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Islamabad Say - 29th October 2012

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed President Awami Muslim League in an exclusive interview with Abdul Moiz Jaferii in fresh episode of Islamabad Say on CNBC Pakistan.
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Added: Mon Oct 29, 2012 | Votes: 7 | Comments: 20
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Submited By: ghulam
30 October 2012 GMT
Mr Sh sab with respect jeetay ga woh jis k dubay main 5hazar walay note ziada hoangay JEETAY GA woh. Ap k pass jo tha Cigar lay leeay..Ap badsha han,uger oap ---- na hotay to hum oapko walee mantay..Common man is phudu and yader woh to kehta heh zalzala is leeay ata heh keh bail(bull)nay seeng tubdeel kiqa heh.
jeetay raho sh sada jeeo hum zinda diloan ki izat kirtay hain,muger yar baywaqoof na bunaia kiran bheeq america say mang kir khanay walee quom ko uskee izat kirnee choeeay.Nalay mungta nalay tingaroo**
Submited By: iqbal begam
30 October 2012 GMT

tum ko hamari umar lag jay
Submited By: ishaq chohan
30 October 2012 GMT
Allah ki rehmat ho shikh sahib khush raho
Submited By: waraech tayara
30 October 2012 GMT

tum jeeto ya haaro humy tum se peaaaaaaar he
Submited By: bhai log
30 October 2012 GMT
i love you
Submited By: 'Silent Majority'
30 October 2012 GMT

But the question remains
Why the names and ages of drone victims
not made public?
Do US authorities think they are killing ants
which have no names and numbers???
Or humans who have rights???


The killers of all innocents are blatant murderers and equally condemnable? Whether drone victims
or Malala or the other two girls

WHY uncle Sam &Co want to
quash any voice which question their illegal actions and expose their true face

So grueling of IK is democratic???

Reflects a tolerant society???

And freedom of expression???

Ha ha - Shameful for a superpower
equally shameful for their
blind supporters

"might is NOT always right"
Submited By: Malik
30 October 2012 GMT
Well I am a neutral person when it comes to politics in Pakistan. I don’t support any political party at all I only support my country and people. And coming to your questions or fund raising by Imran Khan in countries he opposes most well my friend
Population of Pakistanis in Major cities over opposing countries is
1. 25% Population is Pakistanis just in NY.
2. 95000 in Ontario Province of Canada.
3. And around 1000000 in UK.
4. In Indian many of major brands, Communities and Muslim community would want Pak to be stabilized. Reason ( could be business, personals or can be anything)
These are the numbers that are register under the immigration department u can add couple of 100thousand illegal’s and internationals students or with work permits.
LET ME Assure You I lived here all my life in Canada I never seen a Single White man who actually spoke out or gave funding to any leaders of the worlds other your beloved Nawaz Shareef or Mr. Zardari.
Submited By: Ajmal
30 October 2012 GMT
What this idiot Sheikh Rashid is implying that shootings and rapes take place in America, so it is OK if these things happen in Pakistan.He is blaming the media for exposing Pakistan in honour killings,shooting innocent Malala and her friends,abductions and murders in Balochistan,and all the other nefarious activities that are committed in the name of religion. He should realize that once you are naked in public, everyone looks at you and talks about you. Pakistan today stands before the world completely naked.
Submited By: Abdul
30 October 2012 GMT
Shaikh Rashid is all over the map on the subject of Dahshatgiri.He talks about Jihad as a duty of Islam.Does that include killing innocent citizens by blowing them up through suicide bombers? Does that include stopping busload of people,identifying them, lining the ones who belong to a different group and shooting them point blank? Does that also mean that what Talibans are doing is good for Pakistan because it is jihad for them?
Sheikh Rashid is a glib talker, often talking from both sides of his mouth, but makes little practical sense.
Submited By: true pakistani
30 October 2012 GMT
rajab khan you are a piece of shit.
Submited By: Drmtsh
29 October 2012 GMT
Who has made this brainless animal an anchor? Does he have enough sense? Pseudo.
Submited By: shez2011
29 October 2012 GMT
bcz these shit politicians they do nothing but just shit dramas against each other they did nothing for pak except looting and robbing, but somehow i would like to say imran khan could be a great leader bcz he created examples and a man knows only by his life, his life has created a great examples, and let me remind u rajab bhai insan k kam hi uski zindagi k aks hote ha, means his action shows his reflection which is symbolic for every one. but still i will not give my vote to any one bcz i cant stand on judgment day bcz iska bi hisab kitab hoga k tmne apne right se janwar ko support kia ya koi ar,sorry i would not give my vote to any one,
Submited By: shez2011
29 October 2012 GMT
Aslam.u.Alaikum, first of all let me tell u that i am not a supporter of any party but the only thing which i know is humanity, i just wanna ask a simple question from all of u brothers, do u need any specific qualification or experience to become a country prime minister or president? may be u have specific calculation, but as a muslim i would say NO,we just need a true leader , a muslim with good and nobel character, who prays five time, who can understand the pain and cry of pooor peoples, we peoples dont care weather he can speak english or arabic we just want our leader who can understand us neither those who takes number of years to make relations with other countries but forgetting own country needs and demands but i m sorry to say i really really hate all of these weather it is imran or nawaz or shahbaz,and the soln of this problem is chief of army persons bcz they are those peoples who fight for their peoples who understand the importance of life and land of poor people
Submited By: Rajab Khan
29 October 2012 GMT
@ Listen Listen Listen (Mr. or Mrs or PTI Suporter)i am not inspired by your comments here, but this is not your fault, your leader has the same problem, when ever you guys do not have the right answer, you start to talk about Hospital or University, these both charities are not a qualification for to become a prime Minister or president of Pakistan, my dear if Charity is a qualification than Abdul Sattar Edhi is a better qualified person, i suggest you to watch the last part of Bolta Pakistan 29.10.2012, i think it will help you to improve your IQ:-)
Submited By: Listen listen listen
29 October 2012 GMT
@ Rajab Khan
@ Rajab Khan
@ Rajab Khan

