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IMRAN KHAN Latest Interview to Canadian TV CBC

IMRAN KHAN Latest Interview to Canadian TV CBC
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Added: Fri Oct 26, 2012 | Votes: 22 | Comments: 86
IMRAN KHAN Latest Interview to Canadian TV CBC Playwire Video
IMRAN KHAN Latest Interview to Canadian TV CBC YouTube Video
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Submited By: khalil
01 November 2012 GMT
imran khan good job done. god may protect u. u r the only hope
Submited By: matti
01 November 2012 GMT

he is the best spokesperson for pakistan
Submited By: qas
31 October 2012 GMT
Cheeta INSHALLAh he will be our next PM of Pakistan.
Submited By: SHAHID
30 October 2012 GMT

Gee oye bubber sher lagean
Submited By: 'Silent Majority'
29 October 2012 GMT
@truthfinder well caught the champion of
democracy on the wrong foot.

@Rajab a wrong thing is a wrong thing
whether done by u me or a superpower.
Otherwise it becomes the centuries old
jungle rule 'might is right'. Whatever IK was
doing in there, if u claim to be a cultured
society, a free society, democratic society,
a tolerant society then u have to prove it
by your action. And this action is contrary
to that. Pls don't act as a "more faithful to
the king than the king himself"
Submited By: Khan
29 October 2012 GMT

Salute to the great khan
Submited By: Khan
29 October 2012 GMT
Salute to great khan
Submited By: Farhat nadeem
28 October 2012 GMT
Imran khan is very much right
Submited By: Wahab Gull
28 October 2012 GMT
Oye Rajab Khan Listen to me, Who you want to see stand against Drone attack, You Prick you *** do not know American support Imran khan, American or British want to see right path not to see killing innocent people everyday, imran khan mission to show the world that drone attacks creating militant which is damaging pakistan you *** Whole, you want other country operate your country. USA people do not like government strategy to kill terrorist with drone attacks. Thats it, Go watch video i hope when your brother will die with drone attack than you will search in ur bloody pakistan whom gonna stand but you will not find anyone. MQM *** whole is live in London and operate Karachi what a insane character. President of pakistan kids study in london but want to be leader of pakistan in future again insane. when PMLN leader sick he run to lonodn for treatment but not in Pakistan. Are they leader love Pakistan not at all. Americans and UK support Imran khan which is right voice but you Paki
Submited By: zulfiqar khan
28 October 2012 GMT
@Rajab Khan, brother,Imran Khan went to Canada or the USA to meet Pakistanis and Muslims.

He will get funds from Pakistanis, and not from American Christians.

All the Muslims are brothers to one another, irrespective of their residence.

So, brother, we voted for PPP,PML(N), PML(Q)mMQM,ANP and JUI(F) again and again, but no more.

My vote is for Imran Khan only Inshallah.
Submited By: Forinstance
28 October 2012 GMT
@Rajab Khan.....First of all I must say that you should change your name from Rajab Khan to "Rajab Langra" or "Rajab Kan Toota" of MQM.....So be brave and don't hide yourself behind a pathan's name...Secondly, I have never heard such a stupid argument as the one that you are emphasizing....Imran khan is collecting money from "All" the people who are against this in-humane act of "eliminating" innocent children and women without any trial or judgement or any opportunity given to them to prove themselves innocent....He is collecting the money for this noble cause from "All" the honourable, peace loving people irrespective of the fact where these people america, in europe or in pakistan whatever...I am sure he is not asking Altaf Hussain(A pan khor animal)....and how about Altaf, who is collecting bhatta from the people of Karachi and killing them at the same time...would you criticize him in the same way as you criticized Imran???
Submited By: Rajab Khan
28 October 2012 GMT
@ All PTI Suporters,

