him when he is saying completely a right thing.if it is the case so supreme court give its verdict that anyone who spends most of his/her live in abroad is not eligible to contest in election whether he/she has nationality of any foreign country or not likewise those who are tax evaders,corrupt,murderer and so on.As they do not qualify the test of sincerity with pakistan.
Submited By: zain ul abideen
13 February 2013 GMT
political decision made by SC...totally biased ise YDA nazar nae aata jo 8 days se hunger strikje per hain !
Submited By: Dr Syed K I Shah UK
12 February 2013 GMT

Kick this idiot out of Pakistan. His Pakistani Nationality should be taken away from him. He is an agent of foreign forces. He wants to derail the democracy. He should be declared person non grata and kicked out from Pakistan for ever.
Submited By: mkhan
12 February 2013 GMT
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Submited By: ali
12 February 2013 GMT

supereme court is biased on Dr. Tahir petition,,,, wake up pakistanion again u will have same dummy jamhuriat for the next 5 is the right time to empower ECP else b ready to cry for next 5 years
Submited By: Saboor Shahsaib Shangla
12 February 2013 GMT
The ill intentions of Qadari are well known to every matured civilized citizen of Pakistan which is of course to dis-mental the system and delay the upcoming elections. Where he was for the last five years when the parliament was going to amend the laws and constitute the election commission? His afterthought worries and wisdom make him conspicuously suspicious. However, the dual national may file a petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan like what Shafqat did in the memo commission written a letter to the CJ who subsequently took sou motto notice and the case is still in the supreme court.
Submited By: Farooq Siddique
12 February 2013 GMT
What nonsense is this? Has the SC and CJ lost the plot completely? Qadri, regardless of whether I agree with him personally or not, has full rights to file a a petition in the SC. He has full rights under the law. Is the SC not aware of this? Qadri is not presenting himself for election, he is filing a petition as a voter ...and as a dual national he has full rights to do so. So why the delay in hearing it? Can the shambles that is now Pakistan, become any more diabolical. Every institution in the country is becoming farcical!
Submited By: Shahzad
12 February 2013 GMT
how disappointing situation in pakistan we finished yet from external terrorists who almost from afgan uzbic chechin arabs now facing new nation the dual nation who under oath with polythiest countries live and die for them now thees kind of peoples playing games with our courts and innocent peoples
Submited By: Muhammad Akbar
12 February 2013 GMT
CJ is right. why Qadri was out of Pakistan for a long time and now he has come back. it seems as to derail democracy or some controversy. This is an important matter and Qadri should be questioned thoroughly and every patriot should be welcomed.
Submited By: ksp
12 February 2013 GMT
My goodness, this is obviously personal interest of Dr. Qadri to run or vying position in the Pakistan government..The Pakistan government must not listen to this guy. There is nothing wrong with the ECP. Just he wants to be part of the government. Better he should renounce his Canadian citizenship if he really wants to be in power.
Submited By: wajih
12 February 2013 GMT
Supreme court can ask what they want. Nobody can dictate them. This holds for every Dr Qadri supporter and opposer.
Submited By: Ijaz
12 February 2013 GMT
Dr TUQ aside,CJ's remarks about Loyalty of Dual Nationals can take millions of Pakistanis OUT of Voters list through a single Petition. if dual national has the right to vote, then he has the right to question ECP formation.
Submited By: Farhan
12 February 2013 GMT
@ Khalid Ayaz, He is not just Pakistani citizen.He is a Canadian citizen as well. He took oath as an asylum seeker in Canada. I suggest you go to a dictionary and check what the word 'asylum' means. Then you might be able to understand why supreme court has raised this question. And if he really is such a true leader, then why doesn't he give up his Canadian citizenship and run for elections?
Submited By: Muhammad Akbar
12 February 2013 GMT
he is equaly a citizen of canada. he cant serve and be loyal to 2 countries at the same time...
Submited By: Khalid Ayaz
12 February 2013 GMT
The whole discussion of dual citizenship seems irrelevant. Qadri is a Pakistani citizen and the law allows dual nationality. Is the judiciary questioning the law now?
Submited By: Omer
12 February 2013 GMT
Practically speaking, nothing will happen.

Virtually all journalists, politicians, military, bureaucracy etc. are controlled by us and alike forces.
Submited By: JD
12 February 2013 GMT
Dr. TQ caught everybody off gaurd. Everyone is scrambling now. MQM was on the verge of loosing their majority because of the re-districting and they saw a great opportunity and jumped on the band wagon. London police getting closer to solving the murder thats why Altaf is rushing to Pakistan because we don’t have any prisoner exchange program with England.

On the other side Q league saw their slow death and they also jumped on the TQ’s band wagon.

First TQ said he is not going to running in election then slowly he started saying “if his people asked him” he is willing to become a interim PM (dream on). There are so many things wrong with this picture now and he is not helping it clarify.
Submited By: Saad
12 February 2013 GMT
Let’s make is simple, what is credibility of some person who landed in Pakistan after discussion with Altaf Hussein and working with his support. At the end this shaitan(tahir ul qadri) will not get any thing but MQM will build some base in Lahore and then lahore will be like karachi, extrosion and killing everyday and bhatta .
Submited By: Faisal
12 February 2013 GMT
No national of another country should be allowed to come and give deadlines to the govt…

We want: Intikhab k zariya ihtesab…
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