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New convert or revert Islam 2013 all over the world AUSTRALIA UK USA BELGIUM SPAIN

New convert or revert Islam 2013 all over the world AUSTRALIA UK USA BELGIUM SPAIN
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Added: Fri Feb 08, 2013 | Votes: 12 | Comments: 18
New convert or revert Islam 2013 all over the world AUSTRALIA UK USA BELGIUM SPAIN Playwire Video
New convert or revert Islam 2013 all over the world AUSTRALIA UK USA BELGIUM SPAIN YouTube Video
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Submited By: Rashid
07 July 2014 GMT
i wanna marry with new converted Muslim lady. if anyone marry please contact me on
Submited By: polo
18 April 2014 GMT

When the Arabs were poor The Europeans looks at them as Thieves.The Indians Were Looking after them and they as well likes the indian Muslims'But after 1974 when they became Rich because of their Oil Industries The New arab Generation forgot about their days of hardship. Those who did not like them became closer to them May be because Those Arabs have an Inferioty complex.
Submited By: sana from UK
09 February 2013 GMT
I agree to the fact that arabs likes white skin than pakistani skin or passport, in terms of job discrimination/services which are totally different according to it. its due to racism as well as past scandals like drugs or other wrong things, our people usually are associated with.
one more point, Syed 'sahib' pride reminds me bani israel, who were proud to be children of israel and always feel that they will not be punished. your haughtiness is resentful as you should not be racist!! must apologise ! although i faced a lot of racism in pak for being pathan by punjabis, however I disgust it.
Submited By: sana from UK
09 February 2013 GMT

I think we as a pakistani have more indian influence on our lives and we relate negative things to islam which is totally wrong. islam is not a narrow minded religion and all is based on facts,and inner journey of truthfulness. i disagree with gentle man who even dislike the convert ladies to come on TV, that is just one aspect which shouldn't relate to islam as v serious crimes that lead you straight to hell fire are apparently seems innocents eg husn e mamilaat, but certainly very disastrous. i didn't see any show off on that sweet lady.

as far as arab, I agree to all who describe the hypocrisy and racism esp to pakistani vs west. . my beloved prophet (pbuh) transformed these barberians/ haughty people into caring humble muslims. hence they rule the world. unfortunately such people are rare and not ruling in S A any more
Submited By: Syed
08 February 2013 GMT
@Overact So you are jealous that Arabs are more white in Color than Pakistani and Indians and All White convert girls marry them.?. So why you are jealous when they are blessed people and they are not like you. Sindhis are mostly Hindus and Punjabis can only produce fake Nabis. Pukhtoons, Aryans and Arabs are different people than you. We are Syeds of Pakistan and we are Proud to came from Arabs and there is a reason in Islam that nobody can give us Zakat as we are more respectable than you and obviously We have more status than you as there is a difference in a Syed ( Arab ) and non Arab.
If all Muslims would be equal in status then Zakat rule would be equal to all but for Syeds it is different.
Equality does not mean a different social status and so stop talking like that.
Submited By: ali butt
08 February 2013 GMT