By the way your so called leader Imran Khan wants to save the people of Waziristan with collected dollars in USA, is it not a Joke itself, better to say the Joke of 2012, a man (i hope he is a MAN) who was just few days before claiming a biggest opposition to DRONE ATTACKS, today raising party funds in Drone country, the tax payers of USA are paying for the drones (in the name of tax) and in the mean time paying to Mr. Taliban Khan who is against Drones, what a PTI party, someone said this is a third Party, but i believe this is a third generation party, last question to all PTI suporters, suppose the Drone attacks would have been carried by India and Imran Khan goes to raise funds in India? your reaction and justification please? can Ahmadinedschad or Hugo Chavez ever imagine to raise the Party Funds in USA,the answer is very Big NO, or they have to be shameproof like Imran Khan. Imran should go to raise funds in Waziristan...
Submited By: abid Mohiuddin
28 October 2012 GMT
I think he told earlier that he will shoot drones.What happened now. Imran is not consistent ;He said he will go to north waziristan and wen to South

So how you can trust such a leader

Let us choose Musharraf instead, who is bold ,truthful and tested through multiple challenges andalways consistent!
Musharraf Zindabad
Submited By: zulfiqar khan
28 October 2012 GMT
We voted for PPP,PML(N),PML(Q),MQM,ANP and JUI(F) again and again. The result is before us. All these parties have been ruling Pakistan since 2008 but what did they for the common men? Nothing!

Nearly 7,500 innocent persons have been killed at Karachi.Nearly 2,500 innocent persons have been killed at Quetta. and so on.

My Pakistani Brothers, Vote for PTI is the best choice for us, Pakistanis, and must not trust any of the ruling parties any more.

Just be the supporters and voters of Imran Khan , and do not trust any one who speaks evil of Imran Khan.
Submited By: Forinstance
28 October 2012 GMT
Is ther any other leader in Pakistan who has the courage to answer such bold questions from foreign press???
Altaf Hussain???Jo angraizon key welfare par zinda hai aur political assylum ley kar apney watan se ghadari kar raha hai
Nawaz Sharif??? Jis ko sari payey khaney se fursat nahi milti
Zardari???corruption ka badshah, english key do lafz nahi bol sakta, to mulk ko foreigners key samney defend karey ga??
Maulana Fazal Rehman????Ab main kia kahon
Submited By: 'The Truthfinder'
28 October 2012 GMT
Breaking News!!!

"Imran Khan Questioned by US Authorities"

Quote by@ the fooled

Here comes 'the cat out of the bag'
Here is uncle Sam's so called teachings
of freedom of expression democratic rights
to disagree's reality
Mr Khan' anti drone march
And Uncle Sam's democratic response

That's the true face of so called liberals
and tolerant society.

Mr Khan pay the price of difference of
opinion and freedom of expression.

Ha ha what a joke nation
What a crap-- calling themselves democratic

Shame on u uncle Sam
Submited By: salman
28 October 2012 GMT
PTI Pakistan Zindabad
Submited By: Faisal
28 October 2012 GMT
Altaf bhai kee to patloon geeli hoti hay Pakistan anay say hee ... Imran Khan aur Altaf Hussain ka comparison aisay hee hay jaisay day and night ka.
Submited By: Faisal
28 October 2012 GMT
Can you imagine any Pakistani leader can take these questions and respond to them so sensibly ? Especially SAJA & GAMA brothers ?
Submited By: 'The fooled nation'
28 October 2012 GMT
Do we have touts on these pages???
Or all of them are genuine supporters???
I mean paid touts!!!
Submited By: 'The fooled nation'
28 October 2012 GMT
Yes Mian Sahibaan have done some work.
But like their politics it's more of a 'cosmetic
work'. One that is visible and point scoring.

What is the need of the people ???
How to prioritize as per need??? Clearly missing
e.g. Lahore developments vs rest of Punjab
laptops distribution vs education system blunders
Sasti roti vz concrete planning for continued service

So that's why they are still the followers of
old system. Qualify as 'statusquo'. Yet may be
better than Q-lg or MQM or ANP or PP

However at this critical juncture of national
politics Mian Sahibaan are total misfit

You have to look for someone more visionary
More acceptable for all.
A cohesive leader
One who can steer thru
And for that no one fits well except

Imran Khan

So I have every reason to support him
in all possible capacities.

And I believe even the LAHORIITES have
Realized this.