First of all, I am quite disgust about you approach to us (PTI Supporters)

A little shame would have to raise that question. He is gone to Canada USA for Pakistanis living their.

And this is the way he has made Shaukat Khanam, Nimble University. He is not doing it for himself. He is doing it for Pakistan.

Your leaders (Nawaz and Zardari) can not even do that being in government.

Instead of appreciating what his efforts have been country, you are asking why raising funds in Canada, why in USA. What a silly argument, in that case Mr Zardari and Mr Nawaz friendly opposition should die using so called "American Aid" but fund raise is from Pakistanis all over the world not only USA or Canada. Because of their government policy it does not mean that people living in USA/Canada have no right or choice to contribute in Shaukat Khanam, Nimble Uni or PTI. PLEASE KEEP YOUR ZERO IQ LEVEL NEXT TIME WITH YOU

Love Pakistan Love PTI
Submited By: Rajab Khan
29 October 2012 GMT
@ All PTI Suporters,

By the way your so called leader Imran Khan wants to save the people of Waziristan with collected dollars in USA, is it not a Joke itself, better to say the Joke of 2012, a man (i hope he is a MAN) who was just few days before claiming a biggest opposition to DRONE ATTACKS, today raising party funds in Drone country, the tax payers of USA are paying for the drones (in the name of tax) and in the mean time paying to Mr. Taliban Khan who is against Drones, what a PTI party, someone said this is a third Party, but i believe this is a third generation party, last question to all PTI suporters, suppose the Drone attacks would have been carried by India and Imran Khan goes to raise funds in India? your reaction and justification please? can Ahmadinedschad or Hugo Chavez ever imagine to raise the Party Funds in USA,the answer is very Big NO, or they have to be shameproof like Imran Khan. Imran should go to raise funds in Waziristan...
Submited By: Akhtar khan
29 October 2012 GMT
malala kia he as jise hazaroon daroon hamloo mai zakhme hoe and deed hoe hama midia sef dog doghe per nachney waley hekise ko uthana ho ya bithana ho an ko char pisy deydo bus as key bad jothe khania dikhey an ke
Submited By: surk
29 October 2012 GMT
repeated... 15 oct 2012
Submited By: arman
29 October 2012 GMT
respected rashid sb kia pukhtoon qoom ka tolerance deeka hai.
bradashat ka mada hai kee 1978 see bardashat kar rahain hain.
kpk ka kia hall hai saray loog pukhtoon ka khoon choos rahian hain.
Submited By: malik
29 October 2012 GMT
sheikh shouild become an anchor so he can remain on tv every day.
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