Submited By: Raja
08 February 2013 GMT
Just visit Saudi Arab and other Arab regions that how Arabs make fun of us. This is one of the reasons that Arabs are getting white skin tone and then after getting kids from these White girls Arabs make fun of people of Dark Brown skin and especially if you are from Punjab, Sindh and Karachi then you will experience that in Arabia. Also Arabs state that we are darker than them. Actually Arabs are darker than us but constant converstions from Europe and intermarry of Arabs with White girls is giving them white skin tone and Arabs are now thinking that they are White people and they make fun of Brown skinned people. If you are a White girl then you will get instant Arab passport but this rule does not apply to Muslim brothers what an irony.
Submited By: Overact
08 February 2013 GMT
We can see the Flag of Saudia Arabia in the start. Can i ask why?. Saudia is a country with Ancestral Government and Dictatorship. How come Saudia became the Owner of Religion Islam?. Just visit Saudia and see the difference in Arab and Non Arab and then show the flag of Saudia before Islamic video. Islam is not a property of any Country so no flag should be shown. Moreover these girls will find some Good Arab Muslim brother to be married and have kids and we will be happy as good slaves of Arabs that Islam is spreading.
Submited By: Hashim
08 February 2013 GMT
Do tell that Australian women that in Suadia And in UAE if you are an Ajmi or Non Arab from Pak-Afgan regions then according to rules you cannot get the nationality of Arab States.
Moreover Non Arab is not allowed to marry any Arab Girl and if an Arab girl will marry a Non Arab then Arab girl is persecuted and her nationality is changed to Husband's country and she could be deported.
We want to tell everyone the virtues of Islam but we are so much racists and biased people that It seems we are only good in telling the people that Islam is great while our countries are full of Discrimination.
Did any Pakistani and Afghan Muslim ever asked that we can get the nationality of America and Europe but why we are not allowed to have Nationality in Arab States??. Why Non Arabs are not allowed to Marry Any Arab Girl??.Why a child born to non Arabs in Arab states became a Stateless child with no rights unless he is tested to be from Arab parents?
Submited By: Confused
08 February 2013 GMT
With due respect Australian woman is coming to TV and according to Islam it is not allowed to come infront of NaMahram. Also I have seen in Australioa converts are told that they can listen to music and watch movies and run daily errands only in front of NaMahrams and it is a lie as it is not the case In case of NaMahrams. It seems Muslims tell different version of Islam in West while for Pakistan and Afghanistan and Somalia different Islam exists where Women are forced to wear Burqas while Western Muslim women are told that Islam is about freedom and you can come on TV and any channel as it is allowed.?. Hypocricy to spread Islam is not allowed.
Submited By: Salim
08 February 2013 GMT
I live abroad as well and i agree with Chacha as I have visited Europe as well. Moreover in Germany i have seen that Arab people have a strong control over converts and as soon as some White girl embraces Islam they find some Arab man instantly to marry her to an Arab. Recently My friend from Pakistan met one German convert and when he was about to be married then Arabs intervened and told that lady that Pakistanis are not good Muslims and then he found his own Arab friend and let her marry her to his his friend by Using Islam.
So I am not against anybody but these White girls are like Pampered by Arabs and no Afghani, Pakistani, Irani, Bangali Indian or Indian Muslim is allowed to come close to these women and it is another form of Organized Ethnic changing phenomenon in Arabs that to make Arabs white while disregarding the Brown and Dark Brown people.
Submited By: Chacha
08 February 2013 GMT
I live in Europe and this is absolute Lie that any religion is growing fastly. Most Europeans dont believe in any religion and only some people who embrace any religion are those people who have a history of problems in their lives and they just need some abode which they found in some religion.
Also Muslims of Europe dont know that how We MUslims discriminate in pakistan and in Pakistan no one is equal according to constitution and minorities have no rights in Pakistan.
In Northern Europe in my view less than 10 percent people follow any religion anymore and for them Religion is only Symbolic and nothing else.
Submited By: Faisal
08 February 2013 GMT
Islam is only an answer to the "big questions" if you don't know how to think critically.
Submited By: Ahmad Sallehuddin
08 February 2013 GMT
truly, truth only came ONLY to those who sincere in heart and seeking knowledge(read quran). it is us who made a choice whether to allow truth comes to us or not.
Submited By: Omar Noori
08 February 2013 GMT
Well, let me ask you a few questions. Can you see the garment you're wearing? Most likely yes. Can you see your home? Most likely yes. My last question. Can you see your mind? Can we see your mind? No, we cannot. It's something that has no shape, and is only seen by you. So, what proof do you have that it exists. Then I can just say that you have no mind. How is that any different than believing in Allah?
Submited By: TheAbahaziz
08 February 2013 GMT
According to a recent report of the US Pew Center, Islam is already “the fastest-growing religion in Europe,” where the number of Muslims has tripled over the past 30 years. One third of all European children will be born to Muslim families by 2025.

Demography is the most important symptom of exhaustion: without a cradle, you can't sustain a civilization.

To understand this historic process one has to see the number of churches converted into mosques.
Submited By: TheAbahaziz
08 February 2013 GMT
Europe’s churches are becoming mosques at a rate of up to 2 churches a week

“Islam has risen, and is swallowing up Europe at an alarming rate Europe’s churches are being bought up and turned into mosques at the rate of up to 2 churches a week, reports Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist, who wrote an article: Expose`: Europe Turns Churches into Mosques and appeared on Arutz Sheva’s Tamar Yonah Show. “What we are seeing is the de-Christianization of Europe, and then the Islamification of it.”
Submited By: Ilyas Raheem
08 February 2013 GMT


Dr. William Draper in 'History of Intellectual Development of Europe'

Four years after the death of Justinian, A.D. 569, was born in Mecca, in Arabia, the man who, of all men, has exercised the greatest influence upon the human race... To be the religious head of many empires, to guide the daily life of one-third of the human race, may perhaps justify the title of a Messenger of God.
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