This would be a big boost for IK may a big
leap which matters in the end.
Submited By: 'The fooled nation'
28 October 2012 GMT
Pakistan Zindabad
Submited By: zarin
28 October 2012 GMT
i hate al corrupt politicians they all r liar corrupt..deceie ppl..youth have som hope wd imrankhan so my net vote vil just for imran khan inshallah imran vil be our youth leader...
Submited By: Mian (Toronto)
28 October 2012 GMT
Here you go Imran Khan.... Good answers. I hope Pakistan will go for progress once again in ur leadership. Vote for PTI
Submited By: ahsan iqbal
28 October 2012 GMT
pti zinda bad
Submited By: salar
28 October 2012 GMT
shezada lagya hai
Submited By: salar
28 October 2012 GMT
waqat ki awaz PTI Pakistan
Submited By: sabir
28 October 2012 GMT
ppp tha
pml n tha
pml q tha
mma tha
mqm tha
anp tha
PTI wha g wha
Submited By: sabir
28 October 2012 GMT
Pakistan zindabad PTI zindabad
Submited By: zaki
28 October 2012 GMT
Shalwar Shah in choro kay sardaro say
in mulk kay gardaro say
in pml-n k shah sawaro say
in pml-n k yarro say
humay mulk ko bachana hia
hum sub ko mulk sawarna hia
humay in kanjo ko baher nekalna hia
hum sub nay PTI ko lana hia
in pppp kay badmasho ko
in pppp kay haramzadho ko
in pppp kay waziro ko
in pppp kay wadero ko
humay mulk say bagana hia
hum sub ko mulk sawarna hia
humay in kay jeyalo ko samjana hia
hum sub nay PTI ko lana hia
in ANP kay khano say
in ANP kay talibano say
in ANP kay agwakaro say
in ANP kay ammedwaro say
humay mulk say in ko baher bejwana hia
hum sub ko mulk sawarna hia
humay mulk may inqalab lana hia
hum sub nay PTI ko lana hia
Submited By: hina
28 October 2012 GMT
Submited By: tahir
28 October 2012 GMT
we want our new PM imran khan InshAllah
Submited By: imran shah
28 October 2012 GMT
Dekho Dekho kuan ayai, baglol ayai baglol Ayai!
Inshallah aap is case mein phans jahay geh, isi liye kuch loug aap ki bachi pir nazar raktay hain shurat ke liye! mujay aitraaz hai muluk keh ander aur bahir aapki property pir kaha say ayhi yah aur ap nay tax koun nahi deya!
Mian saab you are the big shit! baki sub badmaash PML-n attention ho jahay ap 1 bar pir saudia janay walay hain!
PTI Zindabad Pakistan PAINDABAD
Submited By: kashif
28 October 2012 GMT
we love IK
we love PTI
we love Pakistan
Submited By: delawar
28 October 2012 GMT
Nawaz Sharif is a baglol leader, only leader joh lahore may badmasi kerta hai !
Is ka bahi shahbaz sharif lahore may kam kerwata hia baqi punjab ko naih pochta kasay chief minister hia jo lahore say baher nahi jata is ko CM ki jaga nazim lahore hona chahay tha!
Nawaz Sharif ki bachi is best and original desi mall! humay motorway
naih chahay khanay ko roti chahay!
PML-N may sub poranay log hia jo k gov ker chokay hia aur sub in ki gov say achi tarah wakif hia
PTI Zindabad!
Mian saada paglol eh, baaki Imran khan hi sher hai!!
Submited By: sami
28 October 2012 GMT
PML-n tha
PLM-q tha
PPPP tha
MQM tha
ANP tha
MMA tha
PTI wah g wah
Submited By: kasi
28 October 2012 GMT
qowat hi qowat Imran khan
qowat ka nahra Imran khan
meri cherti jawani Imran khan
teri cherti jawani Imran khan
ek bheta derya Imran khan
derya ki lehrian Imran khan
mohjay be bolay Imran khan
ek cherta soraj Imran khan
soraj ki kirney Imran khan
kirnay be bolayn Imran khan
Submited By: kamran
28 October 2012 GMT
So what next ???
Mian Saab or Imran Khan???
Mian Saab is a player of conventional politics
He may qualify as "Andhoon mein kana raja" ,
when compared with PP Q-leag MQM ANP etc
But his personality is of a 'joor n toor' man
much like his ex-party man Manzoor Watoo
Main Saab is not a' leadership material' at
national or international level like Urdugan of
Turkey or Majateer of Malasia who were reformers
and nation's transformers.
His handling of media on national affairs revolves
around minnows like Ahsan Rasheed and
that of international affairs on Hussain Haqqani
In 25 years while successfully keeping a hold
on Punjab Govt through successful maneuVering
and 'Joor Toor' politics without delivering much
like a visionary leader would do.
Go for him if you want someone from usual
politics and continuation of old system.
But if you want a revolutionary change and
break the chains of old stagnant system
then go for IMRAN KHAN. he has all the
right gusto and guts to deliver the required
Submited By: yasir hameed
28 October 2012 GMT
nawaz ya shahbaz or zardari meen se koe is terha baat kar sakta hai?main nay kabi is terha nawaz ya zardari ka interview nahi daykha un ki bolti band ho jayee gi..or jo log interview tak na day saktay hon wo 100 countries k samnay kia bolain gay..zarra socho mama rani khand dayio...imran khan zinda abad.
Submited By: 'Truth Finder'
28 October 2012 GMT
There is something called 'POPULAR OPINION'
It's the most useful tool of the war
Right or wrong common public can't dare
speaking against the 'Popular Opinion'.

In this war Taliban hold the extreme negative
US and Allies despite being the oppressors
were given the hero or rescuer image.

That's what Popular Opnion by the media does

It can present black as white and vise versa
It can paints innocent as guilty and vise versa

This is called media war. A portion of budget
is spent for this war.
Submited By:
28 October 2012 GMT
Mr rajab Khan ,Tumhra kanoo main seesa pighlaa diya hai PMLN aur PPP ne dollat ur Nshaeka . Is laya tumhai koi answer nazar nahi aata .
Submited By: 'Truth Finder'
28 October 2012 GMT
The only leader who is not banking on support from locals
or ethnic supporters.
Yes Imran Khan is the only one with support
in all provinces. A true leader.

MQM despite changing name is still ethnic mohair
ANP never wiped out the label of ethnic Pushtoon
PP is banking on Sind Card. Could at best do well
in upper Sind only

And Noon which started with the slogan of 'jaag
Punjabi jaag ' never claimed any gains anywhere
except in Punjab. Practically it is in Punjab.

So that leaves only IK to be a chain of all
His support in Karachi Quetta Lahore Islamabad
and Waziristan are symbolic of his rising popularity
all over the country.
He is the right leadership material too
No politician is Pakistan history can match
his academic credentials except may be mr Bhutto
Submited By: 'Truth Finder'
28 October 2012 GMT
@Silent Majority
You are absolutely spot on.
Yes Malalah is innocent and victim
Yes the other two girls are victims
Yes the drone victims are also victims

The great game
To save uncle Sam from pressure from own people
of US casualties in Afghanistan.
So TTP created
So Blackwater sent here
So Media bought
And no comments on Raman Malk Zardari role

But in the end truth wil prevails
Lie will be exposed
Submited By: Zain
28 October 2012 GMT
Rajab khan you got some animal blood in you thing real man.... Dont ignor realty like your older did nor around you. Imran the best of all and for ever guess what get ready he is comming to kick arses of people like you. Well done IMRAN KHAN!!!
Submited By: Zahid Bhatti
28 October 2012 GMT
@Mr Malik, you are true about TTP killed over 40000, but what do you think about you illeagle dad USA who mad TTP?
Submited By: Zahid Bhatti
28 October 2012 GMT
@Rajab Khan,Dear brothe the answer for all the quetions were so clear and understanable but this not for you to undertsand at the first stage as you know you are the tible and old fashioned Pathan, so you ll understand what Imran said after two three days so please keep quite untill your brain open and be able to understand every thing in english, thank you
Submited By: Rajab Khan
27 October 2012 GMT
American Immigration Officer to Imran: D for Dollar or D for Drone?

Imran reply: offcource Dollar (under the umbrella of Funds)
Submited By: mansoor
27 October 2012 GMT
koe hai es jaisa ???ksisi mein himat hai es tera bolne ki.uth jao ab tu uth jao
Submited By: Sohail
27 October 2012 GMT
Well,Mr.Imarn We have no doubt about your credibility just improve your speaking power than no one can stops you to form the New Government.
Submited By: ASIF
27 October 2012 GMT
IM FROM Canada guys just want to conform MQM was the first called Taliban Name my Friend Imran please accept andsay truth any way I like Imran,too
Pakistan Zindabad
Submited By: Rajab Khan
27 October 2012 GMT
Dear Imran Bacteria´s (i mean PTI Suporters), please try to listen your so called leader again, he has not given any proper answer of any question, some times i doudt that your leader is a Mad (cow disease), i am not happy to write these comments but i have seen this guy in many talk shows and interviws, but always the same tipical MAD Imran, i think Imran should not repeat his answer but he should ask to repeat the question, but my personal opinion, Imran must go for the check to mental hospital, very important, Imran Get well soon. Galoo Majh thale te Janda Katty Thale:-)
Submited By: mherali
27 October 2012 GMT
Good Job imran khan keep it up :)
Submited By: M.Nisar Khattak
27 October 2012 GMT
Imran Khan is the Real Leader
Submited By: JD Singh
27 October 2012 GMT
He is a shining star leader of Pakistan undoubtedly! Indeed a true & courageous leader. God bless you Sir Imran Khan.
Submited By: shez2011
27 October 2012 GMT
i am a big fan of imran khan but he must be relax , he was looking quite anxious and panic , when he asked about Malala then khan should point out that there are hundred of thousands of muslim girls are being killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, pakistan , Azad kashmir , Barma and most importantly palentine, why they specially asking about malala,International media is really a piece of shit why dont they ask Israel ? why dont they ask from america? who are continuously killing innocent people for no reason?? why?? why?? WHY only malala? why dont they ask about other malalas being killed in palestine by israel? why dont they ask millions of malala being killed in kashmir and iraq?? why why only this malala?
Submited By: saf
27 October 2012 GMT
i wonder if there is any other leader who can speak with such confidence and who has such conviction in his belief. Imran truly is the leader to represent pakistan and make west understand our problems. well done man. very impressive. hope u achieve what u av set out for.
Submited By: awais jatt
27 October 2012 GMT
PTI zindabad. Imran great speck.
Submited By: msani
27 October 2012 GMT
Well done Imran Khan,no any leader can criticize USA like him on an international media real daring leader
Submited By: ali
27 October 2012 GMT
wat a gr8 speech
Submited By: imran
27 October 2012 GMT
@observer where he went then?tank is border town of wazeristan u need google yatra beacuse u u dont have balls to even think about wazeristan so i recomend u google yatra
Submited By: imran
27 October 2012 GMT
@silent majority malik is not fool but he is either jayalaq or chamcha of mian shaib just ignore him these bone heads will never learn
Submited By: imran
27 October 2012 GMT
thnker u must be kidding its not low qulity show cbc has good raputation yes i agree he was wrong on two things u mentioned but if u go and watch him there and look comments down there majority i will 75% people praises khan and like him and yes also called him new rising star of international politics mind u people mostly watch cbc here .i think imran got more responce and praises than what he thought beleive ornot they love him
Submited By: smalik
27 October 2012 GMT
good job imran khan. God bless you!
Submited By: 'Silent Majority'
27 October 2012 GMT
5000 backwaters in country like ours
Were given visas overnight by H Haqqani
Haha they are here as ambassadors of peace???
TTP act for their benefit ---
Uncle Sam & Co under pressure after anti-drone march!!!
And TTP comes for their rescue
By attacking Malalah they helped uncle Sam why ???
Malalah moved to UK on humanitarian grounds.
Other two girls NOT given any humanitarian why???
Who is using Malalah for political gains???Obama or
Who is using Malalh for election campaign - Obama or
US drones never finds TTP's known spokespersons
in over 200 attacks why???
US drones always find unnamed terrorists why???
Why is it banned disclose the names and ages of
drone victims.

If blackwaters and TTP and 'uncircumcised taliban'
are not the same then why they always act in US interest?

There many more Qs like these undeniable facts that
we are being fooled by a 'great game' by our real enemy
Submited By: Ex MQM
27 October 2012 GMT
Altaf Hussain nay agar maa ka dhood pia howa hai oor uss ko agar yeh pata hai kay uss ka baap koon hai tu Pakistan aa ker siasat keray.British passport kay sath picture laynay wala Altaf hussain oor uss key MQM both are shit shit shit and ...............
Submited By: Tariq
27 October 2012 GMT
PTI Zindabad
Submited By: Abid
27 October 2012 GMT
Really great. This anchor is just asking useless questions
Submited By: 'Silent Majority'
27 October 2012 GMT
@malick plz stop being fooled by media and uncle Sam's
'Great Game'.
Either u know nothing or want to be part of status quo

TTP the same which claimed the resp of Swati girl's
whipping video? And that video was used as reason for
ransacking the peaceful Swat???
Well for your info that was a fake video confessed by
the maker Mr Ather Minallah's sister who fled to US
Submited By: 'Silent Majority'
27 October 2012 GMT
Who can compare this man with mediocres like MIan Saab
Just imagine MianSaab answer these Qs on his own!!!!!
Imran Khan has a class of his own
No Pakistani so called leaders have the calibre

Also IK has no conflict of interest. It's clear he doesn't
want power for personal gains like others who have clear
personal or business interests at stakes.

The way Noon and PPP have protected each others
corruptions is the the proof.

What on earth would make us think that Mian Saab
or xyz from the conventional lot would do anything
different to what they have done so far.
They are not the material. They are the 'fake coins'

Plz fellow let's get rid of these rotten eggs of our politics

Let's bring new faces new blood. Fresh air. Chaaange.

It's time for "NOW OR NEVER"
Submited By: hamid khan
27 October 2012 GMT
sincere leader but he should not talk to international media because these media journalists are well read and a bit intellectual. better some well read person represent imran khan but i think imran think great of himself. dogmatic and bigot.......
Submited By: true pakistani
27 October 2012 GMT
what a true legend. proud of you. malik you are a piece of shit.
Submited By: Ali
27 October 2012 GMT
oye logo, khan aam larka nahi h. bht big guy h
Submited By: Mohib e Watan Pakistani
27 October 2012 GMT
Good interview by an honest and well meaning leader. I hope he gets a chance to fix the very serious problems faced by our beloved country. Vote for him.
Submited By: Hassan
27 October 2012 GMT
OUR LEADER...Imran khan
Submited By: kabeer ahmed
27 October 2012 GMT
great man....wah wah
Submited By: malik
27 October 2012 GMT
US should ban his entry into their country. He is a hate monger and a sympathizer of TTP who have killed 40000 of our people.
Submited By: official
27 October 2012 GMT
MQM did it he lied again
peace of Shit
Submited By: observer
27 October 2012 GMT
he just lied by telling him that he took the rally to waziristan.
Submited By: Jabeen
27 October 2012 GMT
He is really a brave and sincere leader of Pakistan. May God help him ...
Submited By: observer
27 October 2012 GMT
tv leader with no seat in the parliament
Submited By: akbar waraich
27 October 2012 GMT
salute to a brave leader he express true feeling of every pakistani and show true face of pakistan. Imran Khan Allah be with you.
Submited By: true pakistani
26 October 2012 GMT
(LEGEND) true brave & honest leader. proud of you. god bless you Inshallah. you are shaan of pakistan.
Submited By: sardar naurez
26 October 2012 GMT
he is our real one like him in current politics in the world rather..
no politicians in pakistan except him have courage to say these words in thier countries against them..
Submited By: Allah Is The Greatest
26 October 2012 GMT



Submited By: Thinker
26 October 2012 GMT
This is a low quality TV show.Host made many mistakes.First he said Malala comes from South Wazirstan.NO, she comes from Swat not South Wazirstan.2nd he said Imran Khan did not condemn the attack on Malala.NO, IK visited Malala in Peshawer hospital and condemned the attack many times.3rd,host said that IK is running for President position.NO, IK is running for PM not President.Many more foolish and childish questions. he has not done proper research.
Submited By: ahmad
26 October 2012 GMT
vote imran khan and safe pakistan and world for peace
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